"I'm delighted to say that I was able to fill my coaching program with just one email.  All I had to do was announce the program was open to my list and send them directly to the sales letter Terry helped me write."
Marcus Santamaria

Simple Formula Creates High-Converting Websites, Videos, and Emails...Even If You're NOT a Writer and Suck at Selling

This Proven System Clarifies Your Message, Connects With Your Ideal Clients Using Honesty and Empathy, and Consistently Sells More of Your Products and Services in Any Market

If you’d like to put together clear, almost hypnotic messages that attract and connect with your ideal buyers like clockwork…even if you’re shy, introverted, and hate selling…this formula is for you.

My name is Terry Dean.  I’ve helped small business owners multiply their incomes while working less hours and making a difference in the world around them for over two decades now.

My clients come from all backgrounds and industries including information publishers, coaches, consultants, ecommerce, CPAs, chiropractors, financial advisors, real estate agents, ministers, restaurateurs, travel agents, software programmers, and even affiliates who make an income at home while selling other people’s products and services.

Whether the client was bootstrapping their first website from their kitchen table or they had an 8-figure and growing business…they came to me because they wanted to sell more of their products and services…more often…for more money…without compromising their values.

Because let’s face it…

Terry Dean

It's Harder to Consistently Attract New Clients Today

The average customer was exposed to 500 marketing messages a day in the 1970’s.

Today most studies show we see 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages per day…and growing.

That’s a LOT of noise for your message to filter through.

At the same time, the cost of advertising continues to multiply.  Facebook rates alone have doubled over the past couple of years.

Over 300 new hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute!  And that’s just one network. 

What if we combined Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, podcasts, blogs, and all the new websites launching every minute?

Your competition is NOT going away…It’s going to continue to multiply every year.

Bottomline…If you’re going to succeed in today’s business environment…you must reach your target buying audience by sharing a…

Clear Message With Impact

It doesn’t matter how you’re currently marketing your business.

You must cut through the noise.

And the only way to do that is with a clear message that communicates directly to the heart of your ideal customers and clients.  

Speak to them in their language.

Talk about what’s most important to them personally.

Show you have true empathy for their pains, problems, and desires.

Let them know you understand and have an offer that can help them.

You can make yourself the only viable option for your ideal clients…no matter how many lower priced competitors you have.

But if you’re like my clients, you want to do it all…

Without Feeling Fake, Manipulative, or Full of Hype

This is why so many business owners shy away from sales and marketing.

They want to be 100% authentic and honest

They don’t want to manipulate their audience.  They don’t want to ‘make up’ anything.  

Perhaps you’ve tried to hire a marketing consultant or copywriter in the past.

If so, you may have found yourself uncomfortable with what they wrote about you.

One client paid over $10,000 to hire a popular copywriter that came highly recommended.   Not only was the copy hyped up, manipulative, and full of lies, but it included FAKE testimonials.  That’s right.  This copywriter encourages his clients to say and do literally anything to make a few more sales.  

That’s no way to earn the trust of your audience!

But sadly, it’s common in today’s marketing world.

No wonder so many good, honest entrepreneurs get sick to their stomachs when they hear the word ‘marketing.’

They’ve seen all the garbage and want nothing to do with it.

If that sounds like you, here’s the good news. 

Real marketing is simply sharing an honest message with clarity.

It aligns with your mission to help the people who need you.

It doesn’t have to feel sleazy, salesy, or manipulative.

You can consistently attract and sell your ideal clients and customers.

Your truth can stand out in a world of lies.

The secret is changing your focus…

This Proven, Step-By-Step Formula Makes It EASY to Attract Customers and Clients

Before we get into exactly how this formula helps you find your message...there is one more fact you need to know.

A good marketing message that attracts your ideal customers and clients isn’t about you.

I’ll repeat that again.

It’s NOT about you.

It’s about them.

It’s not about ‘selling’ anyone.

That’s a misnomer in today’s information-rich environment.

Your ideal customers and clients have a wealth of information about you, your competition, and all the other options available at a few clicks of a button.

You can’t pull the wool over their eyes…at least not in the long-term.

Change your perspective.

It’s about serving them instead of selling them.

An effective marketing message does exactly that.

