Since 1996, Terry Dean has helped thousands of customers and clients around the world with a simple step-by-step persuasion system that consistently...

"Attracts More New Customers and Clients"

This Proven Formula Clarifies your Message, Creates High-Converting Websites, and Transforms Prospects into Loyal Buyers...Without Compromising Your Integrity or Feeling Salesy

Creates Clear, Authentic Messages with Impact and Without Hype.
Connects with Buyers on a Deeper, More Emotional Level.
Multiplies the Results of Ads and Anything Else You're Doing.

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"I'm delighted to say that I was able to fill my coaching program with just one email.  All I had to do was announce the program was open to my list and send them directly to the sales letter Terry helped me write."

Marcus Santamaria

If you’d like to put together clear, almost hypnotic messages that attract and connect with your ideal buyers like clockwork…even if you’re shy, introverted, and hate selling…this formula is for you.

My name is Terry Dean.  I’ve helped small business owners multiply their incomes while working less hours and making a difference in the world around them for over two decades now.

My clients come from all backgrounds and industries including information publishers, coaches, consultants, ecommerce, CPAs, chiropractors, financial advisors, real estate agents, ministers, restaurateurs, travel agents, software programmers, and even affiliates who make an income at home while selling other people’s products and services.

Whether the client was bootstrapping their first website from their kitchen table or they had an 8-figure and growing business…they came to me because they wanted to sell more of their products and services…more often…for more money…without compromising their values.

Because let’s face it…

Terry Dean

It's Harder to Consistently Attract New Clients Today

The average customer was exposed to 500 marketing messages a day in the 1970’s.

Today most studies show we see 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages per day…and growing.

That’s a LOT of noise for your message to filter through.

At the same time, the cost of advertising continues to multiply.  Facebook rates alone have doubled over the past couple of years.

Over 500 new hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute!  And that’s just one network. 

What if we combined Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, podcasts, blogs, and all the new websites launching every minute?

Your competition is NOT going away…It’s going to continue to multiply every year.

Bottomline…If you’re going to succeed in today’s business environment…you must reach your target buying audience by sharing a…

Clear Message With Impact

It doesn’t matter how you’re currently marketing your business.

You must cut through the noise.

And the only way to do that is with a clear message that communicates directly to the heart of your ideal customers and clients.  

Speak to them in their language.

Talk about what’s most important to them personally.

Show you have true empathy for their pains, problems, and desires.

Let them know you understand and have an offer that can help them.

You can make yourself the only viable option for your ideal clients…no matter how many lower priced competitors you have.

But if you’re like my clients, you want to do it all…

Without Feeling Fake, Manipulative, or Full of Hype

This is why so many business owners shy away from sales and marketing.

They want to be 100% authentic and honest

They don’t want to manipulate their audience.  They don’t want to ‘make up’ anything.  

Perhaps you’ve tried to hire a marketing consultant or copywriter in the past.

If so, you may have found yourself uncomfortable with what they wrote about you.

One client paid over $10,000 to hire a popular copywriter that came highly recommended.   Not only was the copy hyped up, manipulative, and full of lies, but it included FAKE testimonials.  That’s right.  This copywriter encourages his clients to say and do literally anything to make a few more sales.  

That’s no way to earn the trust of your audience!

But sadly, it’s common in today’s marketing world.

No wonder so many good, honest entrepreneurs get sick to their stomachs when they hear the word ‘marketing.’

They’ve seen all the garbage and want nothing to do with it.

If that sounds like you, here’s the good news. 

Real marketing is simply sharing an honest message with clarity.

It aligns with your mission to help the people who need you.

It doesn’t have to feel sleazy, salesy, or manipulative.

You can consistently attract and sell your ideal clients and customers.

Your truth can stand out in a world of lies.

The secret is changing your focus…

This Proven, Step-By-Step Formula Makes It EASY to Attract Customers and Clients

Before we get into exactly how this formula helps you find your message...there is one more fact you need to know.

A good marketing message that attracts your ideal customers and clients isn’t about you.

I’ll repeat that again.

It’s NOT about you.

It’s about them.

It’s not about ‘selling’ anyone.

That’s a misnomer in today’s information-rich environment.

