Stop hustling your tail off serving unappreciative, overdemanding customers and clients who pay you peanuts…

"Proven Formula to Launch a Coaching Practice and Attract High Value Clients Almost on Auto Pilot"

Experience the ‘Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle’ as You Turn Your Passion into a Lucrative, Rewarding, and Fun Online Business…While Making a Bigger Impact…And Serving Clients Who Love and Appreciate You

Shows brand-new coaches and consultants how to get started and attract their first high value clients.
Helps experienced coaches and consultants scale their program to higher profits in less time.
Gives course creators, bloggers, and social media influencers a path to consistent monthly income.

"I'm delighted to say that I was able to fill my coaching program with just one email.  All I had to do was announce the program was open to my list and send them directly to the sales letter Terry helped me write."

Marcus Santamaria

If you’re brand-new to coaching or consulting…you’ll discover how to identify your ideal clients, create an offer to attract high value clients, and develop coaching skills to help those clients implement for amazing results in their life or business.

If you’re an experienced coach or consultant…you’ll discover how to magnetically attract more high value clients, package your signature systems for easier delivery, and scale your practice to higher profits while enjoying significantly more free time.

If you’re a course creator, blogger, social media influencer, or in any other type of ‘expert’ field…you’ll discover a simple system for potentially adding an extra 10k+ in monthly income…in just a few hours per week…and making everything else you do so much easier in the process.

No matter what you do…or what field you’re currently in…there is a good chance you’ve already been coaching and mentoring people at least on some level.  

You just haven’t been paid what you’re worth for it…if you’re getting paid for it at all.

That’s about to change, because my simple 6 step system can give you a proven path to consistently earn more from your talents and expertise…no matter your previous experience.

But I want to bring up something important before we dive in...

I can't promise you any specific level of income (or any income at all), because success depends on the solutions you provide and the audience you serve along with your own dedication, desire, and implementation. 

As long as you're willing to accept that all businesses have risks, keep reading to discover why I consider this is one of the best opportunities for the average person today...

Terry Dean

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Before we get into all the exciting details, I should probably introduce myself and explain why I’m uniquely qualified to show you how to earn more from magnetically attracting high value clients.

My name is Terry Dean…and I’ve often been referred to as “The Internet Lifestyle Mentor”.

Since 1996, I’ve been making an incredible living online while living the Internet Lifestyle and delivering ebooks, courses, group coaching, and one-on-one mentoring.

I’ve helped thousands of other ‘experts’ do the same in hundreds of different markets.  

These include serious business-to-business markets like consulting for CPAs, restaurants, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, financial advisors, and more.

These also include consumer markets like speaking foreign languages, weight loss, fitness, golf, tennis, anxiety, dog training, etc.

Over the past two decades I’ve helped clients:

Identify their unique skill combinations (you’ll discover more about how this strategy sets you apart from even your toughest competitors later),
Match them to affluent buying audiences,
Package up their expertise into irresistible offers, 
Attract high value clients, 
And create automated systems to keep the leads and profits consistently pouring in.

My unique experience has allowed me to see behind-the-scenes of some of the most profitable, most impactful, and most respected small businesses in the online world today.

Here’s why…

I’ve created dozens of step-by-step courses, but I’ve also given customized direction to clients on hundreds of group coaching calls.  

And I’ve run a private one-on-one mentoring program since 2006.

It initially took 3 months to sell out my coaching slots…and my private coaching has consistently sold out ever since.

I have a waiting list with hundreds of names on it, because many of my clients stay with me for years (some for more than a decade).

I have numerous clients who have been worth $100,000+ each.

Once in a while, a client will cancel.  

So, once or twice a year, I’ll email my waiting list and immediately fill up any empty slots.

And get this…

I don’t do free discovery calls.

Clients pay in advance...before we get on the phone together.

And they’re required to purchase an ongoing monthly subscription.  

No billing hassles and no chasing down clients.

Their credit card or Paypal account is billed automatically each month.

But here’s the most important key…

My clients are salt-of-the-earth type people who implement and see results.

They’re easy to work with.  They energize me instead of draining me.  Sometimes I feel like I learn as much from them as they do from me.

