Pitiful Open Rate for New Subscribers?

Here’s a question I received recently from an Autoresponder Alchemy customer. They were struggling to get their emails opened (edited for clarity)… “I am directing traffic from Youtube ads to my lead

3 Easy Email Triggers for More Profits

Keep it simple. Email is not about getting fancy or providing in-depth information. It’s about making a connection and helping your readers experience an Aha moment. Become their guide to a whole new

Offers You’d Be CRAZY to Ignore

How could you make your offer truly irresistible to your ideal clients? I frequently talk about finding your message, sharing stories, and transferring emotions through your copy. But great copy doesn’t solve

3 Limiting Beliefs that Repel Money

Which of these limiting beliefs is keeping you in the prison of your own mind? My last email about how you might be ignoring your highest value clients got me thinking

Stop Ignoring Your Highest Value Clients

A client noticed a billionaire on his customer list. This is someone pretty much anyone would know by name. You may be surprised who is already on your list…or who might be