Your ideal customers and clients have a wealth of information about you, your competition, and all the other options available at a few clicks of a button.

You can’t pull the wool over their eyes…at least not in the long-term.

Change your perspective.

It’s about serving them instead of selling them.

An effective marketing message does exactly that.

It serves the audience and attracts your ideal buyers consistently and cost effectively.

Stop selling “at” your audience and…

Connect With Buyers on a Deeper, More Emotional Level

Tap into honest persuasion instead of manipulation and hype.

Speak with your customers in their own language.

Marketing today isn’t about being a ‘whiz’ with words.

Instead, it’s about a much more valuable skill.

It’s about listening to your audience.

And it’s about knowing how to organize the thoughts they’re freely sharing with you into a message that speaks directly to their hearts.

Once you understand these simple principles and just how easy they are to follow…

Your Website Practically Writes Itself

That’s what this is all about.

Imagine having a website that converts visitors into sales consistently… more effectively than your toughest competitors.

Imagine running ads on Facebook and Google that attract more buyers at lower cost.

Imagine emails, videos, and every other form of communication becomes instantly more profitable to you.

Great marketing is the ultimate leverage.

Earn more with every message you send. 

What if you had 2x, 5x, or even 10x results on EVERYTHING you’re already doing?

It would give you the freedom to scale your business faster…live your daily lifestyle at a much higher level…and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

I’ve developed, tested, and refined this system with tens of thousands of customers and clients since 1996.  

It’s close to the point now where it…

Turns Marketing into a Nearly Exact Science

For example, a potential client emailed me a link to his website and asked me if I could help him.

I took one look at his website and knew the answer.

In my quick email reply, I suggested one simple change he could make to his website based on the formula.

He made that adjustment and his sales doubled.

Yes, he became a client and has been one ever since.

Another client and I recently discussed his website redesign.  We rank ordered his message, based on the formula, and created a framework for his designer to follow.

The end result was an extra $60,000 a month from his already successful website. 

On another client’s website, we changed out a few of his photos to better fit the formula.

And it doubled his sales.  

That’s without changing any of the words on the page.  When you’re 100% confident in the message you’re communicating, the right images can create an emotional connection with your visitors.

Another client had a successful and profitable business, but he wasn’t happy.  It didn’t align with who he was on the inside…and it made him miserable.   

We changed his message and eliminated the hype he was never comfortable with anyway.  He saw even better conversion while finally sleeping well at night…and living a life he loves.

And That's Just the Beginning of What This Can Do For You

Another client was struggling to grow his business.  He created an offer based on the formula, and soon added 50,000+ new subscribers to his email list

His business was transformed.

The formula revealed a hidden asset in a client’s business.  Capitalizing on this added an extra $500,000 annually to his local business.

We wouldn’t have time to cover even a small portion of the ad campaigns which have been turned around using the formula.

Clients went from campaigns that were failing to earning 3:1 or even 10:1 on their ad spend.

Earning back $10 for every $1 you invest in advertising isn’t normal…even for the formula.

In fact, none of these examples are ‘normal’ and you shouldn’t expect such dramatic changes in your business overnight.

But you can see immediate changes to your results.

And in most businesses, just getting back $3 for every $1 invested in advertising consistently would allow them to grow their business with confidence.  

STOP Wasting Time on Ineffective Websites and Advertising

How much time and money have you wasted on confusing marketing messages in the past year?

What would it be worth to you to have confidence in your message…knowing it is speaking directly to the innermost desires of your prospects each time, every time?

What if you had a simple formula anyone could follow…even and especially if you’re not a writer…that virtually guarantees the effectiveness of your advertising?

What if you were able to quickly look at any marketing communication…whether your website, video, email, social media post, or anything else…and know with certainty what was missing and how to fix it?

Marketing will never again be a mystery to you.

Because you will soon understand the hidden buying triggers that determine the ‘selling power’ behind every marketing message…

Introducing the Golden Glove Persuasion Map

The newest version of my system…created after decades of online marketing experience and thousands of tests in hundreds of different markets…has been recorded and turned into a step-by-step online system.

But this isn’t like any copywriting system you’ve seen before.

