Tell Your Head to “Shut Up”

It is tough to focus. There are so many distractions. It’s easy to visit social media for a ‘few minutes’…and soon an hour or more is gone. As online entrepreneurs, all these distractions

5 Emotional Triggers that Attract Buyers

Humans are fascinating creatures. While we like to think we’re logical beings who make decisions based on facts, the reality is much more complex. Sure, logic may weigh in our decisions, but

Shortcut to Write Amazing Copy

Want to improve your writing skills? Write content faster? Share your personality and story? Make more sales consistently? Here’s one of the most effective ways to sharpen your writing. Over the years, I’ve had several

Easy Way to Earn More From Emails

Here’s how to multiply the results of anything you’re doing in your business… Figure out what’s working. Do more of it. Well done Captain Obvious. Now if only you could figure out what’s working! Your

Show Me the Money

A client recently had an ‘emergency’ in their business. Sales for the month were less than HALF what they were for the same month one year before. Seeing sales drop in half