Are you comfortable with everything you’re currently doing in your business?

If you’re struggling, this could be the reason behind it.

Growth is uncomfortable.

At least it always has been for me!

Learning how to use a PC for the first time was terrifying.

I felt totally blind putting together my first websites.

My first few emails to my list were ‘robotic’ with almost zero personality. I didn’t want to ‘offend’ anyone!

I underpriced my products because I was sure no one could afford them. If I didn’t have much money, how could anyone else?

And don’t even get me started on when I was invited to speak. Attendees told me they could see my hands visibly shaking.

Every step forward has required confronting that 4-letter word: FEAR.

Your comfort zone is an enemy.

Where is fear holding you back?

Perhaps you’re afraid to take a stand because you don’t want to offend anyone by email or on social media.

Get over yourself.

Someone is going to get offended. That’s guaranteed. If you haven’t offended anyone lately, you must not have said anything of importance…or you don’t have much of an audience.

Are you afraid to create and launch that new product?

Sure, you have it on the schedule and you’re ‘working’ on it. But do you have a deadline? Have you announced its release yet? Are you ‘committed’ publicly to getting it out there? One delay after another can be a symptom of fear.

Get on the phone and make some sales.

Publish your book.

Contact affiliate partners.

Release that controversial video.

Hire that employee to take things off your plate.

Kill the project that takes too much of your time and produces only a small return.

It feels safer to just keep going with the status quo, but that’s a recipe for stagnation and eventual decline.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to distract yourself with ‘busy’ work instead of confronting a fear that’s holding you back from moving forward.

What idea has fear tried to keep you from taking action on?

It could be boldly sharing your message, reaching out to bigger affiliate partners, or using the phone to make higher ticket sales.

What one thing have you been afraid to let go of in your business?

Maybe it’s that demanding client. They’re consuming your time and energy…taking you away from helping other clients or growing your business.

The smartest thing you can do is say “Goodbye.”

You’re afraid of the money you’ll lose out on, but they’re also the obstacle that’s keeping you from attracting great clients. Stay paralyzed by fear too long in this scenario, and you’ll grow to hate clients and your business.

Look inside yourself. Where is fear holding you back? Make a decision to move forward in spite of it.

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Become a leader in your industry…instead of just another echo…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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