There are many books and courses that promise to show you how to write order-producing sales messages.  

None of them break each step down into such simple, easy, and fun exercises.

Just follow along with me.   The course includes a series of step-by-step videos along with two fill-in-the-blank PDFs.  

Answer the questions.  Save your offers.  Print them out.  

These PDFs will become lifetime companions…helping you create every profitable sales message for the rest of your life.

You’ll understand and put the core formula into practice within one hour of starting the course.

But you’ll soon see how deep this rabbit-hole goes.

The 2nd module shows numerous examples of how to systematically improve the leads and sales from everyone of your websites...reverse engineer your most profitable competitors to see exactly how to improve your own sales...create a Persuasion Map BEFORE you create any new product to virtually guarantee it will sell...write emails...script sales Facebook ads...and more.

There is nothing else like this…with such simplicity at its core but so many applications that influence and multiply the profits of everything you do in business.

No piece is left out.

Once you’ve followed this system for your first offer, you can easily adapt it to anything else you want to sell…now or in the future.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll have confidence in your marketing.

You’ll know why past efforts have failed…and what would have caused them to succeed.  

Finally end the confusion.  

There are 3 core modules in this course...

Module 1 – Golden Glove Persuasion Map™: 5 Step Formula Clarifies Your Message, Connects With Empathy, and Attracts Your Ideal Clients

By the time you've finished this first module, you'll understand how to 'score' the conversion power of any website, email, video, or social media post in 15 minutes or less.

Not only that, but you also understand the primary reasons someone decides to buy or matter your market or your offer.

Plus, you'll be able to create clear messages from scratch that connect with empathy and attract your ideal clients.  

Whether you're a beginner just getting started...or you're an experienced entrepreneur with years under your too will soon agree that this is the simplest to use, and most effective persuasion system available today.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

5 ways to apply the Golden Glove to save time, attract high-quality visitors, multiply your sales, and create more profitable offers.
Why a simple client-focused mindset shift is essential to connecting with your ideal customers and clients in today’s competitive online markets.
Eliminate overwhelm and consistently attract more leads and clients with the unique “Bruce Lee” strategy.
How to call out your ideal clients and get them to see you as the only obvious choice to solve their most urgent problems.
How to close the door on price resistance by shining a flood light on the true value of what your offer.
The quickest, easiest way to come alongside your ideal clients as their biggest ally, someone who truly understands them and is there to help them every step along the way.
Bypass sales resistance by speaking directly to the hearts of your ideal customers and clients…allowing you to...

Beat the Competition Even If  They're Making Unrealistic Promises

20 unique ways to identify a point of difference that sets you apart from the competition, even if your competition is bigger, has more funding, and has been in the market for years longer than you!
Why ‘status’ is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal…and how to tap into it as a buying trigger no matter what you’re offering.  
How to implant a ‘buying suggestion’ directly into your readers’ minds using word pictures or images that illustrate your benefits. 
4 ways an ‘unexpected story’ can boost your leads and sales…and how to use this secret to connect to buyers on a deeper, more authentic level.
What to NEVER ignore on your website.  Missing this one ingredient can torpedo your conversion even if you get all the other pieces in place (this is one of the most common mistakes I see with new clients).
3 ways to use scarcity and the ‘heart attack curve’ to create a flood of sales using...

Ethical and Customer-Friendly Deadlines

Inspire your audience to not only buy your products and services, but also send you referrals…even if this is the first time they’ve heard your message.
The quickest and easiest way to add proof and credibility to your website…even if you don’t have a single testimonial yet.
4 types of irresistible offers and how to implement each one in your business for maximum sales and profits.
How to eliminate confusion even for ‘complex’ offers…with a few, simple to follow steps.
The shocking truth about price elasticity.  Here’s how to multiply the value and the price point of your offers by subtly disqualifying the competition.
How adding a few simple words can boost the impact of any guarantee…and how to make more sales even with ‘conditional’ guarantees.

How a little-known sales reversal technique gets prospects to persuade themselves that your product or service is the

Module 2 – Golden Glove Accelerators: 6 Step-By-Step Methods to Multiply Your Leads, Sales, and Profits

The first module will show you how to use the Golden Glove Persuasion Map to multiply the conversion from everything you do online. 

