zombie internet marketing expertsBRAINS!

That’s what they’re after…your brains!

And if they catch you, you’ll become a mindless zombie wandering around aimlessly looking for your next victim, just like them.

Listen to them droning on…

“It’s safe this way.  No risk whatsoever.”  (of course your life is in danger)

“You’ll never have to work again.”  (of course not – you’ll be a dead zombie too)

“It’s so easy, even a child can do it.”  (yes – even children can become zombies)

“Just do what I do and you’ll be a millionaire.”  (or a rotting corpse – one of those)

“It’s all done for you – no thinking required.”  (but do you really want to become a zombie also)

Anytime ANYONE promises you success without you having to do anything…RUN!

Rule #1 of surviving a Zombie attack is cardio, at least that’s what I learned from Zombieland.

Zombies live a very active lifestyle.  So should you.

You have to keep your eyes open and keep moving.

They’re always changing where they attack from!

Just in the past couple of months I’ve had clients ask me about all the new dead things gurus have been talking about.  Email, Facebook, and Youtube have all been declared dead by someone.

Watch out.  If you’re spellbound by the newest shiniest object, you won’t see them sneaking up on you.

It’s one big mass of zombies moving through the city destroying everything in their wake.

Whenever it seems like EVERYONE is talking about a subject, that’s when you know you have to change your strategy.

My advice, go the opposite direction.

It’s just like how you need to take a contrarian approach in your marketing.  Find the common wisdom in your market that’s wrong.  Attack it and finish it off before it takes you down.

You’ll never get anywhere if you try to walk down the street in the middle of all the zombies in your market.  That’s just a good way to end up a human value meal.

Yet, that’s often what people want to do.  They don’t want to make any waves.  They don’t want to stand out.  They don’t want to be a voice shouting the truth from the rooftops.  Because it’s too scary.   It’s hard when people might get upset with what you have to say.

It’s hard to be a contrarian voice when everyone else is chanting about “brains.”

It’s easier to be boring, but safe.

In today’s social online landscape, a lot of people want to be heard.

They want more followers.  They want more likes.  They want more subscribers.

Before you get an audience, you need to get a message.

You need a message that cuts through the myths and lies in your industry.

You need a message that is fresh and exciting.

And you need a message that is authentic both to you and the audience you’re seeking after.

If you’re ready to find your audience and your message, check out the Internet Lifestyle System.  It contains the strategies you need for a low budget, high profit online information business.

Make no mistake.  We will give you the systems you need, but you still have to be able to think for yourself.

No mindless zombies allowed.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.