This is because of the positioning I’ve consciously adopted for my practice…and the sorting and sifting systems I put in place from the beginning.

In spite of my experience online, it’s possible you’ve never even heard of me.  I’ve kept a pretty low profile over the past decade.  Here's a recommendation Ryan Levesque posted to my Linkedin profile...

I’ve avoided the speaking circuit since 2004.  I don’t participate in  big product launches.  And I’m barely active on social media.  That’s just not my thing.

I’ve been too content enjoying my laidback lifestyle to participate in the overcrowded circus of marketing gurus vying for attention.

But enough about me.

I just wanted to show you I’ve been around the block a few times and have figured some things out about online marketing and coaching.

What I’m here to share with you today is…

How to Develop an Income and Lifestyle from “Mentoring” Most Experts Can Only DREAM About!

You may be asking, “What is mentoring?”

It’s where you give advice and direction to a client.

It’s built on relationships where your clients see you as a trusted advisor

There are elements of both coaching and consulting included.  These terms are interchangeable to a point…depending on the audience being served.

A great coach asks the right questions to help their clients find the answers for themselves.

A consultant is usually hired for their expertise in performing specific tasks in a business.

As a mentor, I ask my clients questions.  I’m there to guide them to the correct solutions.  And I provide accountability.  

But I’ll also apply my experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals.

As an Internet Lifestyle Mentor, I help my clients create freedom-based online businesses.  

I have specific systems to help them package their offers, attract new clients, and automate their business.  And I’ll customize the solutions into a perfect fit for my clients, their background, and their skills.  That requires interacting with them to help them discover their own unique genius.  

I’ll ask questions, but I’ll make specific suggestions as well…until we come to the right solution.  It’s not me doing the work.  They learn and grow as we do it together.

It doesn’t matter whether you describe what you do as a consultant, coach, or mentor.  

What matters is how you position yourself to attract a hungry buying audience who is desperately looking for a solution to their problem.  

And I can help you do that step-by-step.

But first let me share a secret most gurus don’t want you to know…

Why Most Online Course Creators Stay Broke

Does this sound familiar?

You come up with an incredible idea for an online course.  Dreams of beach vacations and Ferraris dance in your head.

You invest 6 months putting it all together…running into obstacle after obstacle along the way.

You have to learn how to record all the content.

You have to set-up a membership area to deliver the course.

You have to write order-producing copy…which is a skill in itself. 

Create landing pages.  Hook up to order forms.  Add upsells.  Add downsells.

And that’s only a small portion of what’s required. 

But somehow you persevere through all of it.

You plan your big launch…buy a bunch of advertising…and all you hear are the sounds of crickets.

Maybe you sell a few copies.

You don’t even come close to earning your money back from ads…not to mention all the time, frustration, and money you spent on tools to put it all together.

Sadly, this is a common occurrence for those eager to share their expertise online.

I’m here to share a Quicker, Easier, and Much More Profitable Way…

Start with the high-end.

Yes, seriously.  

Get started by attracting a few high value clients.

Refine your system as you put it to the test with real clients.

Get paid a premium fee for helping them.

This process will help you discover the key motivations that drive your ideal clients.

You’ll get to know them.

You won’t need to record a course or set-up a membership site before you get started.

It doesn’t take much copywriting skill to attract your first few clients when you follow my model.

All you need to know is how to put together your offer and position it in front of hungry buyers.

I can show you how to do that in just a few hours.

You don’t need a big list.  Frankly, you don’t need any list at all.  

All you need are few online connections…which you likely already have.  

And you need a simple system for getting your message shared for free.

When you’re given these missing pieces of the puzzle, you’ll…

Start Earning Money Faster…And Scale Your Business As Soon As You're Ready

You can earn more by serving higher value clients from day one.

You’ll refine and improve your systems with those first few clients.

The process gets easier with each new client.

Soon you can open your doors a little wider, and raise your fees.

Communicating directly with high value clients gives you a better understanding of exactly what they want to buy.  

This makes it even easier to attract more clients.

Now you have options.

