Long vs Short Copy Revisited

“The website copy is too long.” That’s a common complaint. It comes in a lot of variations… People won’t read all that.Customers have shorter attention spans today.My customers are different. They won’t read

Ultimate Superpower for More Online Profits

One of my favorite testimonials came from Dr. Glenn Livingston. Glenn is a veteran psychologist who was also the CEO of a multi-million-dollar consulting firm for many Fortune 500 clients. He successfully

Grabs Attention Even If You’re Boring

Marketing and sales did not come naturally to me. Far from it. I failed miserably when I tried door-to-door sales. And even online, I struggled to gain attention and hold interest. I

Why I Love Being WRONG

I make a lot of educated guesses each day. There are some decisions that are clear.  Making this change will improve sales.  No doubt about it.  We don’t even need to