This 2nd module is all about implementation.  You'll see me review a client's high-converting website, create a new offer from scratch, reverse engineer my strongest competitors to find breakthroughs, review emails, demonstrate video scripts, and show social media ads from one of my clients.

This one 'master tool' has so many applications...and ways you can use it to multiply your sales.  Soon, you too will be using the Golden Glove every day in your business, just like many of my clients.

Here is a portion of what you'll discover in this module...

Boost your conversion in 15 minutes of less by identifying and fixing ‘conversion cracks’ in your websites, emails, video scripts, speeches, and more.
Follow-along as I review one of my clients’ high-converting websites…calling out multiple new conversion triggers he could use to improve sales even more (how much money are you leaving on the table even from your winning websites).
How to use technology to plug-in ‘instant credibility’ to any website for increased trust, conversions, and sales.  
How to create a 20% bump in sales with a simple change to your offer…this is so easy you may kick yourself for not implementing it sooner.
Increase sales by adding an authentic ‘reason to act now'…even if there’s no deadline and you have an unlimited number of products available.  
How to create a new course or coaching program that’s irresistible to your target audience…and know it will sell before you produce a single word of content.
Map out dozens of proven ways to multiply your profits by reverse engineering your toughest competitors’ websites and landing pages.
How to inspire your audience to spend more money with you by positioning yourself as a...

'Hero on a Mission'
Instead of a
'Salesperson With a Cash Register'

Boost conversion and profits by identifying clear buying segments in your market…using this little-known free trick.
4 unique ways to increase your credibility and sales by demonstrating ‘results in advance’…even if you don’t have a single testimonial.  
Map out dozens of proven ways to multiply your profits by reverse engineering your toughest competitors’ websites and landing pages.
How to save time and money by piggybacking on your competitors’ split tests to see what’s working now…and how you can leapfrog to the head of the line in your market.
5 simple questions to score the selling power of your content…including emails, blog posts, videos, social media posts, and more.
7 “Big Ideas” for emails that get opens, clicks, and sales…and how to combine them into high-converting sequences.
Earn more from every email you send with a slight twist on the Golden Glove…with this simple...

5- Step Template to More Profitable Emails

4 factors that determine how long your websites and videos need to be to make the sale…some offers only need a few paragraphs while others need thousands of words (are you sharing the right amount for your audience and offer).
How to write a video script that converts including the key differences between video and text copy.   
No more writer’s block.  Just use one of these template sentences as the first words of your video and let the script flow naturally from there.
Answer 14 questions to create a video script that sells.  No more agonizing over what to say or what to share.  Put this proven framework to work for you.
The shocking truth about ‘ugly video sales letters’ in today’s online market…and how to boost your sales even more with simple, easy-to-create video clips
5-step formula for creating profitable Facebook ads…and why ‘longer copy’ Facebook ads often increase engagement and generate more sales at lower costs.
3-step system for attracting more views, clicks, and sales with Youtube ads including the exact video ad formula my client uses in the ultra-competitive ‘weight loss’ market.

Module 3 – InfoCopy Profit Map: Proven Step-By-Step Formula Sells Courses, Memberships, and Coaching Like Crazy

This module focuses on writing high converting copy for courses and coaching programs, because I've helped thousands of customers and clients in these markets over the past two decades.

You'll go deeper in the research to better understand your clients' buying motivations.  You'll discover how to write stories that sell, create mouth-watering bullets, and write 'longer' copy with my 13-step formula specifically for courses and coaching.

Here is a taste of what you'll discover in with this step-by-step formula that builds on the Golden Glove...

Why inspiring your audience is more effective than ‘selling’ them…and how to insert little tidbits in your copy to motivate them to become the ‘hero’ they were created to be.
How to immerse yourself in your customers’ exact buying language until it becomes second nature to you…making it EASY to create websites, emails, and other content that attracts buyers like crazy.
5 free ways to uncover the hidden buying motivations customers would never share with you directly without EVER speaking to anyone (perfect for introverts like me).
Empathize, connect with, and understand your customers' innermost desires.  Not just their wants and needs, but the most deeply held thoughts and feelings which motivate them to open up their wallets!
How to write crowd-stopping headlines in as little as 5 minutes…using a simple technique I’ve tested hundreds of times with clients over the past 2 decades.
A simple 6-point checklist for evaluating the hidden selling power of your core story.
Why putting together your Golden Glove Persuasion Map before you create a course is essential…and how to use it as a ‘safe guide' to...

