I currently have private coaching clients in more than a dozen different niche markets.

This means I see ongoing test results across all these markets.

When something gives a dramatic boost for one client, we’ll test implementing the same idea for other clients.

This doesn’t always work. Sometimes it’s a unique result that’s hard to duplicate. But in the majority of cases, the same technique leads to increased profits across multiple markets.

In January, I did a special webinar for my Monthly Mentor Club members called, “Money Multipliers: 21 Tested and Proven Tweaks to Maximize Your Website Profits.”

If you’d like to see the video in full, it’s currently available in the Video Library section under “Money Multipliers.”

Here are 3 of those tested and proven website tweaks…

1: Add Proof Earlier in Your Message

This is one of my favorites, because it boosts conversion so consistently.

Add more testimonials to the page. Bring them higher on the page. Test running your strongest testimonial immediately under the headline.

Do you have any impressive stats you can share or media you’ve been featured in?

One client posts “Over 431,000 customers served” near the top of their page.

Take screenshots of Facebook comments from happy customers.

The same strategy works in ‘video sales letters’. A client had a section of video testimonials late in his video, and he saw a bump in conversion when he started the testimonials just under 2 minutes in the main video. Plus, his page is loaded with additional testimonials.

2: Congruent Message

Keep your message congruent from one step of the funnel to the next.

For example, someone sees a Youtube video ad. Tell them in your call-to-action to click the link, enter their email address, and they’ll receive your free video that shows them how to XYZ.

The headline on the landing page and the title of the report needs to match your video ad. If you appeared in the video ad, test putting your photo on the landing page as well.

As they go to the thank you page, show the video you promised…give value in it…and have it naturally transition to your paid offer.

Put a link or button under the free video that links to your main sales page while connecting the transition between the free video and the paid offer.

The core benefit of your offer should be repeated on the order form. Upsells must thank the customer for their order, repeat the benefit of the product, and show them how the upsell offer can help them with the next step.

Your first email should repeat the title of the free video they signed up for (I’ll usually repeat the title in the 2nd email as well to remind them of why they’re getting your emails).

You’d be shocked how frequently the ball gets dropped somewhere along the way!

3: Headline Testing Based on Market Sophistication

This is a little complicated to explain in an email, but it has to do with how well your customers already understand the benefits you and your competitors deliver.

With a totally new offer customers have seen heard before, you start out with a simple and direct promise. As competition enters the space, you enlarge on the promise, add unique mechanisms to the offer, and may even integrate in a purely emotional angle.

The recorded webinar goes into this in detail, showing a step-by-step example of how a headline may change based on the market itself.

Testing a new headline is often the quickest and easiest way to boost your conversion and profits.

There are times where it gives only a 20% bump and other times it doubles your sales!

Either way, it’s one of the first places to test.

You can get all “21 Tested and Proven Tweaks to Maximize Your Website Profits” inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

Check it out inside the Video Library.

Click on the “Money Multipliers” video to watch it in full and download all the slides in PDF.

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