It serves the audience and attracts your ideal buyers consistently and cost effectively.

Stop selling “at” your audience and…

Connect With Buyers on a Deeper, More Emotional Level

Tap into honest persuasion instead of manipulation and hype.

Speak with your customers in their own language.

Marketing today isn’t about being a ‘whiz’ with words.

Instead, it’s about a much more valuable skill.

It’s about listening to your audience.

And it’s about knowing how to organize the thoughts they’re freely sharing with you into a message that speaks directly to their hearts.

Once you understand these simple principles and just how easy they are to follow…

Your Website Practically Writes Itself

That’s what this is all about.

Imagine having a website that converts visitors into sales consistently… more effectively than your toughest competitors.

Imagine running ads on Facebook and Google that attract more buyers at lower cost.

Imagine emails, videos, and every other form of communication becomes instantly more profitable to you.

Great marketing is the ultimate leverage.

Earn more with every message you send. 

What if you had 2x, 5x, or even 10x results on EVERYTHING you’re already doing?

It would give you the freedom to scale your business faster…live your daily lifestyle at a much higher level…and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

I’ve developed, tested, and refined this system with tens of thousands of customers and clients since 1996.  

It’s close to the point now where it…

Turns Marketing into a Nearly Exact Science

For example, a potential client emailed me a link to his website and asked me if I could help him.

I took one look at his website and knew the answer.

In my quick email reply, I suggested one simple change he could make to his website based on the formula.

He made that adjustment and his sales doubled.

Yes, he became a client and has been one ever since.

Another client and I recently discussed his website redesign.  We rank ordered his message, based on the formula, and created a framework for his designer to follow.

The end result was an extra $60,000 a month from his already successful website. 

On another client’s website, we changed out a few of his photos to better fit the formula.

And it doubled his sales.  

That’s without changing any of the words on the page.  When you’re 100% confident in the message you’re communicating, the right images can create an emotional connection with your visitors.

Another client had a successful and profitable business, but he wasn’t happy.  It didn’t align with who he was on the inside…and it made him miserable.   

We changed his message and eliminated the hype he was never comfortable with anyway.  He saw even better conversion while finally sleeping well at night…and living a life he loves.

And That's Just the Beginning of What This Can Do For You

Another client was struggling to grow his business.  He created an offer based on the formula, and soon added 50,000+ new subscribers to his email list

His business was transformed.

The formula revealed a hidden asset in a client’s business.  Capitalizing on this added an extra $500,000 annually to his local business.

We wouldn’t have time to cover even a small portion of the ad campaigns which have been turned around using the formula.

Clients went from campaigns that were failing to earning 3:1 or even 10:1 on their ad spend.

Earning back $10 for every $1 you invest in advertising isn’t normal…even for the formula.

In fact, none of these examples are ‘normal’ and you shouldn’t expect such dramatic changes in your business overnight.

But you can see immediate changes to your results.

And in most businesses, just getting back $3 for every $1 invested in advertising consistently would allow them to grow their business with confidence.  

STOP Wasting Time on Ineffective Websites and Advertising

How much time and money have you wasted on confusing marketing messages in the past year?

What would it be worth to you to have confidence in your message…knowing it is speaking directly to the innermost desires of your prospects each time, every time?

What if you had a simple formula anyone could follow…even and especially if you’re not a writer…that virtually guarantees the effectiveness of your advertising?

What if you were able to quickly look at any marketing communication…whether your website, video, email, social media post, or anything else…and know with certainty what was missing and how to fix it?

Marketing will never again be a mystery to you.

Because you will soon understand the hidden buying triggers that determine the ‘selling power’ behind every marketing message…

"I've been finding it hard to get clear on my marketing message for years. This has been very frustrating as well as ineffective. When Terry announced his Client Connection Code program I bought it on launch day. I locked myself away at the weekend and went through the entire course. I'm surprised at how simple it was to do each step of the process. By the end of the weekend my marketing message just popped out! 

What I loved most about the program is the Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ which is a simple step-by-step process to create an effective marketing message. It's given me 15 potent levers I can pull to align myself with my market and attract clients. I can also spot the glaring gaps in the marketing messages of my competitors too which is pretty funny. What a wonderful method this is and thank you for revealing it."

