I used to be way too hard on myself.

When I first started online, I didn’t have a clue what would work and what wouldn’t. So I threw everything against the wall to see what stuck.

Email was the secret that gave me freedom. But we’ve talked about that in other emails.

Desperation drove me in the beginning.

If online marketing didn’t work, there wasn’t any other way out of the mess of dead-end jobs, debt, and despair.

I often put in 12-hour days up to 6 days a week when getting started.

But that kind of schedule was just too much for me.

I constantly felt burn-out. I worked like a madman for a couple of months…and then run face first into a brick wall. My emotions and creativity took a nosedive. I’d keep pushing and pushing with little or no results. Then I’d consider giving up in frustration.

Get a ton of stuff done. Then hit a wall, be forced into a break, and beat myself up about it for a while. Then another hard routine with accomplishments. The cycle continued over and over again.

My lightning fast mind only took close to a decade to see the routine.

I could take advantage of work-and-rest cycles to grow my business on purpose…and stay motivated while doing it.

Yes, I know there are entrepreneurs who talking about ‘hustling’ constantly, but I’m not one of them. It caused an emotional rollercoaster for me. And worst of all, at times I hated myself for it.

What has always worked for me is cycling ‘intensity’ where I work hard for a phase…and then scale back for a time. Get passionate about a project. Get it done. Take a break. Do it again. Watch my energy levels.

My most profitable ideas have NEVER come while I was sitting at a desk.

They’ve come while on an ATV, hiking, or playing games.

This reminds me a lot of exercise. You can destroy your body by working out too much. Exercise. Then rest. Find the right mix that works for your body and your mind. And the best routines usually mix in periodization where you cycle higher intensity with periods of lower intensity.

The amount of exercise you can tolerate probably won’t match what an Olympic athlete can do.

There are times where I work long hours while finishing up a project. There are other times where my schedule drops to a minimum.

I’m OK with that now even though I hated myself for years because of that need.

It’s weird what we put ourselves through when we compare ourselves to others (and we don’t know the whole situation).

Goofing off is part of my required schedule.

Without it, the great ideas don’t come. And Terry becomes an unhappy camper.

You’re a unique individual.

Find a market that gets you excited.

Do something you enjoy.

And find a schedule that works for you personally.

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You’ll get my systems. But more than that, you’ll be a part of a community that understands it’s about more than just the money. You too can earn more, work less, and enjoy life!

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.