Glenn Livingston
I'm sure glad Glenn Livingston is on our side.

You’ve probably heard that the person who understands the customer best…wins.

What about when the marketer knows in detail what makes their market tick…what they think of when they’re searching…and even WHY they type in the exact keywords they use in the search engines? 

The marketer knows the problems the customers has experienced, what they likely searched for first, and all the research they’ve put into it to find an answer to their specific problem.

The marketer is able to develop a sales presentation that meets the prospect EXACTLY where they’re at. 

The presentation is so detailed it almost appears your mind is being read…or perhaps you have a stalker going through your trash you don’t know about. 

Now you must be talking about Glenn Livingston…or have worked with him.

When he has thoroughly done his research on a market, the visitors have to be sitting there wondering if he is stealing their mail or eavesdropping on the private conversations with their spouse at home.   

How could he know them so well without skulking around in their bushes at night peeking in their windows? 

The research information he puts together enhances everything else he does: his Adwords account, his emails, his sales copy, and his free audios sheets he gives away. 

It gives him conversion rates that top copywriters could never match unless they had access to the same information he does. 

Glenn isn’t a stalker. 

He’s one of the good guys.   He sells products that work, no matter what market he goes into.  

But it scares me to think of what he could do with the kind of information he pulls out of a market with his methods.

The good news…and the bad news also…is that Glenn is now sharing EVERYTHING he does to research markets with the public through his membership site. 

It’s good news if you’re serious about putting together products and systems designed to help people. 

What he does and shares can help you get to know your prospects like never before.  You can find where they’re been hurt…what they really want…and how to deliver it to them effectively.

His methods can even tell you early on if the market you’re in has the potential for profits.

The bad news is I’m sure there are few people out there who aren’t as ethical. 

It would be impossible for him to know everyone of his members.  I’m sure some of them will use what they learn to market poor products and services.  Some may even use the methods to con people.

And that’s sad…because true business and true marketing is about using all the tools available to you to bring value to your audience.  Your customers trade their hard earned money for real value that improves their lives.

Please make a committment to never take advantage of that trust your customers give you.

Find out more about Glenn’s Hyperresponsive membership site here…
That is an affiliate link because I believe in his product.

I’m glad Glenn is a good guy – and not using his power for evil.

He’d be a scary stalker.

Please follow in his footsteps and only use the knowledge he gives you to truly help your customers.

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