Shaun O'Reilly

Introducing the Client Connection Code

The newest version of my system…created after decades of online marketing experience and thousands of tests in hundreds of different markets…has finally been recorded and turned into an online study course.

But this isn’t like any course you’ve seen before.

There are many books and courses that promise to show you how to write order-producing sales messages.  

None of them break each step down into such simple, easy, and fun exercises.

Just follow along with me.   The course includes a detailed 128-page step-by-step implementation guide along with two fill-in-the-blank PDFs.  

Answer the questions.  Save your offers.  Print them out.  This guide and PDFs will become lifetime companions…helping you create every profitable sales message for the rest of your life.

You’ll understand and put the core formula into practice within one hour of starting the course.

But you’ll soon see how deep this rabbit-hole goes. 

The course includes 10 in-depth video modules with total run time of over 12 hours.    

You’ll also receive each module in downloadable mp3 audio format so you can listen to it at home, on the go, or while exercising.

Each of the 10 modules also has an online quiz to make sure you understand and can apply the techniques.

You can retake each of the quizzes as many times as you need.

Once you’ve passed all 10 of them, you’ll receive full credit for the class and receive a digital, printable certificate with your name on it suitable for framing.

Video Lessons

Audio Downloads

Fill-In-the-Blank PDFs

Printable Certificate of Completion

There is nothing else like this…with such simplicity at its core but so many applications that influence and multiply the profits of everything you do in business.

No piece is left out.

Once you’ve followed this system for your first offer, you can easily adapt it to anything else you want to sell…now or in the future.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll have confidence in your marketing.

You’ll know why past efforts have failed…and what would have caused them to succeed.  

Finally end the confusion.  

You can use this to create sales messages for all this and more...

Landing Pages
Sales Pages
Squeeze Pages
About Pages
Signature Files
Social Media Posts
Elevator Speeches
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Direct Mail
Magazine Ads

Client Connection Code



10 Online Video Modules (over 12 hours of content).  Lifetime Access.
Downloadable Audio Modules for Convenient Listening Anywhere on Any Device. 
2 Fill-in-the-Blank reusable PDFs to create Your Custom Persuasion Maps™
Quizzes on Each Section Plus Certificate of Completion.
128 Page Step-By-Step Implementation Guide in PDF
Email Connection Code: Attract Your Ideal Clients, Build Your Authority, and Make More Income Consistently With Email
42-page PDF guide with more than a dozen example emails to help you earn more from every email you send.
Video Connection Code: How to Multiply Your Impact and Double Your Income With High-Conversion Videos   
Fill-In-the Blanks Video Script in PDF format to create your own high-converting videos from scratch. 
How to Create High Ticket Offers That Sell Like Crazy
Direct Response Local Websites For More Leads, Sales, and Profits
Built-in Client Connection Code Coaching for Your Questions
45-Minute One-On-One Zoom Call ($600 VALUE By Itself)
Transcripts from the Highest Impact One-On-One Consultations

Module 1 – The Golden Glove Persuasion Map™

How to sell more of your products and services more often for more money…using a proven framework that creates messages that speak directly to your customers’ hearts.
Identify and solve your clients’ true pain points so well you create memorable experiences they can’t help but tell others about.
How to ‘score’ the persuasion power of any of your current websites, emails, videos, and more in 15 minutes or less.
Reverse engineer your toughest competitors, figure out why their landing pages are working, and come up with brand new ideas to multiply your sales in just a couple of hours.
24 Step Checklist to quickly and easily spot any missing pieces in your Persuasion Map™ (giving you confidence your message is ready to attract your ideal customers).

Module 2 – How to X-Ray Your Customers’ Exact Buying Language and Deep Emotional Hot Buttons to Sell more of Your Products and Services

How to immerse yourself in your customers’ exact buying language until it becomes second nature to you…making it EASY to create marketing documents that get them to buy.
5 ways to uncover their hidden buying motivations for free online without EVER speaking directly to them (perfect for introverts like me).
My 27-word email template anyone can use freely to find out exactly what content your audience needs to hear before buying more of your products and services.
How to do a targeted survey even if you don’t have a website, email list, or social media following.
How to categorize, clarify, and focus on the key buying triggers even when you have an overwhelming amount of insights and ideas running through your head.

