Have you noticed all the time-consuming list building advice you’re ‘supposed to do’ often attracts tire kickers and freebie seekers? If you’re serious about earning more online, you’ll love what I’m about to share with you…  

"3 Ways You Can Grow a BIG, Responsive Email List in 2024"

Attract Ready-to-Buy Subscribers with a PERSONALIZED List Building Blueprint That’s Quick, Easy, and FUN For YOU to Implement… Even If You’re a Beginner with ZERO Experience, No Connections, and No Money for Advertising

8 Reasons Why a Large & Responsive Email List is Vital to Your Online Business

Launch Books, Courses, and Products with a BANG because you have a ready-to-buy audience who already knows, likes, and trusts you.
Sell High Ticket Consulting, Coaching, or Events quickly and easily because you have built-in authority with an affluent buying audience.
Create Passive Income through your own continuity offers or by promoting products and services as an affiliate.
Set-up Joint Venture and Referral Deals to grow your list even faster and create instant cash surges.
Reach a Wider Audience With Your Message because email is one-on-one communication magnified to thousands or even millions of people.
Create Deeper Relationships by getting people to reply to you and start a dialogue (an excellent way to make higher ticket sales).
Reduce Your Reliance on Social Media because your have a healthy, growing list that supplies the majority of your income.
Live the Internet Freedom Lifestyle because you’re in full control of the message you’re communicating with your tribe.

If you’ve got 20 minutes a day…you too can grow a big, responsive email list.

And best of all, the proven blueprints you’re about to discover are designed to be customized based on your personality, interests, and audience…which means you can consistently and reliably attract an email list full of enthusiastic buyers using activities you ENJOY doing each day.

That’s a key that most people miss.

You hear your favorite guru talk about how they built their list…and you TRY to implement their system in your business.

You’re excited in the beginning.

But soon their daily grind starts to wear on you.

And you realize you’re not getting anywhere near the results they did!

The system worked for them because it was the perfect fit for their personality, interests, and audience.

Think of it like a piece of a clothing such as a pair of shoes.

If you get the wrong size, it’s going to be uncomfortable at best. If your shoes are a couple of sizes too large, you’ll experience pain and blisters. You might even slip and fall.

If your shoes are too small, you might not even be able to get them on. And if you do, it’s going to feel miserable.

Terry Dean

Isn’t it Time You STOPPED Agonizing Over List Building Systems That Don’t Fit You?

Even if you follow the exact same steps as someone else…assuming you know ALL the steps they followed…you’ll get dramatically different results if it isn’t the right fit for you.

And the audience is another major factor.

As you know, a lot of email lists are jam-packed with tire kickers and freebie seekers. No matter how irresistible of an offer you send them, they’re not buying. Even worse, they complain or mark your emails as spam even though they asked for them!

In addition, the subscribers who are most likely to buy from me might not be the same ones who will buy from you. It’s about attracting the right audience, but it’s also about how you position yourself on the first contact and how they connect with your message personally.

You need a proven list building blueprint that is designed to consistently and reliably attract cash-in-hand buyers for your unique market!

And that’s what I’m going to give you…along with a step-by-step system to customize the blueprint for your personality, interests, and audience.

Before we get into all the exciting details, I should probably introduce myself and explain…

Why I’m Uniquely Qualified to Show You How to Grow a BIG, Responsive Email List in Any Market.

My name is Terry Dean…and I’ve often been referred to as the “Internet Lifestyle Mentor”.

Since 1996, I’ve been making an incredible living online. And I’ve helped thousands of customers and clients do the same in hundreds of different markets.

These include serious business-to-business markets like consulting for CPAs, restaurants, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, financial advisors, etc.

These also include consumer markets like speaking foreign languages, weight loss, fitness, golf, tennis, anxiety, dog training, and more many more.

When I first started online, I was a college drop-out delivering pizzas for Little Caesars for $8 an hour. My wife and I were over $50,000 in debt, had creditors calling all hours of the day and night, and falling fast towards bankruptcy.

I felt hopeless and desperately searched for a way out of this mess…until I discovered the Internet. I bought my first PC on one of our last remaining credit cards…and got my start online.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the secret to success within my first month.

When you get visitors to a website, you get only one chance to make the sale. If they follow you on social media, you’re simply a guest in someone else’s house…where you’re surrounded by distractions. But if you get them on a list, you have multiple opportunities to make a connection with them and earn their trust.