You could focus on helping clients 1:1 and growing a nice six-figure practice in a low-stress way.

Or you could multiply your income and impact a much larger audience by transitioning over to a 1:Many model where you deliver the same…or even better results with a group based program.

In fact, if you’re reading this…

You May Already Be At the Stage to Transition to a 1:Many Model

Perhaps you’re consulting or coaching clients one-on-one already…

Or you have a decent sized list or following online…

And you’re ready to scale your business to a higher level.

But you simply don’t have more hours to invest…at least not without giving up the freedom aspects of your business.

And let’s be frank, it’s easy to take on too much as an entrepreneur.  I know, because I’ve been there.

So many outwardly successful clients have come to me with burn-out.

Let’s call it what it really is…complete and utter exhaustion.

There is a constant drive to do more…to hustle more…to reach more clients…make a bigger impact…earn more money…publish more content…change more lives…etc.

Your family, your life, and your health can suffer as a result.

The solution is to change your model.

The traditional coaching model of scheduling dozens of clients 1:1 every week is a limiting factor.  

You can multiply your impact and your income by serving more clients at once.

What if You Could Serve 10 Times as Many Clients (or More)…in a Fraction of the Time…and Help Them Get Even Better Results?

If you’ve been helping one-on-one clients, you’ve likely noticed that at least 80% of the obstacles your clients face are similar.

Of course, there are little variations and differences in implementation.

That’s normal.

But at the core, they’re facing similar problems…and reaching for similar solutions.

You can package up much of what you do daily into an easy-to-follow system.  

This could include video training, cheat sheets, checklists, templates, and other tools to help them achieve results.

Basically, you’re systematizing the ‘magic’ you produce with clients…using my proven step-by-step process.

You may be surprised at how easy this is to create.

Combine that automated training with personalized customization and support.

But instead of wasting your time in endless one-on-one calls for every individual client, you can provide even better support through a group-based program.

Clients get personalized answers to their questions.

They also get encouragement, support, and grow alongside the other members.

They’re no longer limited just by the ideas you and they come up with together.

The mastermind effect comes into play as they gain from the experiences and challenges other group members have overcome along the way.

As you’ll soon see, this is all made possible because of a few easy twists you can use to make group calls much more valuable to every client.  

Instead of helping one individual client at time, you can expand the impact of each customized answer and help multiple clients implement at once.  

You can make a much bigger impact on more clients in just a couple of hours per week.

And you make a whole lot more money doing it.

Maybe you’re concerned that your coaching is extremely specialized or covers personal topics clients wouldn’t want to share…

That’s OK.  As you’ll soon discover, there are simple ways to customize your signature system so it’s a perfect fit for your message, your market, and your ideal clients.

And that’s where my next breakthrough comes in…

Magnetically Attract Your Ideal High Value Clients

As I mentioned early, I don’t do free discovery calls.

You also won’t see me doing in-person events, big launches, or constantly puttering away on social media.  There’s nothing wrong with any of those.  They just don’t fit my personality.  

I prefer to release content on a casual schedule that positions me as a trusted advisor to my ideal clients.

I’ve strategically created hundreds of little touchpoints that sift and sort my ideal clients…magnetically pulling in my highest value clients while repelling those that aren’t a good fit for my services.  

And I can show you how to do the same.

But everyone is unique.  That’s why I’ll show you how to put together the best magnets that fit you and your audience.

You’ll also discover how to automate as much as of the client conversion process as possible.

If you’re just starting out, it can make sense to get on the phone with your ideal clients.

You’ll get to know them, their desperate problems, and their burning desires.

But as you grow…and you begin scaling your business…you’ll discover how to systematically use content to not only attract but qualify your clients in advance.

This eliminates the need for discovery calls.

Instead, you can convert clients straight through email, chat, or a simple application form.

No direct contact required.

And yes, this includes offers priced at $1,000, $5,000, $15,000, or even more.  

Flip the sales process on its head. 

Freedom isn’t about being tied to a phone or having to constantly sell yourself.  

It’s about using the power of technology to attract, educate, and convert your ideal high value clients…consistently and reliably even when you’re on vacation.  