Module 3 – How to Attract Your Ideal Clients by Positioning Your Unique Promise as the Best Way to Solve Their Problem

How to communicate an inspiring brand identity in your names, logos, tone, tagline, images, colors, stories, emails, and everything else that makes up the voice of your business.
21 uncommon ways to find your unique point of difference, disqualify the competition, and make you the only obvious choice to a hungry, buying audience.
Eliminate price resistance by creating a moat around your ideal clients and connecting their internal identity to your brand.
11 unexpected, big ideas you can use to grab attention and magnetically attract your ideal customers and clients even in the most competitive markets.
How to provide richness and clarity in your stories so your customers feel like they’re a part of the story, experiencing every thought and emotion that invisibly connects them to you.

Module 4 – How to Eliminate Hype and Sell MORE of Your Products and Services Immediately

30 ways to add more proof and credibility to your website (testimonials are just one of these methods and they’re often NOT the most powerful).
How and when to collect testimonials (and how a simple system transformed a business’ results by generating over 2,000 glowing reviews).
Your single most important form of proof when selling to an ultra-skeptical audience (you’ll eagerly enter even the most brutally skeptical markets once you know this secret).
The EASIEST way to provide a dramatic demonstration of your competitive advantages that even the most skeptical audiences can’t deny (examples from multiple industries).
21 ideas for getting publicity with major media outlets – get free advertising, high quality clients, and ‘gold star’ credibility that increases the conversion of everything else you do.

Module 5 – Step-By-Step Formula for Creating Irresistible Offers Which Sell More in Less Time

How to simplify your offer and make it EASY to understand (HINT: the title of your offer is a key leverage point to more sales if you follow this simple system).
Multiply your average transaction value by applying these simple steps to sell your products and services for more money consistently.
9 Risk Reversal strategies guaranteed to multiply your sales and REDUCE refunds (use the right strategy for your offer and where it fits in your overall business blueprint).
How to maximize revenue by offering multiple packages (without making the disastrous mistake of confusing your audience with too many options).
WARNING: Why you should never try to find the right price using a survey (and why most products have a ‘magic price point’ for maximum sales and income).

Module 6 – How to Double or Triple Your Sales with Ethical and Persuasive Deadlines

Eliminate customer confusion and make it EASY to buy from you (this SALES-KILLING mistake is made on 90%+ of websites today).
How to set-up a ‘gold rush’ during the last 24 hours of a special that generates more sales than the previous 30 days (plus the key components to making this happen each and every time).
Ethical and automated ways to set-up ‘evergreen’ deadlines that motivate customers to BUY NOW without making up fake scarcity (customers SPOT fake scarcity a mile away on social media and call you out on it).
17 proven ways to optimize your shopping cart for maximum orders (the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 67.91% - reducing that by just 10% can transform your business).
Why multiple step checkout pages can boost your sales and income IF you implement them correctly (do this wrong and you’ll increase the number of people who abandon their cart).

Module 7 – How to Plug Your Persuasion Map™ Into Teasers, Lead Magnets, and Squeeze Pages

How to create a concise, easy-to-understand introduction teaser that answers the question, “What do you do?” (perfect for websites, email signature files, social media, personal introductions, and more).
3 Questions to discover the RIGHT lead magnet that grows your list while selling more of your products and services.
5 Step Outline to create a Lead Magnet that attracts your ideal clients, gives them value, and moves them toward the first product or service sale .
Create a landing page (squeeze page) that not only maximizes the number of new opt-ins, but presells them on purchasing your product (the highest opt-in rate may NOT produce the most valuable leads).
5 fill-in-the-blanks headlines make coming up with an attention-grabbing headline quick and easy…no matter what you’re offering for your lead magnet.

