video to sellHave you noticed the new trend lately in guru pitches of running a video only to sell?

No text…no bullets…and often no headline…just a video.

Sure sounds enticing not to have to write anything to go along with it. And if it works for them, it must be the best course…right?

I’ve done some testing lately on this issue. And what my tests have shown time after time is that video almost always increases my conversion rates, BUT I have yet to have any tests where video ONLY produced the best results.

All the tests which have done well included a video PLUS written information along with it.

The bare minimum being a headline, key bullet points, and a product description along with the video to produce a good conversion rate. In many cases the full sales letter approach plus the additional video at the top has worked best.

So why are many people using a video ONLY on their sales page? I’m not sure. It may be that they haven’t tested it (video versus video + sales text) or that they have done so much other lead up to the sale that the text isn’t as needed in the final ordering process.

If I send you 15 emails, 8 audio files, and 6 videos that ALL talk about my new product, and then I launch my new product…you don’t need a sales presentation at all at that point. All you need there is an order form because the full presentation has already been given.

What I’ve been doing my tests based off of are more normal sales situations (visitors who have just opted into your list for example).

So what’s the big mistake in using video to sell?

It’s using video only without other materials.

Here’s another test you can apply on yourself. Let’s say you land on a page with a 20 to 40 minute sales video.

When was the last time you actually watched the entire video WITHOUT doing something else?

You know what I do when it’s a video only presentation? I open another browser tab and start visiting other sites. Sure the video keeps playing and I can hear the audio, but I simply don’t have the attention span to sit there and WATCH the whole video.

But what happens when they include sales text ALONG WITH the video? Now I get to read through their site, looking at bullets, checking out photos, etc. I may not be paying any more attention directly to the video, but I am still soaking in their message as I go through their site.

What about you? How do you respond to the long sales videos? Do you watch them all without doing something else at the same time?

As an information producer, I know people have different modalities of learning. Some prefer written info. Others love consuming audios. And still others prefer video. Then there is a group which likes the live interaction.

The best conversion models often include some elements from ALL those approaches.

You could have a video plus your written sales presentation on the sales page. You could also include mp3 audio interviews in your email follow-up series in addition to PDF reports and other videos. Then you could use a live support feature, webinar, or live event to also make immediate sales.

The correct answer to the highest conversion is ALL of the above.

But that isn’t always practical for what you’re offering. So a text only sales page may be used. Or a video only sales page could be used.

But all of those approaches used alone are limited compared to multimedia formats.

This isn’t direct mail, so we’re not limited to just written text. And it’s also not TV where we’re stuck with just video. It’s the internet and it’s designed for multimedia. Plus you can implement a two way conversation through live type of events (or even comments and social media).

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.