Add Emotional Impact to Your Message

Does your message stir your readers’ emotions? A client recently sent me an outline for a solo podcast episode where he’d be sharing his message and mission. It was too clinical. It was

Why Google is NOT Your Friend

Google has some great free tools available such as Google Analytics, Docs, Forms, etc. They’re also one of the ad networks I recommend, especially Youtube. And of course, if you optimize your

3 Ways Course Creators Sabotage their Income

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve made all of these mistakes multiple times. You’d think once would be enough. Nope, I’m hard-headed. But I’m not alone. The majority of course creators

Fire Your PPC Agency if they do this

Most clients hand off their pay-per-click ad accounts such Google Ads to an ad manager. This is true even if they have experience or they start off managing it themselves. As they

Long vs Short Copy Revisited

“The website copy is too long.” That’s a common complaint. It comes in a lot of variations… People won’t read all that.Customers have shorter attention spans today.My customers are different. They won’t read