Module 8 – How to Plug Your Persuasion Map™ into Websites That Sell

4 factors that determine how long your copy needs to be to make the sale…some websites only need a few paragraphs while others need thousands of words (Hint: It’s based on the audience and your offer).  
My proven 7 step copy formula designed for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs to create attention grabbing, order pulling websites…even and especially if you’re not a writer.
My #1 secret weapon for creating attention-grabbing headlines in just minutes (it’s amazing how effective this secret is…and how virtually anyone can use it immediately). 
10 proven plug-and-play headline templates I personally use to attract attention even in the most competitive markets.
7 proven opening paragraph templates to pull your visitors into your message without struggling or trying to come up with the right words (just copy one of my templates).

Module 9 – How to Plug Your Persuasion Map™ into Websites That Sell - Part 2

5 proven story templates for tapping into authentic stories that resonate with your audience, virally spread to others, and sell more of your products and services.
21 bullet templates and 43 bullet starter phrases along with my paint-by-numbers steps for putting together mouth-watering bullets that make your offers irresistible.
3 ‘core’ types of proof and why your website must include ALL 3 of these for maximum sales and income (most websites only include one of these – maybe two at most).
4 example guarantees that not only increase your sales but also make the customer LESS LIKELY to return the product (yes, it’s counter-intuitive but it’s a powerful mental trigger when you follow this system).
How a consulting client increased his prices EVERY quarter for the past 3 years based on this secret order-generating call-to-action.

Module 10 – How to Plug Your Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ into Your Home Page, About Us, Blog, and More

The #1 secret to editing websites for maximum conversion.  Do this ONE THING and I guarantee smoother, more effective websites every single time.  
FREE software for editing the text of your websites, emails, video scripts, and everything else you write for readability and clarity (this is more effective than many $500+ tools).
13 Questions to SCORE any website (even your about us and contact us pages) for maximum conversion and effectiveness.
How to use the home page ‘module system’ to plug in the exact triggers you need on your website to attract your ideal customers and clients (the most common mistake is CONFUSING your target audience with too many options on your home page) .
Step-by-Step website checklist to make sure you included every conversion trigger for maximum sales on your home page and supporting pages (about us, contact us, etc.).

Attract Your Ideal Customers and Clients…Sell More to Them More Often…And Create a Profitable, FUN Business You’re Proud to Tell Others About

It may sound like a lot, but the course has been designed in a step-by-step manner that makes connecting with your customers EASY.

You’ll start out by getting to know your ideal clients…and what causes them to buy.

This is the foundation of everything else.  You’ll tap into a point of difference benefit that separates you from the competition and eliminates price resistance.

You’ll see how to back up all your statements with authority and proof…instead of relying on hype and unrealistic promises.

You’ll put together irresistible offers.

And you’ll convert your visitors into leads and sales…consistently over and over again.

Never again will you ‘wonder’ about what causes someone to buy.

You’ll have confidence in your message.

Eliminate confusion and share with clarity.

Your business will grow.

The Client Connection Code can give you certainty.  This doesn’t mean every offer will be a home run.  But it does mean you always know what the next step is…

Stop stumbling around in the dark.

The main course is just the beginning…you also get several bonuses just for giving it a try…

Bonus #1 – Client Connection Code Step-By-Step Implementation Guide

This 128-page implementation guide includes all the cheat sheets, questions, and tools for the 10 modules of the Client Connection Code.

It’s the perfect fill-in-the-blanks companion for taking advantage of every secret and template contained in the course.

Since it’s a PDF, it can be used on any computer or digital device.  Print it out.  Make copies of it for personal use.  Answer the questions.  Create irresistible offers.  Plug-in each of the pieces you need for high converting websites, ads, and more.  

Plus, it also comes with two fill-in-the-blank PDFs which you’ll reuse again and again for EVERY offer you create from this day forward.

This can be a priceless tool to your business.  You’ll use it daily.  Every new offer, website, and ad can be created and filtered through its step-by-step questions.  It’s like having a professional copywriter at your beck-and-call…for life…as often as you want to use it.

Bonus #2 – Email Connection Code: Attract Your Ideal Clients, Build Your Authority, and Make More Income Consistently With Email

This 90-minute recorded video shows you how to apply the Client Connection Code to create profitable emails…

5 Questions that guarantee you create emails and other forms of content that connect with your ideal clients and sell more of your products and services.
Why Constipated content doesn’t sell…and how to unleash your creativity by writing FUN emails that resonate and entertain your target audience.
7 subject line templates for creating addictive emails your subscribers can’t help but open, click, and follow to the sale.
10 introductory email sentence starters for opening each email with impact and value (end the blank-page blues and save time while making more money).
Simple mind-map secret for coming up with dozens of email, video, and other content ideas on any topic (all designed to sell more of your products and services while delivering valuable content).
3 types of emails and how to create each for maximum profits: welcome series, tour guide sequences, and cash flow surges.

