I totally ignored my home phone this weekend.  One call after another was a politician telling you why all the others were horrible…and they were the only good option out there.

I’m listed as an independent, so both sides made it their personal mission to annoy me.   At least it seemed like it was their mission. 

After listening to a few of their voicemail messages, I now know how horrible they all are…as they made it their goal to put down everyone else. 

But I will not fall to their games.  What we often don’t realize is the goal of most political advertising is to get you not to vote…period. 

That’s why instead of giving any solutions (which none of them have anyway), they simply slam the competition.  They want you to stay at home instead of vote for their competition.

In other words, since they don’t have real solutions, they instead focus on a battle of attrition.  Who can do the best job of reducing the competition’s votes?

Outsmart them.  Don’t give in to their crap.  Vote anyway.

And then focus on where the real solutions will be found!

You.  You’re the one with the solutions for your life…and those around you.

You don’t need a politician to create jobs for you or your family.  Instead find a way to create value and a business of your own.

You create your own income…and jobs for others.

This could be an online business like I focus on or it could even be something you do locally.

If you need money today to pay your rent…get out in the affluent area of town…and go door-to-door.  Do window washing, yard work, painting, home improvement, etc.  

Start making an income with value you can provide to others today.

Then use a portion of that money to invest in your online business that you build over time.

Online you could offer a service. What skill do you have?  Some can setup blogs.  Others can write articles.  Others can do design.  

Find a skill and develop it.  Use a service based business to finance the growth of a more long-term income (such as your ecommerce site, affiliate business, or infoproducts).

If you not happy with the income you’re earning today, find a way to provide more value…or leverage your talents and those of others to provide more value.

The income we earn is directly related to the value we create.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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