Create a Course Your Ideal Clients are Desperate to Buy

How to provide richness and clarity in your stories so your customers feel like they’re a part of the story, experiencing every thought and emotion that invisibly connects them to you.
The hidden secret charities use to double or even triple their donations…by appealing directly to the hearts of their audience (and how you can use this same technique no matter what you’re selling).
3 secrets to infusing all of your bullets with passion, excitement, and selling power….turning your copy into a fast moving thrill ride that’s nearly impossible to ignore.  
21 paint-by-numbers bullet templates even beginners can use to create emotionally charged websites jam packed with benefits and curiosity.
Simple step-by-step process for turning lifeless bullets into mouth-watering winners so powerful you can use them as subheads, transitions, offer copy, or even your headline.
13-step ‘long copy’ formula exclusively designed to attract buyers for online courses and coaching programs (don’t worry – every step comes directly form the Golden Glove Persuasion Map you already created).
How to incorporate proven ‘believability triggers’ in your story to create a powerful bond with your readers…

Multiplying the Average Transaction Value and the Lifetime Value of Each Customer

How to quickly and easily create an opening paragraph that hooks your reader using my fill-in-the-blank template.
The surprising, fun way to improve your online persuasion skills fast…that has NOTHING to do with studying copywriting or using swipe files.
The single most important form of proof when selling to an ultra-skeptical audience (you'll salivate over brutally skeptical markets once you know this secret).
What NEVER to do with proof if you hope to create REPEAT purchases, miniscule refund rates, and customer loyalty.
How to offer your courses for premium prices…while delivering at least 10 times the value of what your customers pay (and have them lining up to buy everything else you offer).

How to use my favorite and makes more sales of your products and services.  

Attract Your Ideal Customers and Clients…Sell More to Them More Often…And Create a Profitable, FUN Business You’re Proud to Tell Others About

It may sound like a lot, but the course has been designed in a step-by-step manner that makes connecting with your customers EASY.

You’ll start out by getting to know your ideal clients…and what causes them to buy.

This is the foundation of everything else.  You’ll tap into a point of difference benefit that separates you from the competition and eliminates price resistance.

You’ll see how to back up all your statements with authority and proof…instead of relying on hype and unrealistic promises.

You’ll put together irresistible offers.

And you’ll convert your visitors into leads and sales…consistently over and over again.

Never again will you ‘wonder’ about what causes someone to buy.

You’ll have confidence in your message.

Eliminate confusion and share with clarity.

Your business will grow.

The Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ can give you certainty.  This doesn’t mean every offer will be a home run.  But it does mean you always know what the next step is…

Stop stumbling around in the dark.

The main course is just the beginning…you also get several bonuses just for giving it a try…

Bonus #1 – Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ Guide

This downloadable 66-page PDF guide includes 4 edited and updated issues from my premium print newsletter.  This is a $156 value by itself.  

Since it’s a PDF, it can be used on any computer or digital device.  Print it out.  Make copies of it for personal use.  

This guide will show you how to score the 'persuasion power' of anything you create, including websites, videos, emails, webinars, social media posts, and more.  One of my clients even said it felt like this system gave him 'super powers'.  It's like he had X-Ray vision to instantly spot 'conversion cracks'.  Plus, it gives you the tools to fix those cracks and generate more sales of your products and services.

This guide will become a priceless tool to your business.  You may find yourself using it daily, just like many of my clients.  Every new offer, website, and ad can be created and filtered through its step-by-step questions. 

It’s like having a professional copywriter at your beck-and-call…for life…as often as you want to use it.

Bonus #2 – Client X-Ray: How to Tap Into Your Ideal Clients' EXACT Buying Language and Deep Emotional Triggers

What if you were privy to the inner-most thoughts, desires, and fears of an affluent, starving crowd?   That inside knowledge would allow you to virtually write your own ticket online.   You’d offer products and services that solve desperate problems keeping your ideal clients awake at night. 