Within 6 months, I realized my monthly income was directly proportional to the size of my email list. The more ready-to-buy subscribers I add to my email list, the more money I earned. Money started pouring in like clockwork.

I quit my job. We quickly got out of debt. The Internet lifestyle was born. And I never looked back.

A few years later I was asked to share my methods at conferences around the world. It was at these events where I issued several public challenges. By the end of the weekend, attendees would see me earn at least $10,000 in sales from my email list.

At one event, I generated $96,250 in less than 72 hours with a SINGLE email to my list…without affiliate partners, advertising, or anything else. One email…one list…a flood of profits to my bank account.

As you can imagine, that demonstration changed the lives of those in attendance (see what Steve Duce had to say about it to the right).

And now…

"Terry, what you did at the Internet seminar in Jacksonville was incredible. Twice now I've seen you make an offer to your newsletter subscribers and each time you made over $30,000. This last time, $96,250.

I see many people who claim to make a lot of money online. It's a whole different ball game to be able to go before a crowd, send an offer and actually "show" everyone.

You told your subscribers you were only taking a limited number of orders. No matter how much the crowd wanted you to keep going and break the $100,000 mark, you did what you said you would do and stopped the sales.

Terry, watching you generate $96,250 in person from one email was something I'll never forget."

Steve Duce
Internet Marketing Manager

You Too Can Grow a BIG, Responsive Email List

In addition to transforming the lives of my audience for the past 2+ decades through emails, books, and courses…I’ve also personally coached a limited number of clients one-on-one since 2006.

These include brand-new beginners starting up their first online business all the way to those already earning 8-figures and up. No matter their business or the market they’re in, email is the ‘secret weapon’ that drives the income for the majority of them.

This hands-on experience with so many clients over the years has shown me the importance of creating customized list building blueprints for each of them.

One client focuses primarily on his Youtube channel to attract high-quality buyer leads daily.

Another client grows his list primarily through referrals and joint venture partnerships.

A third client has a totally hands-free list building system in place. We came up with an irresistible offer that includes several free courses…and he has an agency that manages both his SEO and Google Ads…which has created an avalanche of leads that continues to grow consistently for him.

I could list dozens of customized list building blueprints my clients use. While there are similarities between their plans, no two are exactly alike. There are little variations in which strategies they use or how they implement the techniques to reach their best buying audience.

It doesn’t matter what market you’re in.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have.

And it doesn’t even matter how much time or money you have to invest.

There is a list building blueprint that can consistently and reliably attract new ready-to-buy subscribers for you…and your personalized blueprint won’t look exactly like anyone else’s.

All the pieces of the puzzle are put together for you in my new online course…

Authority Lists & Traffic: How to Grow Responsive Email Lists FAST

I’ve taken my two decades plus in list building experience plus all the customizations I’ve used in helping clients in hundreds of markets grow their lists as well…and boiled it all down to a simple step-by-step course.

All designed to help you attract ready-to-buy subscribers with a personalized list building blueprint that’s quick, easy, and FUN for you to follow…even if you’re a beginner with zero experience, no connections, and no money for advertising.

It consists of 6 core modules…

Buyer Lead Magnets: How to create free lead magnets designed to attract a pre-qualified list of hungry buyers
Optin Flood: How to create landing pages and optin forms that maximize your buyer optins.
List Building Blueprint: 10 Questions to customize your list building system for your audience, assets, and personality.
Authority Formula: How to create unique content combined with a public persona that magnetically attracts your best buyers.
List Avalanche: How to grow your list FAST with paid advertising and a self-liquidating lead funnel (sell products immediately that pay you to grow your list)
Referral Magic: Tap into other people’s money, lists, content, and expertise to grow your email list with NO money out of your own pocket.

Each module is broken down into 8 to 13 easy-to-consume videos that lay out the entire step-by-step system in detail.

The complete course includes over 9 hours of video training.

Plus, there are 12 additional bonuses to make sure you have everything you need to consistently and reliably grow your list with ready-to-buy subscribers.

Let’s dive into what’s covered in each of these 6 modules…

Module 1 – Buyer Lead Magnets

Are you using the right ‘bait’ to attract pre-qualified buyers to your email list? Visitors aren’t as quick to give you their email address as they were just a few years ago. Their privacy is important and their email boxes are already overloaded with messages.

You need a free ‘lead magnet’ that’s so irresistible your ideal buyers enter their email address without a second thought. This could be a cheat sheet, video, template, or some other gift that makes them immediately raise their hand and say, “I NEED that!”

