Are You Ready to Earn More Money, Reduce Your Hours, And Experience Greater Fulfillment in Business/Life?

Your One-On-One Business Coach and Mentor Will Help You Every Step Along the Way…Never Feel Alone Again!

Discover how you can qualify for a no obligation, FREE one-on-one consultation with 17 year Internet veteran Terry Dean.

Here is just a taste of what we can create together…

  • Create a bold unique customer focus for your business that dominates your marketplace and gets people referring you as the ONLY option even if your prices are significantly higher than your competition.
  • Dramatically improve your lead generation and conversion rates by helping you produce better marketing pieces without spending a single extra penny on advertising.
  • Develop clearly focused 90 day, one year, and five year goals that are not only exciting and fulfilling, but they’re also practical and include proven daily steps for reaching them.
  • Leverage everything your business does for maximum profits in minimum time. You’ll become a master of multi-purposing anything you do into multiple incomes and uses.
  • Add effective time management principles and business strategies to reduce hours from your daily activities allowing you more free time to spend with your spouse, your children, or your hobbies.
  • Identify neglected profit opportunities hidden inside your current business…and help you to capitalize on those opportunities to multiply your profits immediately.
  • Set-up multiple referral systems in your business where your current clients and customers become raving fans and evangelists of your brand…producing a multitude of new business with very little effort on your part.

Why One-On-One Coaching Leads to Breakthroughs

I first started my business online back in 1996 when I was delivering pizzas for Little Caesars at a measly $8 an hour.  I’ve earned millions online from my personal businesses.  Since then, I’ve also worked with thousands of authors, consultants, coaches, fitness gurus, real estate investors, business-to-business companies, service based businesses, and more.

There are no lack of books, training courses, seminars, and even group coaching programs available to help you in your business.  In fact, I did calculations on my education expenses and I spent over $25,000 in one year alone on books, CDs, DVDs, and seminars.

But none of these is a replacement for one-on-one help from an experienced online coach and mentor who is totally focused on helping you capitalize on hidden profit opportunities.

You need business advice that applies to your UNIQUE situation and market.  You can’t afford a one-size-fits-all answer.  You want advice that’s working today!

It’s tough going it alone.  I know.  As my client, you can ask me anything you like.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll be honest enough to tell you.  We’ll research and discover the answer together…or reach out to my network of contacts.

I’ve seen hundreds of business models and maintain contact with some of the top marketing experts in the world.

When you join my coaching program, you deal with me personally.  You won’t deal with an apprentice coach and you won’t be dealing with someone ‘practicing’ their new coaching skills on you.  You’ll have access to me and all my proven systems.

Dr. Glenn Livingston has been a coaching client of mine since 2006.  Listen to what he has to say...

Dr. Glenn Livingston has been a monthly coaching client of mine from 2006 through today. Listen to Sharon Livingston interview him about his experience as a client.


You Have Two One-On-One Coaching/Mentoring Options

The first option is "email only" coaching. You get my private email address and can send me email questions...and I'll answer them within 24 hours Monday through Thursdays (I don't work Friday through Sunday).

Want me to review your ad copy? No problem. Need help with generating traffic? I'll provide a solution. Need someone to help with your business plan? I'm here to provide direction.

That's an email every day Monday through Thursday. All I ask is you try to be as specific as possible about the problem you're facing to give you the best solution for your situation.

Your emails will never be handed off the employee or outsourced worker. They are a personal priority to me.

The cost of email only coaching is currently only $500 per month.

You can also add two private one-on-one coaching calls per month…by Skype, phone, or Gotowebinar meeting.

Normally we schedule these two weeks apart to help you stay focused on the task at hand.

If you like, you have my full permission to record these calls for your own benefit or even as a product you sell (please make sure to let me know beforehand if the recording will be for sale). One enterprising client even used their coaching calls to have me interview them for their product!

They sent over their basic questions...and I used my interviewing experience to help them create a product their customers love!

The cost of email + phone coaching is currently $1,000 per month.

I cannot guarantee your success, because I don’t know you, your skill set, or how much effort you’ll apply.  There are no refunds on this program, because I invest full value in each client.   

No long-term contracts or commitments required.  Since I bill through Paypal, you’re able to login and hit the ‘cancel’ button anytime.  No hassles and no problem.

You’ll notice I don’t hide my price or force you to suffer through a phone sales pitch to discover what I can do for you.  I’m not ashamed of my price…because it’s very affordable compared to the value you’ll receive…if you qualify as one of my clients.

How to Qualify For Your FREE Strategy Session

This offer isn’t for everyone.  Because I invest so much time and ‘mental energy’ into each client, I only work with 20 clients at a time.  Many clients have been with me for years.  And I’ve often been booked for months in advance.

Plus, you have to qualify…

  • You have to sell good products or services (Your product/service has to live up to your claims). No ‘get-rich-quick’ or ‘business opportunity’ accepted.
  • You’re ready to implement new strategies and techniques to make more money, cut your hours, and improve the overall quality of your life. No half-assed attempts or excuse makers allowed.
  • You agree to operate with integrity and always add value to your customers/clients. If you’re willing to take ethical shortcuts, this isn’t for you.
  • You need at least a small budget to invest either in new traffic sources or outsourced staff as needed. It’s tough to grow a business with zero funds.

Below is an application where I ask you some basic questions about your business.

I will personally review your application and decide if we might be the right fit for each other before we spend time on the phone.

Please be as descriptive as possible as I have an overwhelming demand for my service…and am only choosing the clients who are ready to experience breakthroughs.

If I decide we’re not a good match, I’ll let you know politely by email.  If I decide you might be a good match, I’ll contact you by email and we’ll schedule a time to speak.

No salesperson will call.

You and I will speak personally and we’ll decide together if there are hidden opportunities for you to Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

No pressure to join.  And you’ll walk away from the call with at least 2 to 3 new ideas to grow your business.

No cost.  No risk.  No obligation.

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