You also receive a 42-page PDF guide with more than a dozen example emails showing you step-by-step ways to apply the Client Connection Code principles to every email you send.

Email has consistently been my number one income generator for the past two plus decades.  This is still true today.  But it has to be done right.  One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to deliver valuable content without giving away the farm.

The emails produced by the Connection Code give amazing value to your audience while building your authority and knocking out objections one-by-one…selling more of your products and services each and every day. 

Bonus #3 – Video Connection Code: How to Multiply Your Impact and Double Your Income With High-Conversion Videos  

Script a high-converting video from scratch…using this proven step-by-step blueprint.

Videos consistently win in client split tests in all different markets.  Sometimes video doubles or even triples sales compared to a text only website.  

If you’re NOT currently using video, how much money are you leaving on the table?  How many less customers are you impacting with your message?  

Turn your Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ into a video using 21 specific, highly-defined buying triggers.

How to quickly shoot, edit, and produce a profitable video…even if you’re an introvert who doesn’t own a camera and is terrified to appear on screen (plus the tools to use for each step along the way).
The #1 secret to making your video look like valuable content visitors will share with others…even though its primary goal is to sell more of your products and services.
Why ‘open loops’ are so vital to videos and how to string a series of connected open loops that keep your viewers on the edge of their seats from the first sentence all the way to the close.  
How to hook a viewer in the first 30 seconds of your video and keep them glued to the screen for 10, 25, or even 40 minutes as you reveal every tantalizing detail of your product or service.
WARNING: the techniques that build proof and authority on a text website can sabotage the conversion on a sales video (discover what to do instead to create credibility and believability).
How to cut a long video script down to just a few minutes while retaining a majority of its selling power (remove the wrong sections and you’ll sabotage the results)

In addition, you’ll receive a Fill-in-the-blanks PDF video script you can SAVE or PRINT.  It’s a paint-by-numbers approach to creating a high-converting video from scratch.

Bonus #4 – Client Connection Code Coaching

Are you stuck for what to sell online?

This 1 hour 40 minute recorded webinar shares my system for creating premium high ticket online courses in as little as 48 hours...and knowing they're going to sell before you invest time into them.

Discover the key secrets to leveraging your time and creating higher value courses you can quickly scale to larger buying audiences using free or paid sources of traffic (stop wasting time and money selling cheap products to broke people).
How to create a $100,000 offer for a hungry buying audience...and why this Ultimate Solution could be the secret to your success (even and especially if you're in any kind of service business).
Why the common 'product funnel' isn't as effective as it used to be...and how you can flip this funnel upside down for a quicker and easier route to greater profits in less time.
4 simple questions to help you attract 'addicted' buying audiences that purchase immediately, buy from you for years or even decades to come, and joyfully refer you to others.  
How to create, position, and price your online courses for maximum impact and income (follow my proven 6 step formula for choosing the audience, delivering a quick win, bridging the gap, creating your Persuasion Map, designing your sales page, and launching your course).  

I love the online course business, because you have incredible margins, minimal overhead, and you can even recruit competitors to sell your products for you.  It's NOT for everyone, but this training will show you how to do it for maximum income in minimum time if you choose to go this route.

Bonus #5 – Direct Response Local Websites For More Leads, Sales, and Profits

Many website designers create 'pretty' websites that don't convert visitors into leads or sales.

In this this 1 hour 47 minute recorded webinar I review a local business website and then help a chiropractor put together 2 video scripts to get more patients into his office.  

Then we do a tour of 10 local business websites and discuss what they did right, and what they could do better to consistently attract new customers and clients to their business.

