email listAs promised in my last email, I’d answer the big million dollar question today…

“What’s the fastest way to build a targeted list in a new market?”

There are multiple ways to answer that question.

PPC could work, but the reality is most people lose their shirt at first. You have to optimize every step in the process to make it a profitable list builder…especially in competitive markets. And the 800 pound gorilla in the market, Google, has a bunch of rules you need to follow to get a decent quality score.

A blog combined with search engine optimization and guest blogging is a great way to generate thousands of leads for free, but that’s more of a long-term strategy. It’s pretty rare that someone hits the motherload in their first few weeks.

What about joint ventures?  Has to be joint ventures, right?  But it takes time to build the relationships that lead to big jv’s.

Facebook ads could work. They’re hard to make profitable for direct sales, but they definitely work for generating opt-ins. And you can get some pretty tight targeting on Facebook to find your most likely buyers. And you can get started with a simple squeeze page asking for the optin.

But even Facebook will lose the race in most markets against the method I want to share here.

The fastest method in most markets will be email solo ads.

Find someone who already has an audience they regularly contact in the market. Pay them to send your ad in an email all by itself to their list.

Put together the best opt-in squeeze page you can. No other options on the page. Just register for your free gift and list, or leave (along with required links in the footer such as privacy policy, disclaimers, etc.).

With a good squeeze page like this, you can convert 25% to 60% to opt-in to your email list from this type of traffic.

Make an immediate low cost offer after the opt-in. Your goal here is to pay for part of the mailing. If you could get your money back from the immediate offer and any upsells, you’d build a list essentially for free.

If you don’t break even just on this offer, you’re still paying for some of the ad costs…getting email leads at a discount.

Every market has at least a few opportunities for outrageously profitable solo ads. Some markets have dozens of them.

They’re a perfect way to jump start an email list, because they’ve already proven to be email responsive.

How did they get to your opt-in page? They subscribed, opened, and clicked a link in someone else’s email. You at least know they’re opening and clicking on emails!

Once you get them on your list, it’s time to follow-up.

That’s where having a stable of high profit offers comes in handy.

Many business owners have been making a serious mistake online the last few years. They’ve been building their business wide, sometimes in dozens of different markets.

That’s a losing strategy in the long-run. You’re better off putting in a solid foundation and digging deep in just a few markets. This means multiple products and/or services.

It means building JV relationships with others in the market for additional offers to your list and ongoing list building through mailing trades.

It also means consistently staying ahead of the curve in your market by coming up with new ideas and products. Invent new solutions faster than competitors can copy.

The two basics that determine your long-term success are:

1. Grow a targeted opt-in email list that was interested in what was being offered.

2. Send more offers backed by relevant content and value.

If you’d like to see the insider secrets behind my systems, check out the Monthly Mentor Club.  Bonus #6 is “Grow Your Customer and Prospect Lists Four to Seven Times Faster.”

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