All the pieces of the puzzle are put together for you in…

Magnetic Mentoring

What’s this all about?

I’ve put together a proprietary 6 step system to launch your own mentoring Practice, attract high value clients almost on auto pilot, and unlock the potential to earn $100,000 to $1,000,000 (or more)…all while working part-time from the comfort of your own home.

For the first time ever, I’ve recorded all of it into an online step-by-step video course and workbook that includes every juicy detail of my proven method…

Identify Your Ideal High Value Clients
Create Your Signature System
Package Your 6 or 7 Figure Practice
Automate Client Conversions
Attract High Value Clients
Create Client Transformations

Each module is broken up into 9 to 13 easy-to-consume videos that lay out the entire step-by-step system in detail.  

The complete course includes over 8 hours of video training.

Plus, there are 12 additional bonuses to make sure you have everything you need to create your own high-ticket mentoring practice.

Let’s dive into what’s covered in each of these 6 main modules…

Module 1 – Identify Your Ideal High Value Clients

Discover why high-ticket offers are frequently EASIER to sell than low ticket offers…and why one of my long-term clients says, “This business really is all about the high ticket, and digital products are almost lead generation…”
How to tap into the 100x Solution where you earn up to 100 times more from your time and expertise by identifying and communicating with high value clients.
8 qualifying questions you must ask before choosing your ideal audience….along with a bonus question that can multiply the income you earn from every client by thousands of dollars each.
How to find the center of your ‘genius’ by tapping into your own unique combination of skills, experiences, and stories that help you serve an affluent buying audience.  
How to immerse yourself in your customers’ exact buying language until it becomes second nature to you…making it EASY to create websites, emails, and other magnets that attract clients like crazy.
5 free ways to uncover the hidden buying motivations customers would never share with you directly without EVER speaking to anyone (perfect for introverts like me).
How to quickly and easily create a clear, authentic message that consistently attracts high value clients like clockwork (while repelling clients that aren’t a good fit for you).
How to virtually eliminate the competition by identifying the problem your ideal clients are suffering in such specific and graphic detail that you become the only obvious choice to solve it.
Why the BIG money in mentoring, consulting, and coaching is often earned from small lists and audiences…and how to narrow down your message to the highest value buyers.

Module 2 – Create Your Signature System

How to design your programs so clients naturally upgrade from one level to another…generating incredible results and giving you more money for each step in your business.
How to create ‘Quick Wins’ that motivate your clients to implement, stick with the program long-term, and refer others to you.
4 simple steps to design a system that SELLS high ticket coaching in any niche market…no matter your background or previous experience.
Amazing trick sorts through all your ideas, obstacles, solutions, and steps in less than 60 minutes…allowing you to map out your complete system in just a few hours.
How to eliminate unnecessary ‘side trails’ from your program to help your clients stay focused and implement the 80/20 that produces the real results.
The quickest and easiest way to add massive value to your program…allowing you to sell it for double or even triple the price (and delivering even better results for clients).
How to create a signature system that’s truly unique in the marketplace and consistently attracts your ideal clients…even if your market is packed with me-too competitors.
Step-by-step system with proven templates to create benefit-rich and curiosity inducing titles for each of your steps along with your complete system (stand out from the competition).  
Simple exercise to identify and highlight the aspects of your program that make you the ONLY obvious choice for a subset of your market.

Module 3 – Package for a 6 or 7 Figure Practice

How to earn BIG money with a small list (or even no list)…and ‘perfect’ your signature system at the same time…even if you’re brand new to your market (you don’t even need a website to get started).
Exactly how many clients to start with…and when to expand from your initial mini-launch (and how to apply a strong ‘reason to act now’ even when starting out).
How to implement the no-sweat, no-brainer way to collect payments for coaching…eliminating virtually all payment issues and collection hassles in one shot.
How to create a high-ticket, evergreen program that enables you to serve hundreds of clients in just a few hours per week…and how to integrate a strong ‘reason to act now’ for a program that’s always open and available.  
6 critical components to packaging your program effectively, delivering amazing results, and consistently attracting your ideal clients.
Why overcomplication is the death of implementation…and how to simplify your system to its core steps while delivering maximum value to your clients.
Why limited-term 4 to 8 week group programs are one of the easiest sales you’ll ever make (clients will buy directly by email or social media)…and how you can use these programs to...