Your websites, videos, emails, social media, and every other marketing tool would use the exact language they’re already using themselves. 

You could pick-and-choose stories that resonate with your audience and your ideal clients would feel someone finally ‘gets them.’ You understand them, their pains, and their desires even better than their closest friends…often even better than they even understand themselves.

Each step in your funnel connects with what they’re already thinking…dramatically boosting your conversion rates. You’d know what to say to attract that starving, buying audience, convert them into customers, and maximize your backend revenue.

This report covers the secrets of ‘client telepathy'…how to research your market until you develop empathy and understand their inner-most thoughts and feelings.  You’re able to connect with them on a deeper, more intrinsic level. You see things from their perspective. You can actually feel the emotions the other person is experiencing. 

Sometimes they might not even be able to find the words to express those emotions, but you can.  This 26-page PDF guide can change everything for you...

Bonus #3 – Magic Bullets: Step-By-Step Templates for Creating Mouth Watering Bullets and Copy

Your customer is distracted and overwhelmed.  They may have the TV on in the background.  Their phone is buzzing with texts from their friends.  The dog is barking.  They're scanning TikTok for the next tantalizing tidbit.  

They don't have time to read every word on your website.  Instead, they're scanning it.  They may quickly scroll to the bottom to see how much it costs.  You have to use everything in your arsenal to grab their attention in a noisy world.

A 'bullet' is a short, bite-sized benefit that is packed with curiosity.  

One bullet that speaks to their most desperate desire can jump off the page and force them to read more.  They read another...then another.  They keep going.  They realize what your product or service can do for them.  And they have to have it.

ONE great bullet can cause a customer to buy.  I know this, because I've had customers ask me where they could find specific bullets in my courses many times.  

This 23-page PDF bullet writing guide gives you all my bullet templates...along with all my step-by-step advice for both writing bullets and turning weak, boring bullets into emotion-packed triggers your ideal customers can't ignore.  It's another guide you'll likely use daily.  

Bonus #4 – Irresistible Offers: 8 Step Formula to Create Offers Only a Fool Could Ignore

Even great copy can't sell a crappy offer.  The quickest shortcut to more leads, sales and profits is coming up with an offer so good your ideal clients simply can't say "No".

This 23-page PDF guide gives you dozens of proven ways to immediately improve your offers....and sell more of your products and services.

You'll discover the 8 key components of an irresistible offer...and how to integrate each of them to multiply your profits.  

Don't miss Page 18 of the report.  It shares my "Free Money" secret.  It's the easiest way to boost your profits from almost every offer...without generating a single additional sale!  How much 'free money' are you leaving on the table from your current offers?

Bonus #5 – Cure for Proof Hiding Disease: 30+ Ways to Add More Proof and Credibility to Your Offers

Customers are skeptical.  Proof must fuel everything you do online today.

There's little point in even making claims unless you have evidence to back them up.  Ignore this rule, and you risk unselling even your most motivated prospects.

The good news is even beginners can launch in brand new markets with substantial proof, even if you don't have a single customer or testimonial yet.  

This obliterates the classic Catch-22 many fear.  You can't get testimonials until you sell more products and you can't sell products till you get more testimonials.

But testimonials are only one of the 30 forms of proof you'll discover in this 23-page PDF report...and they're NOT even the strongest one!

Bonus #6 – Storytelling Code: How to Clarify, Inspire, and Sell With Heart-to-Heart Communication

Every successful company has an emotional core story they tell...every last one.  That includes giants like Nike, Apple, and Tesla.

You'll discover how stories break you out of the commodity pricing trap...can be used to differentiate a product with no real points of difference...and communicate benefits you could NEVER tell a prospect directly (but they'll eat it up in story form).

This 23-page PDF shares dozens of example stories and why they're so effective at attracting ideal clients for the companies who use them.  It also goes into detail about the 8 essential aspects of your own strategic myth.

Discover how to identify your story, how to write it, and how to use it to earn more from everything you do in your business.

Bonus #7 – Slides From All the Video Lessons

You’ll receive ALL the slides from 3 modules in the Golden Glove Persuasion Map.  Download them.  Print them out.  Keep them for reference and anytime viewing.  

