Discovering the power of an email list was my #1 breakthrough in the early days of my online business.

As my list grew, so did my income.

It’s still true today!

It doesn’t matter what market you’re in or what you sell.

Cultivating a list of your ideal buyers is a key to online profits.

Share your origin story. Show case studies. Dive deep into the problems your customers face. Create ‘aha’ moments. And share a consistent message.

Be a hero on a mission instead of just a salesperson with a cash register.

But making sales and attracting high value clients is only one aspect of what an email list can do for you.

There are hidden benefits as well.

For example, your list can be the doorway to additional joint venture opportunities.

Many of the best deals are reciprocal.

You promote your partner to your list.

They promote you to their list.

You could be affiliates with each other or you could simply promote each other’s lead magnets.  No money has to exchange hands.

Want to get invited on the popular summit or podcast?  They might ask you to promote to your list as well.

You can earn money both ways…promoting others and them promoting you in return.

You can also use your list for research.

Send a survey every 6 to 12 months to your subscribers.

Ask the #1 challenge they’re facing with XYZ topic. 

Ask the solution they’re looking for.

You can even have them use multichoice to select between ideas you’re considering.

Invest your time in creating exactly what your hungry audience wants to buy.

But we’re still not done.

Social media and ‘search engines’ like Youtube want to see engagement on your posts.

Amazon wants to see sales of your books or other products.

Your list is built-in engagement on demand.

Want to get a few hundred views fast on your new Youtube video?

Email your list.

Many of them will watch your video in its entirety. They’ll give it a thumbs up. They’ll post a comment. Youtube’s algorithm will see people are fully engaged with the video and expand the reach (how much it expands depends on how those viewers respond but you gave it a jump start).

Who is most likely to give you the best reviews on your new Kindle book?

That’s right…your subscribers.

What do those reviews do? They attract additional buyers who’ve never heard of you before.

There’s that multiplier in action again.

And we’re still not done yet.

You may be surprised just who is on your email list…and what opportunities open up to you because you show up regularly in their inboxes.

I’ve received email replies from people I’ve admired for years.

I’ve had CEOs of large businesses contact me directly because they’ve been reading my emails.

You’re asked to speak at events. You’re offered big sums of money to consult. You might even get an offer to buy you out.

Your email list can become a multiplier to whatever else you’re doing online.

My Authority Lists & Traffic course will show you how to grow your income multiplier.

It helps you create a personalized list building blueprint that’s quick, easy, and fun for you to implement…even if you’re a beginner with zero experience, no connections, and no money for advertising.

Discover the hidden value of an email list today…

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.