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It’s called the “Amazon Funnel Formula”.

It’s about generating a consistent, ongoing source of buyers for your products and services.

Amazon is a search engine for buyers.

You need to understand the basics of Amazon’s search engine before you create your book.

Amazon’s primary goal is to sell stuff. Everything they do is directed toward that goal.

They make it easy for a customer to find what they’re looking to buy. They suggest other similar products customers will buy.

If customers are buying your book, Amazon will show it more often.

If no one buys your book, they’ll stop showing it to customers…replacing it with something that earns them more money.

Some of the key factors in your Amazon ‘search engine ranking’ include:


I recommend the title: subtitle model for your book title.

Make the main title short and memorable.

Use a subtitle to clarify your message and include keyword phrases customers might use to search for you.


You get to choose up to 7 keyword phrases of 50 characters each when setting up your book inside KDP.

Use all 7 boxes.

The first few boxes should be your most important keyword phrases. Fill the last few boxes up with less important keyword phrases, using all 50 characters in those.


This is a less important search factor, because you primarily want to speak to your target audience in your book description.

But you can use your most important keywords as ‘triggers’ for your customers that your book is exactly what they’re looking for.


Convert viewers into buyers.

You want to appear on relevant keywords that attract buyers for your book.

The better you convert on a keyword; the more likely Amazon will keep showing you on that term.

Who is your buyer and what are they searching?

The “Amazon Funnel Formula” goes into more detail on each of these factors and so much more.

Discover how to attract your ideal buyers, convert them into Amazon book sales, and upgrade them into your other products and services.

Your books can earn passive income. But they’re even more valuable as consistent buyer magnets and authority triggers, increasing the conversion of everything else you sell.

You’ll discover how to come up with an attention-grabbing hook for your book, choose categories and keywords, write clickable titles, write book descriptions that sell, solicit reviews, and launch your book.

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