And that’s just the first step. Your lead magnet also needs to position you as the obvious choice for your audience while gently pre-selling them on the products and services you offer (or will offer soon).

That’s where this module comes in. You’ll discover how to create attention-grabbing lead magnets that multiply the numbers of new subscribers who join your list…while helping those subscribers make a good buying decision.

You’ll see multiple examples of this in action…along with a step-by-step outline you can use for your own lead magnet and SHORTCUTS to create multiple lead magnets quickly.

How to attract a pre-qualified list of hungry buyers instead of a large list of freebie seekers looking for their next fix.
How to multiply the results of EVERYTHING you do online by 2x, 4x, or even 10x by using the right ‘irresistible offer’ to attract more buyers to your list.
The quickest and easiest ways to identify your ideal subscribers and buyers…while figuring out exactly what they want!
How to use your lead magnet to qualify and pre-sell your leads on your first offer (and tease them about additional backend offers)…putting more money in the bank immediately.
5 Questions that help you create a lead magnet that attracts more subscribers, sells more products, and positions you as an authority immediately.
5 free ways to uncover the hidden buying motivations customers would never share with you directly without EVER speaking to anyone (perfect for introverts like me).
6 lead magnet ideas that consistently attract more leads…and the 2 best lead magnets for helping subscribers get ‘Quick Wins’ that build major credibility for you.
10 shortcuts that can allow you to put together a lead magnet in less than 30 minutes…that you ALREADY know will attract the attention of your ideal subscribers.

Module 2 – Optin Flood

Create landing pages and opt-in forms that maximize the number of new subscribers you generate from EVERYTHING you do online.

My clients have run thousands of split tests across all different markets. As you probably know, the majority of split tests don’t even move the needle. But there are also those little adjustments you make that double or triple your results overnight.

Combine a few of those together and the results are amazing! I’ll share the tweaks that consistently produced a return for clients along with how to set-up a simple funnel that maximizes the immediate sales you make as new subscribers come through the door.

You’ll discover how and when to use squeeze pages, soft squeeze pages, reverse squeeze pages, content upgrades, scroll mats, slide-ins, and more to generate new subscribers across all your websites.

Eliminate overwhelm by following my “Keep It Simple” 4-step business plan to grow your list and profits in any market.
Simple 5-step system to create landing pages that maximize your buyer opt-ins and profits.
Step-by-step shortcut to quickly and easily put together attention-grabbing headlines for your optin pages, sales pages, and more.
How to collect more opt-ins on your blog, videos, podcasts, and more by using ‘content upgrades’ that make your visitors’ so achingly curious that they have to know more.
How to design a funnel that attracts buyer opt-ins, positions you as the authority on your topic, and makes an immediate sale all at the same time.
A little tweak we discovered during split tests that boosts the conversion of your optin page even more than changing the headline.
9 ways to optimize your squeeze pages for more opt-ins and sales (based on thousands of split tests from clients in hundreds of different markets).

Module 3 – List Building Blueprint

Growing your email list doesn’t have to complicated, time-consuming, or expensive.

Of course, there are a lot of options, but most of those choices simply aren’t a good fit for you or your audience. Discover how to identify and put together a simple list building system that consistently and reliably attracts your best buyers.

I’ll share multiple examples of list building blueprints my clients are using right this minute.

And I’ll take you through a serious of questions designed to pinpoint the techniques which will be quick, easy, and fun for you to implement.

Because let’s face reality. If it’s not easy and fun, you likely won’t put it into action. That’s one of the reasons so many struggle when it comes to growing their list. They try to implement someone’s else list building blueprint, and it becomes an painful experience.

Who can blame them for giving up and trying the next FOTM (Flavor of the Month)?

End procrastination. Implement a system that comes naturally for you instead of trying to force your square peg into a round hole…

10 Questions to pinpoint the list building blueprint that will be quick, easy, and fun for you to implement.
Why FOCUS is the key to building a large, profitable email list while keeping your sanity (your customized blueprint will give you that focus).
Simple list building blueprint virtually anyone could implement in any market that connects with top leaders in your industry and gets them to refer their best subscribers to you.
How a list building blueprint for an enthusiast market is radically different from a transactional market where they just want to ‘solve their problem’ and be done with it (yes, you can build lists in both types of markets)
How to decide whether you should focus on authority marketing, paid advertising, or referrals…and where each may fit in your overall list building plan.
Simple steps to choose the content style that best attracts your ideal clients while positioning you as the premier authority on your topic.
How to create a list building blueprint you ENJOY implementing…instead of forcing yourself into work that drains you and leaves you lifeless.
How to outsource list building activities that aren’t a good fit for you personally (including content creation)…to maximize your return and lifestyle freedom.