Multiply Your Income, Launch New Courses, and Create Higher Ticket Backend Offers

How to boost your retention rate (and income) by creating a strong sense of community and belonging for your members…where they can’t imagine being ‘cut off’ from the group.
Why the easiest method for consistently adding new content and resources to your group takes only a few extra minutes of your time.
How to integrate limited one-on-one help that allows you to solve client problems privately while still able to scale your practice to hundreds of members. 
When and how to offer money-back guarantees without losing your shirt…and how to use them to maximize the price and value of your program.
9 factors that determine the ‘perfect price’ of your program…and how to implement these steps to choose the right price to maximize your growth and client results (avoid the energy-sapping clients attracted by low priced coaching).
What tools and software to use to deliver your coaching, manage your site, handle clients, follow-up on customers, take orders, and build your website.

Module 4 – Automate Client Conversions

Why ‘free discovery sessions’ are keeping most coaches broke…and what to do instead to attract pre-qualified and pre-paid clients.
Discover the exact step-by-step methods I’ve used to sell out my coaching program each and every year for the past 16 years (follow along as I reverse engineer all the little ‘conversion triggers’ built into my website so you can use them as your own).
How to use email as your #1 client attraction tool, consistently filling your program, and pre-qualifying your clients (includes my teaser and launch emails as examples you can model).
How to create an application process that gets prospects qualifying themselves…so you hand select the clients you want to help (plus, when to charge a fee for applications to increase the quality of clients coming through and eliminate those who aren’t a good fit).
An “almost magic” way to attract cream-of-the-crop clients while repelling time wasters and riff-raff who aren’t ready to be coached (one wrong client can ruin your enjoyment of your practice).
7 steps to closing effectively on the phone…and why you should ONLY be speaking with prospects who are red-hot to buy if you speak to anyone at all.
13 step proven formula for creating messages, videos, and websites that convert prospects into paid clients…without ever speaking to them directly.
Why ‘hard selling’ attracts the wrong clients, and the proven way to demonstrate your coaching expertise to attract clients with their credit cards out (this method is 100% free).
How to create a free live webinar (or recorded webinar) that bypasses sales resistance and speaks directly to your clients’ hearts while delivering incredible value to them.
How to earn passive income and attract more of your ideal clients by selling coaching content you’ve already created…and what to avoid so you don’t repel some of your best clients!

Module 5 – Attract High Value Clients

The little mindset shift that allows you to create a 100-fold return from everything you do online (quit wasting time on FOTM activities that don’t produce a never-ending harvest for years or decades into the future).
How a group of new fitness trainers attracted their first online clients within just a few days…without a list and with zero advertising expense (and how you can do the same in your market).
14 free sources of new clients…which many coaches totally ignore (one of these is likely to become your best source of high value clients, especially if you’re starting from scratch). 
How to attract a horde of cash-in-hand clients through paid advertising…and what you should be promoting instead of your coaching for maximum returns.
10 secrets to putting together ‘authority’ content that consistently attracts high value clients for free…missing even one of these keys reduces the effectiveness of everything you publish.
3 simple ways to let your audience hand you all the content ideas you need on a silver platter…making it easy to position yourself as your ideal client’s trusted advisor.
How to create a content calendar and schedule that takes as little as one hour per week to publish all the content you need for your website and social media.
How to use OPL (Other People’s Lists), OPC (Other People’s Content), and OPW (Other People’s Work) to attract your ideal clients.
How to tap into the ‘easiest’ joint venture deals that provide a consistent flow of new monthly clients…and you won’t have to invest a penny, set up tracking software, or produce any new content.  
5 questions to ask yourself about every piece of content you publish…guaranteeing it attracts the high value clients you’re seeking.