Don’t miss a single reference or technique to create your own profitable websites, emails, videos, and more.

What's Your Investment for ALL of This?

You get the proven Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ formula.

You get all 3 modules teaching every little trick I’ve discovered and applied over 26+ years of online experience…helping customers and clients in thousands of different markets.

You get fill-in-the-blanks cheat sheets for both the Golden Glove and the Golden Glove Advanced forms.  These are the same forms my clients and I personally use to plan out all my offers and websites.

You get the 66-page Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ PDF guide which details the entire step-by-step system in written form...and you'll likely find yourself using it daily from this point forward.

You get the Client X-Ray report which show you how to tap into the inner-most thoughts, desires, and fears of your you can use their EXACT buying language in your websites, emails, videos, and more.

You'll discover how to write Magic Bullets that grab the attention your ideal clients...and by the end of the report you'll know how to turn even the most boring bullets into emotion-packed triggers that can't be ignored.  

You'll discover how to create Irresistible Offers so good that your idea clients simply can't say "No".  

You'll tap into 30 ways to add more proof and credibility to your websites inside the Cure for Proof Hiding Disease special report.  

The Storytelling Code will show you how to create stories that clarify, inspire, and sell with heart-to-heart communication.  

All together, that’s over 5 hours of my best video training content…along with 184 pages of step-by-step reports and guides...all based on my 26+ years of online experience and helping clients directly in hundreds of different markets..

My normal coaching rate is $600 per hour…and my limited client slots are rarely available.

With the 5+ hours in the video courses alone, that adds up to over $3,000 in value.

And that's not even including the countless hours that went into all the bonus guides! 

It would be worth every penny at that price.  

In fact, it’s worth considerably more once you realize the value creating a clear, persuasive message holds to your business.

How much time and money have you wasted on ineffective advertising?

What is it worth to you to consistently attract new customers and clients?

I've sold previous versions of this formula for $995.

And I've taught a business coach certification program that focused heavily on this formula for $7,995.

But as part of my commitment to serving my clients and making a difference in the world, I’m going to cut the price to the bone for this program.

You get EVERYTHING in the Golden Glove Persuasion Map for the ridiculously low investment of only $99.

You could spend more than that on a nice dinner out.

Doesn’t it make sense to invest that in yourself and the skills that will pay you handsomely for the rest of your life? 

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Golden Glove Persuasion Map™


3 Online Video Modules (over 5 hours of content).  Lifetime Access.
2 Fill-in-the-Blank reusable PDFs to create Your Custom Persuasion Maps™
66 Page Step-By-Step Golden Glove Persuasion  Map™ Guide 
Client X-Ray: How to Tap Into Your Ideal Clients' EXACT Buying Language and Deep Emotional Triggers
Magic Bullets: Step-By-Step Templates for Creating Mouth Watering Bullets and Copy
Irresistible Offers: 8 Step Formula to Create Offers Only a Fool Could Ignore
Cure for Proof Hiding Disease: 30+ Ways to Add More Proof and Credibility to Your Offers
Storytelling Code: How to Clarify, Inspire, and Sell With Heart-to-Heart Communication
Powerpoint Slides in PDF Format For Easy Reference and Printing

Eliminate Confusion and Overwhelm

These can keep you in a holding pattern for YEARS if you don’t know how to deal with them.  Even some of the sharpest entrepreneurs I know become completely paralyzed by them.

Finally experience confidence and certainty.

Use the formula I’ve developed over 26+ years to create a message that resonates with your ideal clients.

Create marketing that works for you…consistently and affordably.

Instead of you hustling all the time, your websites, videos, and emails could be your 24-7 sales people…attracting, sifting, sorting, and converting visitors into customers and clients.

And it’s not just about conversion.

It’s about connection.

Communicate with your customers and clients in their own language.

Demonstrate empathy.

Make it easy to refer you to others.

Create a moat around your business…where your ideal clients wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Stop being a commodity.

And finally charge what you’re worth.

Put the  Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ into practice today…

You have ZERO risk, because you’re backed by my 10x Full Money Back Guarantee for the next 30 days.