Module 4 – Authority Formula

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of using ‘content marketing’ to attract pre-qualified buyers. You’ll discover my proven formula for positioning yourself as one of the premier authorities on your topic…even if you’re just getting started.

This includes blogging, podcasting, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. Which ones are right for you and your audience? Where will you get the biggest returns in the least amount of time? And how can you optimize your content delivery to maximize your list building efforts?

This module focuses on a step-by-step blogging system, because the same strategies (and shortcuts) for attracting a large, buying audience apply to the other content methods as well.  And I recommend at least a ‘simple blog’ as the homebase of your brand no matter which techniques you put into action.

How a blogger grew a list of 2,000,000+ email subscribers by publishing just 2 posts per week…and reusing that content for all his other marketing.
How to choose the ingredients that best fit in your personalized ‘content marketing blueprint’ (I have clients who generate 80%+ of their leads from social media and others who haven’t posted a single post about their business on any social media site).
10 ways to create ‘magnetic content’ that delights your ideal customers and clients (while repelling freebie seekers and those who aren’t a good fit for your offers).
Why sharing your flaws is such a powerful way to build credibility and make more sales…if you do the right way (do it wrong and you can jeopardize the authority you’ve established).
3 types of content and why you should use each of them to grow your traffic, attract buyers, and get your message shared with others (you’re only getting a fraction of the results you if you’re only using one or two of these methods).
10 simple triggers you can use to optimize your website for the search engines and attract more hungry buyers to your email list.
12 free websites that serve you red-hot content ideas on a silver platter…and how to organize these ideas into an easy-to-follow publishing calendar.
#1 mistake content creators commonly make that sabotages their authority and their influence…especially with the affluent buyers they’re trying to attract.
How to make your content do double-duty in attracting subscribers & buyers…while also setting up lucrative referral partnerships that can pay off for decades to come.

Module 5 – List Avalanche

Paid advertising is the FASTEST method to grow a big, responsive list for the majority of businesses. You can set-up an ad in the next few minutes…and start seeing new subscribers joining your list in just a few hours. Once you have a system that works, you can scale it to thousands or even tens of thousands of new subscribers each month.

And if you set-up your funnel correctly…you can scale those ads with NO money out of pocket.

Create a self-liquidating offer that pays you to grow your list. Simply reinvest the profits as they come in right back into your list building efforts. It’s even possible to do this as an affiliate where you’re using someone else’s already tested and proven offer to monetize your new leads.

You’ll discover the different sources of paid traffic that have been most effective for my clients. We’ll concentrate on Youtube ads, because the methods we use to put together our funnel, create our ads, set-up our initial laser-targeted campaign, and then scale it…are all applicable to other forms of advertising as well.

How to grow your email list FAST using paid advertising combined with a self-liquidating offer that PAYS YOU to grow your list (scale with little or no money out of pocket).
Simple step-by-step opt-in funnel for growing your list and my favorite ‘tweak’ clients have used to maximize their income during the first 7 days after a new subscriber joins your list.
How to get started with paid ads on a budget of $5 to $20 per day…and scale up your advertising to create a large, responsive list quickly.
How to laser-target your ads on Google or Youtube for your ideal buyers …even with all the recent Google changes designed to ‘force you’ to go broad on expensive terms.
The secret to higher clickthrough rates, better opt-in rates, and higher sales when running Google Search campaigns…using strategies a Google rep will likely never share with you!
How to identify and target the most profitable audiences on Facebook…so you can get the biggest bang for your buck immediately.
2 video script templates for Youtube and Facebook that will grab your ideal buyers’ attention in 5 seconds or less, get them to click, and create 40%+ opt-in rates on your landing pages.
Step-by-step guide for setting up your first 2 Youtube campaigns…including a few ‘hidden’ options that will save you money!
How to maximize your return-on-ad-spend from retargeting by choosing the right audiences to retarget and where to send them.

Module 6 – Referral Magic

Referrals are my FAVORITE method for growing a big, responsive list. You can tap into lists, content, and expertise others may have spent years or even decades building.

Many of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had in my online business have come through joint ventures and referrals. These include both major financial windfalls along with massive growth in my email list, often within just a few days…all with zero risk (as long as you’re selective about who you partner with).

