I’ve helped clients sell online courses in a variety of niches.

And I’ve probably reviewed a thousand or more websites over the years.

Why does one website sell courses like crazy…while another can’t make a sale even with hundreds (or thousands) or targeted visitors?

Here are a few tips that could help you sell more courses…

#1: Presell the Audience.

Your most loyal subscribers will often buy without even reading the sales page. Create content for your email list, social media, and any other channel that dives deep into the problem you solve, gives key insights that helps your audience get results, and transitions into why your offer is the solution.

#2: It’s the Offer.

If you have to build interest, your course is on the wrong topic. Instead, you want to solve a desperate problem or fulfilling a burning desire. What is your audience crying out for? How can you help them get results faster, easier, and more reliably than other options?

#3: Sell the benefits – not the delivery.

Twenty hours of content is NOT a benefit of your course. It’s likely a negative. You can mention your course is delivered immediately online and exactly what’s in it, but you must focus on the benefits they receive from the course itself.  The quicker they get those results, the better.

#4: Share an emotional story.

What is the story behind this course? Did you personally struggle with this problem and tried all the other solutions? Have you helped clients achieve these results? Did you invest years and tens of thousands of dollars in this solution?  Show empathy with the audience and passion about the topic.

#5: Demonstrate your advantage.

Can you demonstrate your unique solution in action? Clients have used videos to show teasers of how their system works, teach a simple contrarian method, or even give a tour inside their site. This demonstration can be done on the website or as part of the preselling process. 

#6: Move proof earlier.

Many clients have increased sales simply by moving proof such as testimonials and social media comments to the top of the page, just under their headline. Others increased sales by moving case studies earlier in their videos…right after a short introduction.   

#7: Focus on the bonus.

Include an irresistible bonus…that’s even more enticing than the product itself. This could be templates, cheat sheets, recipes, spreadsheets, an app, etc. Basically, is there any way to include a ‘done-for-you’ element that makes the system quicker, easier, or more effective?

#8: Add a coaching component.

Add a coaching call, a review certificate, a Facebook group, or even 30-days of email support. This is a way to raise the price because you’re offering direct support…and only a small portion of users will take advantage of it.

#9: Include a Fast Start Guide.

How can a new buyer get results asap? What should they do first? This could be a PDF, video, or 7-day email sequence. A client recently installed a 10-day quick start email sequence in his membership and he has seen increased implementation and retention.

#10: Use sexy, benefit-rich titles.

Your titles matter. This includes the main product and any of the bonuses. What is the core desire of your audience? What makes your product different from the competition? Can you integrate either of these into the title of the product?

#11: Use multiple groups of bullets.

Go through your guides, slides, or any other materials and write out all the benefit-rich bullets you can. Many of the best-selling courses I’ve helped clients sell have dozens of bullets where we break them up into multiple short groups dividend by subheads or other copy sections.

#12: Repeat the core message on the order form.

Many visitors will quickly scan your website and jump to the order form. Include the core message, any irresistible bonuses, a couple of testimonials, and your guarantee on the order form in possible. Could the order form sell on its own without the rest of your website?

#13: Add authentic scarcity.

Your sales will multiply when there is a credible reason to act now. Perhaps it’s a limited time discount that ends on Friday at midnight. Or you’re including an additional bonus today only. Or the bonus coaching call is only available for the first 20. 

The above 13 tips are just some of the ways you can consistently sell more of your online courses.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.