The quickest and easiest way to discover a new attention grabbing headline already hidden inside your current website (watch me use this 5-minute trick live to create a headline for a business I know little to nothing about).
How to choose photos that make a strong emotional impact on your visitors and attract your ideal clients (the average business owner's first instinct is to select the WRONG photos which often repel their idea clients).  
Simple 5 step system to create a high-converting 2 to 4 minute video for a local business website (and why a video like this is so effective at attracting your ideal clients for certain types of businesses).  
How to create a comparison chart to set yourself apart from the competition and make yourself the ONLY obvious choice for your ideal clients (what are your ideal clients looking for and how do you compare to your competition in those areas).
The secret to creating a 'brand' identity that eliminates skepticism, attracts a horde of loyal customers, allows you to charge premium prices even when surrounded by me-too competitors copying your every move. 

Whether you have an online ecommerce business, a coaching or consulting business, or you’re a local business owner…the Client Connection Code will help you put together your high converting message.

Bonus #6 – Built-in Client Connection Code Coaching

The Client Connection Code is easy to understand.  Everything has been laid out in detail…with examples and multiple applications for different industries.  

But what if you get stuck on some part of the course?

With most online courses, that’s where you’d stop and never reach your goals.  With the Client Connection Code, I’m going to make sure you experience the thrill of creating messages that consistently attract new customers and clients.

I’m passionate about helping clients create clear, honest, and persuasive sales messages.  

If you hit a roadblock, I’m here to help you.

Under each video module, there is a form to ask questions.  Currently I’m personally answering all the questions.  If you have a question about any of the material, you can get a personalized answer.  In addition, you’ll be able to see the questions and answers from other students as well.  

Frankly, most people will never need to use this feature.  The videos, audios, and implementation guide are so easy to follow, it will be a very smooth process.  But isn’t it good to know you’re not on your own and there is help available if you need it?

NOTE: This coaching is specifically for any questions related to the course materials.  It is NOT for reviewing your websites, emails, or your offers.  That help available to a limited number of users below.

Bonus #7 – One-On-One 45-Minute Consultation on Zoom (LIMITED)

 Use the formula and the step-by-step guides to create a high-converting website.

Then visit my online calendar to schedule a 45-minute call with me personally.

Submit the most important page of your website (usually your home page or one of your sales pages) for a critique at least 24 hours before our call.

I’ll personally go over it with a fine-tooth comb looking for every conversion crack…and coming up with multiple conversion triggers to multiply your profits.

Often even small changes can result in big payoffs.

I’ve done THOUSANDS of these over the years with one-on-one clients, during hot seats at workshops and on webinars, and through critiques like this with my products.

How much money will one piece of advice be worth to your website?

Bonus #8 – Transcripts of the Highest Impact Consultations

Each One-On-One Consultation will be recorded.  

I’ll select the highest impact, most insightful Persuasion Map™ consultations to be transcribed as examples.

Any 'private' details will be edited out.  And I may select some screenshots to demonstrate the principles in action.

You’ll see exactly how to create clear, high-converting sales messages without feeling creepy or salesy.  

How many new ideas will you generate from each of these transcripts?  

What's Your Investment for ALL of This?

You get the proven Client Connection Code formula.

You get all 10 modules teaching every little trick I’ve discovered and applied over 24 years of online experience…helping clients in hundreds of different markets.

These modules total over 12 hours of content and are recorded in both video and mp3 audio formats for easy listening from your computer or any mobile device.  

You’ll be privy to exclusive split tests I haven’t talked about anywhere else.  

Plus, you’ll get my step-by-step implementation guide which includes all the questions to apply the material to your business and all the templates to make implementation easy.

You get the Email Connection Code and examples so you can create email sequences that turn subscribers into income…month after month and year-after-year.

You get the Video Connection Code along with the Fill-in-the-blanks PDF to create videos that turn even more of your visitors into sales.

You’ll discover how to create High Ticket Offers That sell like Crazy which can used to create your own products if you need something to sell.

You get the Direct Response Local Websites for More Leads, Sales, and Profits recorded webinar that demonstrates how to apply these principles to over 10 different local business markets.

You’ll get the built-in coaching to get answers to any questions that come up throughout the course.  You likely won’t need this, but isn’t it comforting to know I’m available if you need me?

If you act now, you’ll receive a one-on-one Zoom consultation with me personally.  We’ll go over your ad together, come up with new headline ideas, make changes to your offer, and streamline your message…to attract more sales and customers.   