Harvard Business Review reports that word-of-mouth recommendations play a crucial part in 80% of B2B and B2C deals. Ross reports leads from referrals have a 30% high conversion rate than other marketing channels, referred customers have 37% higher retention rate, and referrals have a 16% higher lifetime value as well.

There are ways to multiply your list building results (and income) in virtually every business…simply by looking for untapped resources and referral opportunities.

How a recommendation from a referral partner produced 33x the results of a paid ad in the exact same publication (yes, 33:1 difference for the same offer just because of the endorsement).
3 simple questions you can ask yourself to spot ‘invisible’ joint venture opportunities available all around you.
How to recruit the top 1% of affiliates that do the lion’s share of selling for you…and turn them into ongoing income (over 60% of my sales for my membership were coming from affiliates even though I was publishing authority content and running paid ads on multiple networks).
How an online business used referrals to add over 100,000 new subscribers in just 7 days.
How a client attracted over 250,000 attendees to an online event in his niche (he also added 1,000s of new buyers during the event).
9 proven ways to contact referral partners with large lists totally cold…even if you’re a complete unknown in your industry.
Magic words’ you can use to multiply the results of virtually everything you do online…by turning each connection into referral opportunities.
The quickest and easiest joint venture to grow your list quickly…and you can do this over and over again to keep adding new subscribers to your list.
How to put a systematic referral system in place so your best customers and clients consistently refer others just like them to join your email list (and hire you).

Attract Ready-to-Buy Subscribers with a PERSONALIZED List Building Blueprint That’s Quick, Easy, and FUN For YOU to Implement

Each of these modules is packed with easy to implement tips and shortcuts. Plus, the entire course has been designed in a step-by-step manner that makes it easy to grow a big, responsive email list in any market…no matter your previous experience.

You’ll start off with an irresistible lead magnet that’s designed to attract affluent buyers in your market.

In many cases, you might only need a simple adjustment to a current lead magnet (such as changing the title) or to use one of my shortcuts to put together a new lead magnet quickly.

From there you’ll put together a landing page and optin forms that consistently generate new subscribers and a mini-funnel that quickly turns those subscribers into buyers.

Take advantage of the tweaks I’ve discovered through thousands of split tests with my clients to maximize your returns at each step in the process.

Then you’ll go through my series of simple questions to create a customized list building blueprint that’s a perfect fit for you and your audience.

From there, modules #4 to #6 dive into the 3 primary ways you can grow a big, responsive list: authority marketing, paid advertising, and referral systems.

Your personalized list building blueprint may include elements from each method, but you can focus on the module that will create the highest impact for you now.

No matter which list building methods you choose, you can implement the ‘authority formula’ to position yourself as the obvious choice for your ideal customers and clients.

And you can set-up a simple blog as your home base to maximize the profits of your email list and everything else you do online.

If you want to grow your list fast, the List Avalanche module will show you how to create a self-liquidating lead funnel with paid advertising.

Scale your list quickly by pyramiding your profits back into list growth.

The final module, Referral Magic, shares my favorite strategies for creating huge surges in list growth along with tapping into your connections for consistent and reliable growth as well.

Plus, you’ll discover how to make your first few connections…even if you’re starting completely from scratch.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a customized list building blueprint…and all the techniques you need to fill your email list with pre-sold, hungry buyers.

Never again worry about how to grow your list, how to launch new offers, or sell your products & services.

Experience confidence as you see your list growing each and every day.

But the main course is just the beginning. You also get a DOZEN list building bonuses just for giving it a try…

Bonus #1 – Authority Lists & Traffic: How to Attract a Massive Email List of Hungry Buyers

This 45-page PDF guide is the perfect companion to the course. It covers many of the same themes on how you can build a massive email list of hungry buyers in today’s competitive market.

You’ll discover multiple ways my clients have built huge lists in every conceivable market…from consumer markets like tennis, golf, speaking Spanish, weight loss, and scrapbooking to business markets like CPAs, chiropractors, lawyers, dentists, and real estate agents…plus even ecommerce markets such as beauty, pet supplies, supplements, and SAAS (Software as a Service).

In addition to these step-by-step list building methods, you’ll also be privy to the little tweaks my clients have tested over the decades to multiply the number of leads you generate from each channel.

Bonus #2 – Lead Magnet Money Multipliers

This 21-page PDF guide is all about putting together a Lead Magnet that attracts your ideal buyers, knocks their socks off, and gently moves them towards their first buying decision.

