turned off commentsComments are now turned off.

If you’re wondering why, I’m going to give you the same answer I normally do. 

It’s a test.  Have you noticed how often I like to test different approaches?  Yes, it’s a running theme around here.

Everyone CLAIMS that comments are necessary if you have a blog, but I’ve often found that what everyone claims and what is really true aren’t the same thing.

I refuse to do anything just because, “that’s how it’s done.”

Do comments really help a site’s traffic…and do they generate more sales?  That’s the question I’m interested in. 

And even with Akismet and Bad Behavior plugins installed, we still have to delete a lot of spam comments around here. 

Now…don’t misunderstand this action.

I definitely want your feedback

I live and crave your feedback, but there are multiple other ways to provide feedback for the time being.

For example, you can post a comment on over on my Facebook page.   

I’m just beginning to use Facebook more, and so far I find they have a very nice layout for responses and comments.

Feel free to comment on any of the articles for this blog there. 

Or you could reply to me on Twitter

I will also turn comments on for specific posts at times when we want to really get a discussion going.  But those will be more focused on the subject we’re discussing at the time. 

In addition, pings are still on.  If you link back to any of the posts here, they will show up in the pings section to again keep the discussion moving.    

Remember this is a TEST. 

As I watch the stats, if I see this is hurting the website traffic and sales, then I will turn comments back on here. 

One of the items I’m curious to see is if it’s possible to get more comments taking place on sites such as Facebook. 

And does moving the community over there hurt the sales here? 

Interesting questions I haven’t seen answered well from other tests.

We are partners together in this process…and we will move to whatever format opens up and expands the discussion in the best way possible.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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