I like money.

OK, the truth is I really like money.

More than anything, I like the freedom aspect of it.

I quit my dead end job 18 years ago. And I’m totally, irreversibly unemployable.

My online income funnels have given me the freedom to live where I want and do what I want.

My first taste of freedom came from building an email list and sending regular emails to that list.

Just asking people to subscribe and consistently sending them valuable content that connected with my products took me to full-time in this business.

And I’ll always be thankful for that discovery.

But the first time I did a special offer to my list for a limited time, it was ridiculous.

I earned over $10k in a weekend.

It happened again…and again…and again.

Eventually I became confident enough to do these types of specials in front of a live audience at seminars.

These demonstrations earned from a low of $30,000 up to $96,250 depending on the offer without any affiliate partners.

They paid for my car. They made a very good payment on my house. They gave me the freedom to do what I want.

I’ve actually fallen away from doing these lately as I’ve been more focused on seeing results for my clients. I’m reminding myself in this email of how valuable these promotions are!

Just in the past month I’ve had one client report a $30k+ special and another one did $40k+.

One ended on a Friday and the other closed on a Thursday.

One was 72 hours and the other lasted for 7 days.

And even the product price was radically different. One was at $1,000 and the other was $37.

It’s not the specific date or the price of the product that matters.

What does matter is building a relationship with a list and then putting together a limited time special that delivers what they desire.

Do your surveys. Talk to customers. Find out what they want to buy.

Put together an irresistible offer. It could be an exclusive special at a higher ticket price that’s only available to 50 of your customers…or it could be a lower priced product that delivers incredible value.

Make it for a limited time. It could be as short as 24 hours although most of mine have been at least 72 hours in length. And it could be as long as 7 days.

If people miss ordering during the special, they lose out on the special!

Perhaps the price is reduced by 25% to 50% during the sale only. Or they lose out on a bonus worth more than the price of the product itself.

Or maybe the product isn’t available at all if you miss it during the period.

Finally, you need a reason why for the offer.

If it’s a brand new product, your reason why is that it’s a product launch or a founder’s discount.

Or it’s a special event like a Thanksgiving special, anniversary special, or your spouse’s birthday.

Or it’s a scratch-and-dent sale from 16 product returns you’ve had over the past year (we’ve used this one multiple times in client businesses to clear out good quality returns that came back into the office).

Let people know in advance that you have a special coming up and when they should check for your email (for example 8 AM EDT on Wednesday).

You need an irresistible offer, a reason why, and a hard deadline.

Give it a try. You may just find yourself addicted to the profits that come from it.

And if you want to discover how to create irresistible offers…persuasive websites…and sell more of your products and services, check out the Monthly Mentor Club.


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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