It starts off by showing examples of highly effective lead magnets and landing pages. Then it gives detailed instructions for coming up with your attention-grabbing hook, where to ‘swipe’ great ideas, and how to create a lead magnet that sells.

You’ll also be given plug-and-play template headlines you can easily use or adapt for your own landing pages.  And you’ll discover what you should NOT put on your landing page if you want to attract more of your ideal leads (it’s shocking how often even experienced marketers make this mistake).

Bonus #3 – Joint Venture Lifestyle

This 44-page PDF guide will help you cultivate a Joint Venture mindset…where it becomes second nature for you to tap into the years (or decades) of experience and assets those around you have invested into their business.

For example, let’s say you don’t like creating videos but you’d love to take advantage of TikTok’s growth. Instead of creating a channel you won’t enjoy…and aren’t likely to be consistent with anyway…why not make a Win-Win-Win deal where an experienced video creator endorses you to the audience they’ve spent the last several years developing. Boom…you just saved yourself hours of learning and months of heartache…when you wouldn’t get anywhere near their results!

There is so much untapped wealth hidden inside of the businesses you’re surrounded with every day. There are people you’re connected to right now (or you can connect with very quickly) who have all this relationship capital they’ve built up with their audience already. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to show your referral partners what’s in it for them.

This report will show you step-by-step how to find, connect, and set-up joint venture referral deals to help you quickly and easily grow your email lists.

Bonus #4 – Referral Madness

This 23-page PDF guide shares multiple ways to attract new subscribers and customers through systematized referral programs. For example, one business collected 100,000 new subscribers in just 7 days with a simple 2-page microsite.

They had an opt-in page and a thank you page. That’s it. They didn’t even have a single product available for purchase yet! The magic was in their thank you page. Each new subscriber received a unique referral code along with social media buttons so they could refer their friends. They earned credits for rewards based on the number of friends they referred. The results were amazing and created a huge launch for their business.

This is just one of the referral systems you’ll discover in this guide. You’ll discover how to set-up referral programs, make it easy for subscribers (and customers) to refer you, and how to capitalize on this list building strategy.

Bonus #5 – Free Traffic Blogging Formula

This 23-page PDF guide is all about blogging. Use social media and every other available channel to grow your email list, but on social media you’re simply a guest in other people’s homes. Your blog is your home base.

You’ll discover how to identify your ideal audience…and you’ll get an answer to the common question of whether you should go after a small niche or a broad market (it may surprise you because it depends on one key factor).

Get started with WordPress, install the best free WordPress plugins, and set-up optin boxes that optimize the number of subscribers who join your list. You’ll also get detailed instructions on several types of ‘traffic’ posts you can create…and why you must use each of them to grow and monetize your list.

And of course, the guide also covers easy-to-follow search engine optimization techniques, how to promote your posts, and how to scale your blog for long-term buyer traffic.

Bonus #6 – Free Youtube Traffic, Subscribers, and Income Formula

There are over 32,300 Youtube channels with 1 million or more subscribers. But you don’t need anywhere near that number to have a super-profitable business. This 22-page PDF guide will show you how to start, grow, and monetize your channel…especially through calls-to-action that entice viewers to subscribe to your email list (where the real money is made).

You’ll discover 5 proven ways top channels attract more viewers, turn them into subscribers, and position themselves as the authority on their topic. Find the right keywords to target, how to rank your videos in Youtube search (along with Google search as well), and how to take advantage of the related videos section to drive even more viewers.

We’ll also go into the type of video content that attracts quality viewers, shooting and editing your videos, and more. Plus, you get a checklist at the end that you can check off each step as you upload and promote each of Youtube videos.

Bonus #7 – Big Buyer Lists FAST With Summits

Holding an online summit is one of the FASTEST methods I’ve seen to grow your list, boost your authority, and attract a horde of new buyers. An online summit is an event where you invite multiple expert guests to talk about their topic of expertise. You offer the summit for free, which means it’s a true value for those in your market…and you offer attendees the opportunity to upgrade immediately to an all-access-pass which makes the content even more accessible to them.

I’ve helped multiple clients run these summits…and I’ve been amazed at how quickly they grow your email list. For example, one of my clients had been running his online business for over ten years. He published a summit…using the exact same content to run the event multiple times…and multiplied his list over 4 times just by this one method. His summit added 4 times as many subscribers as every other list building method he used over the past 10 years (while selling thousands of copies of the all-access-pass).

