Here is a simple exercise to improve both the conversion rate and value of your offers…

Imagine for a moment you are going to sell your product or service for 10x what you currently charge.

Let’s say you sell it for $200. What could you do to make it worth $2,000?

Or if you really want to stretching your thinking, what could you do to make it worth $10,000?

And you want to do it without increasing the cost of delivery.

Coming up with ideas for this depends on what you’re offering.

If you sell courses or coaching, you might include templates or tools that create an almost done-for-you or a done-with-you effect.

These help customers generate results faster or more reliably.

For example, one client discovered there were 2 key levers that generated a majority of the results after reviewing several hundred of his previous customer case studies.

He created a new 10-day Quick Start that took new customers through these 2 key levers.

Now he generates even more dramatic results for customers in less time.

And he did it without increasing his costs or raising the price.

Clients and I often discuss how we can improve their conversion rates across their entire funnel.

In the same way, we brainstorm ways to increase the value they share at every step as well.

The two go hand-in-hand.

Here is a portion of an email from a customer recently.

It stood out to me because it shows he is the type of customer I love helping…

I love your writing style- I think it’s because it’s genuine and not written just to try to manipulate others. I’m amazed when I watch one of your trainings because you have slides that have so much information on them and are far more helpful than courses I’ve seen that are 2k. You provide 10x more value than what you charge. I couldn’t recommend your products enough to others who are interested in doing what you do. No way there are products/courses out there that have the in-depth training that you do for less than $200…you make it possible for anyone to afford to learn about IM- and do it in a very ethical way that makes you feel good- because it’s focused on the customer and not just making money.” – Jeff Sandifer

He gets it.

Study persuasion.

Combine the skills you learn with an authentic desire to make an impact and improve your customers’ lives.

Develop your voice and communicate with your audience consistently.

Do it as a trusted advisor.

Never apologize for selling. Don’t hide it either.

Do it in a way that is customer/client focused. Talk about their problems and concerns. Share tips and advice they can use. Bring in personal stories and client case studies.

Become a guide that leads them on a proven path.

That’s what my Autoresponder Alchemy course is about.

It’s about earning more from every email you send by communicating with value.

Value is NOT about just sending a random collection of tips. That’s not effective.

Instead, it’s about building a relationship of trust.

This can be done quickly, and it develops even more over time.

Find out my step-by-step system for earning more with email here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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