The most insightful and beneficial calls will be transcribed and provided to all buyers.  Get new ideas and applications for your market by seeing how this formula is applied in different industries.

All together, that’s over 18 hours of my best training content…put together from over 24 years of online experience.

My normal coaching rate is $600 per hour…and my limited client slots are rarely available.

With the 18+ hours involved in this program, that adds up to over $10,800 in value.

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How much time and money have you wasted on ineffective advertising?

What is it worth to you to consistently attract new customers and clients?

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If you don’t agree the Client Connection Code is worth at least TEN TIMES WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT, simply contact my support ticket system and ask for a full refund anytime in the next 30 days.  

The 128-page step-by-step Implementation Guide is my gift to you even if you do ask for your money back.

As you can probably tell, with everything I’ve packed into this course, it’s a true bargain.  And with a guarantee like this, the absolute worst that can happen is you come out with the Implementation Guide in your hands to improve all your future offers.

EXCEPTION: Because of the value of my time, the money-back guarantee no longer applies if you’ve taken advantage of the one-on-one consultation.

Client Connection Code



10 Online Video Modules (over 12 hours of content).  Lifetime Access.
Downloadable Audio Modules for Convenient Listening Anywhere on Any Device. 
2 Fill-in-the-Blank reusable PDFs to create Your Custom Persuasion Maps™
Quizzes on Each Section Plus Certificate of Completion.
128 Page Step-By-Step Implementation Guide in PDF
Email Connection Code: Attract Your Ideal Clients, Build Your Authority, and Make More Income Consistently With Email
42-page PDF guide with more than a dozen example emails to help you earn more from every email you send.
Video Connection Code: How to Multiply Your Impact and Double Your Income With High-Conversion Videos   
Fill-In-the Blanks Video Script in PDF format to create your own high-converting videos from scratch. 
How to Create High Ticket Offers That Sell Like Crazy
Direct Response Local Websites For More Leads, Sales, and Profits
Built-in Client Connection Code Coaching for Your Questions
45-Minute One-On-One Zoom Call ($600 VALUE By Itself)
Transcripts from the Highest Impact One-On-One Consultations

Eliminate Confusion and Overwhelm

These can keep you in a holding pattern for YEARS if you don’t know how to deal with them.  Even some of the sharpest entrepreneurs I know become completely paralyzed by them.

Finally experience confidence and certainty.

Use the formula I’ve developed over 24 years to create a message that resonates with your ideal clients.

Create marketing that works for you…consistently and affordably.

Instead of you hustling all the time, your websites, videos, and emails could be your 24-7 sales people…attracting, sifting, sorting, and converting visitors into customers and clients.

And it’s not just about conversion.

It’s about connection.

Communicate with your customers and clients in their own language.

Demonstrate empathy.

Make it easy to refer you to others.

Create a moat around your business…where your ideal clients wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Stop being a commodity.

And finally charge what you’re worth.

Put the Client Connection Code into practice today…

You have ZERO risk, because you’re backed by my 10x Full Money Back Guarantee for the next 30 days.

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Client Connection Code



10 Online Video Modules (over 12 hours of content).  Lifetime Access.
Downloadable Audio Modules for Convenient Listening Anywhere on Any Device. 
2 Fill-in-the-Blank reusable PDFs to create Your Custom Persuasion Maps™
Quizzes on Each Section Plus Certificate of Completion.
128 Page Step-By-Step Implementation Guide in PDF
Email Connection Code: Attract Your Ideal Clients, Build Your Authority, and Make More Income Consistently With Email
42-page PDF guide with more than a dozen example emails to help you earn more from every email you send.
Video Connection Code: How to Multiply Your Impact and Double Your Income With High-Conversion Videos   
Fill-In-the Blanks Video Script in PDF format to create your own high-converting videos from scratch. 
How to Create High Ticket Offers That Sell Like Crazy
Direct Response Local Websites For More Leads, Sales, and Profits
Built-in Client Connection Code Coaching for Your Questions
45-Minute One-On-One Zoom Call ($600 VALUE By Itself)
Transcripts from the Highest Impact One-On-One Consultations