This 40-page PDF step-by-step guide will tell you how to come up with a BIG IDEA that inspires experts to share your summit with their lists, how to attract big-name celebrity speakers for your event, and how to put together an all-access-pass so irresistible it generates a big income even before the event starts. In addition, the second half of the report is a transcribed interview with one of my clients who had over 250,000 attendees to his online summit!

Bonus #8 – Introvert’s 60-Minute Social Media Guide

Some of my most successful clients earn millions of dollars online without ever touching social media. They’re using the methods detailed in the course and the other bonuses. But social media is also a great way to build your list…if you use it effectively and efficiently. No hustling required.

This 24-page PDF guide will give you simple ways to position yourself as a leader with massive impact, no matter your personality or background. I called it the “Introvert’s Guide” because I’m a lifelong, extreme introvert, but it’s just as effective for extroverts and everyone in between. It does NOT require you to spend all day online, set-up any instant notifications, or allow any other distractions.

It’s about finding your audience…and giving them infotainment and value. You’ll get my 60-minutes-a-day social media blueprint. You’ll also get a scaled down 10-minutes-a-day plan that’s perfect for those with busy lifestyles who want the greatest bang for their buck.

Bonus #9 – Youtube Ads Accelerator

Youtube is my favorite source of paid advertising. I’ve often seen opt-in rates of 50%+ and a higher percentage of buyers than other online ads networks. The targeting is amazing inside of Youtube! It’s a little scary how much Google knows about us and our shopping habits. And while Google suggests you go broader and let their fuzzy AI do their targeting for you, they still have ‘hidden options’ available to us to laser-target our ideal buyers.

You can target by demographics, household income, what people are currently looking to purchase, competitor websites your customers visit, and more. In this 46-page PDF guide I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to set-up your first Youtube ad campaign. In addition, you’ll see examples of video ads that were raging successes along with the exact scripts I recommend you use for your videos.

You’ll also discover how to optimize your current campaigns  and how to scale up your campaigns to reach a larger audience while adding more subscribers to your email list.

Bonus #10 – Traffic Ascendancy Unleashed

This 24-page PDF guide will show you how to get paid for WHO you are instead of WHAT you do. This will break you out of the commodity pricing trap…even in the most competitive markets.

If you don’t become a trusted advisor, you can starve in today’s Internet. And it will only get worse as AI’s capabilities grow and you find yourself competing against a flood of computer-written content.  What sets your content apart? Why should someone choose you over every other option? Why should they join your list and read your emails even though there are hundreds of others putting out even more content than you?

The answer to these questions is simple…and it’s the key to thriving in the online world today. Stop publishing constipated content and selling boring products. Focus on delivering experiences instead. Find the ‘magic thread’ that attracts affluent, high value customers…and weave that thread through EVERYTHING you do online.

Bonus #11 – Wholesale Banner Ads

Bypass the huge retail ad networks like Google and buy advertising at wholesale prices directly from the websites your customers routinely visit. I recruited a good friend that is an expert at buying ads this way to help me with this topic.

The first half of the 31-page PDF guide are the step-by-step instructions and the 2nd half is a transcribed interview with Mr. X. I’m keeping his name secret here because he doesn’t want to be known in ‘internet marketing’ circles. He has over 11,000 testimonials in one of his consumer niches, and he did this interview as a personal favor to me.

Discover how to identify the right sites for you to advertise on, how to reach out to the site owners, negotiate Win-Win deals, keep your costs low, scale up your ads, create banners, track your numbers, and even transition some of your ads to joint venture endorsements that create even greater returns!

Bonus #12 – Million Dollar Traffic Blueprint + Spreadsheet

What is the best way for you to attract high-value subscribers and buyers? Ask five experts and you’ll likely get five different answers. That’s because the best way for you to attract buyers may be totally different than someone else who is in an entirely different market.

This 23-page PDF guide shows you how to take advantage of the “Traffic Triad” to grow your list….and it goes through the questions you need to ask yourself to create your personalized list building blueprint.

Plus, you’ll receive a simple spreadsheet where you can enter your answers to these questions…and it will score some of the top traffic generating options automatically for you. Experience confidence in your list building plan.

How Much is a BIG, Responsive Email List Worth to You?

You get all 6 modules of the Authority Lists & Traffic online course.

Buyer Lead Magnets starts the process by showing you how to create irresistible lead magnets that attract pre-qualified buyers to your list.

In Optin Flood you’ll discover how to put together simple landing pages and optin forms proven to attract high quality subscribers (based on thousands of tests in hundreds of markets).

The List Building Blueprint will take you through a series of questions to help you customize a list building system that will quick, easy, and fun for you personally!

The Authority Formula will help you publish magnetic content that positions you as a trusted advisor and the obvious choice for your ideal customers and clients.

List Avalanche shows how to use paid advertising to grow your list fast with a self-liquidating lead funnel…which you can scale while spending little or no money out of pocket.

Referral Magic gives you multiple ways to create massive list growth and cash surges by tapping into lists, content and expertise that others may have spent years or even decades building.

And those 6 core video modules are just the beginning.

You also get all 12 bonus reports in PDF format…perfect for downloading, printing, or using as step-by-step reference guides.

Authority Lists & Traffic: How to Attract a Massive Email List of Hungry Buyers
Lead Magnet Money Multipliers
Joint Venture Lifestyle
Referral Madness
Free Traffic Blogging Formula
Free Youtube Traffic, Subscribers, and Income Formula
Big Buyer Lists FAST With Summits
Introvert’s 60-Minute Social Media Guide
Youtube Ads Accelerator
Traffic Ascendancy Unleashed
Wholesale Banner Ads
Million Dollar Traffic Blueprint + Spreadsheet

Growing a big, responsive list was the secret weapon that set from free from a string of dead-end jobs back in 1996.

Since that time, I’ve helped thousands of others create internet lifestyles as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell books, courses, coaching, consulting, events, or ecommerce products. Or perhaps you’re an affiliate earning money by promoting other people’s products and services.

You need a list.

This step-by-step course will help you create your own customized list building blueprint…and it contains over two decades of my personal experience helping hundreds of clients grow lists in every type of market you can imagine.

My current coaching rate is $600 per hour…and my limited client slots are only available once or twice a year.

With the 9+ hours of video training, that adds up to $5,400 in real value.

And that’s only a drop in the bucket to how much your own big, responsive email list can be worth to you.

That doesn’t even include the countless hours that went into all the bonus guides!  If we valued each of them at just $39, that would equal an extra $468.  

But I want to make this affordable for the average person…whether you’ve been online for years or you’re just starting out as a brand-new beginner.

So, I’m going to let you access EVERYTHING listed here for the ultra-low price of just $198.

That’s a ONE-TIME fee. No recurring fees of any kind.

In addition, I want you to feel 100% confident about your investment in Authority Lists & Traffic, so you’re covered by my…

Money Back Guarantee

Try Authority Lists & Traffic for 30 days. Watch the videos. Download the bonuses. Put together your personalized list building blueprint.

This guarantee does have one condition. Put at least one new list building strategy into action in your business based on this course.

All I’m asking is you give it a fair try. If after testing at least one of these strategies, you don’t agree this system will help you grow a big, responsive email list…contact my support system and we’ll issue you a full refund. Just let us know your name, the URL of your optin landing page, and the list building strategy you put into action.

The 12 bonuses are all downloadable PDFs. They’re my gift to you for trying out the course.

As you can probably tell, with everything I’ve packed into this course, it’s a true bargain. And with a generous guarantee like this, the absolute worst that can happen is you come out with new insights on list building along with all these bonus reports.

Authority Lists & Traffic


6 Online Video Modules (over 9 hours of step-by-step content). 
Authority Lists & Traffic Guide: How to Attract a Massive Email List of Hungry Buyers
Lead Magnet Money Multipliers 
Joint Venture Lifestyle
Referral Madness
Free Traffic Blogging Formula
Free Youtube Traffic, Subscribers, and Income Formula
Big Buyer Lists FAST With Summits
Introvert’s 60-Minute Social Media Guide
Youtube Ads Accelerator
Traffic Ascendancy Unleashed
Wholesale Banner Ads
Million Dollar Traffic Blueprint + Spreadsheet

Experience FREEDOM and Confidence

Imagine having a responsive email list that’s growing every day…

When you send an email, they respond. They buy the products and services you offer.

Want to launch a new product? Create several emails and watch the orders flood in.

Want to fill your calendar with new, high-quality clients? Send an email.

Want to earn some extra income promoting affiliate offers? Just click send.

The money is in your list.

Want to take some time off? Plan out a few emails in advance and schedule them for while you’re away. Money keeps coming in even when you’re on vacation. I had a client that planned a trip around the world. He prepared several promotions for his list and had his virtual assistant manage things while he was away. Money kept coming in like clockwork…as each email went out.

In the end, it’s all about freedom…and a big, responsive email list can give you that.

Take this simple step toward freedom today.