Module 6 – Create Client Transformations

How to help your clients implement and get results faster by tapping into their inner motivations using a simple laddering technique.
How to design your perfect freedom lifestyle…while handling as many clients as you want (discover how to set boundaries with clients so you maintain your lifestyle and your schedule).
 “Magic words” to use at the beginning of each group call to get clients motivated to help each other achieve breakthroughs (take the pressure off yourself so you sit back and moderate the group).
Eliminate your inner fears and objections so you can realize your amazing potential as a coach (it’s MUCH easier than you think). 
7 reasons why clients cancel…and how to boost long-term retention rates (many of my clients have stayed with me for years…with several into the decade+ category now).
The truth about “unrealistic expectations” on the part of your client: and why most coaches mishandle them through ignorance, ignoring the problem, or destroying their client’s hope (discover the right way to solve this common problem).
How to eliminate every trace of ‘desperation’ and develop rock-solid confidence in your offer that...

Magnetically Attracts High Value Clients to You!

3 fun exercises you can use to help clients reach breakthroughs in both business and life coaching (any coach can apply these to help clients overcome major obstacles). 
5 coaching questions you can use in life or business coaching to help sessions stay focused on continual client progress….assuring you’re providing the coaching your clients need.
How to transition current clients from 1:1 to 1:Many groups…while delivering even better results for them.
How to identify and repel ‘wrong’ clients before they join your program…and exactly what to do if one somehow slips through.
4 ways to increase interaction and implementation on group calls…turning them into a stress-free ‘mastermind’ instead of you the coach just giving advice.  
3 surefire ways to know when a client will accept the advice you offer, and when it’s better to simply ask questions or stay silent.

Create Your Signature System That Makes Delivery Easy…Attract High Value Clients Consistently…and Create Dramatic Client Transformations

There’s a ton of immediately useable advice contained in each of these modules, and the course has been designed in a step-by-step manner that makes it easy to start or grow your mentoring practice.

You’ll identify your ideal high value clients…often narrowing down your audience until you become the only obvious choice to a group of affluent buyers.

My proven step-by-step formula will help you put together your Signature System…which organizes your thinking and makes it easier to coach clients and produce consistent results. 

You’ll see how to package and price your coaching…allowing you to attract your ideal clients while earning a premium fee for your help.

Instead of wasting hour-after-hour on unqualified discovery calls, you’ll put automated tools in place that sort, sift, and even convert prospects into clients for you almost on autopilot.

Use my launch sequence to bring in your initial clients…and then put a series of client magnets in place that attract clients automatically.

Finally, you’ll be given some of my best techniques for producing results for your clients…based on more than a decade of personal experience with both one-on-one and group coaching programs.

You’ll have everything you need to start or grow your mentoring practice.

Experience confidence in your service.

Eliminate confusion and grow your practice with a clear focus of what to do at each step in the process.

Magnetic Mentoring can finally give you certainty…and help you create that profitable, fulfilling, and fun business you’ve been dreaming of.

And the main course is just the beginning.  You also get a large collection of bonuses just for giving it a try… 

Bonus #1 – Million Dollar Coaching Round Table

In addition to sharing all my experience in the main program, I also recruited 3 additional coaches with sold-out coaching programs to share their most jealously guarded secrets for making money, having fun, and working only with premium high-paying clients.  

You'll receive an edited, 215-page transcript based on this private round table discussion revealing all the keys to create and profit from your own high ticket coaching programs.

 You’ll discover:

Secrets of Six and Seven-Figure Coaching Programs
Perfect Client Attraction For Money, Freedom, and Fulfillment
Coaching for F-A-S-T Action Results
Coaching Skills for Better Client Results
Pricing and Packaging For Maximum Income
Magnetic Client Attraction Secrets

In addition to all secrets, tips, and step-by-step advice, you’ll also receive our Coaching Toolbox that includes a sample coaching contract, sample contract for writers, and a Client Guide to Concise Email Questions.  

One of these coaches used to spend hours buried in client email each day until he developed this simple, polite set of instructions he requires his clients to follow before sending him questions.  How many hours will you save from just this one guide you can freely use as your own? 

Value - $499

Bonus #2 – Just-Add-Water Webinar Template Using Doberman Dan’s Proven Sales Recipe

Live webinars (or recorded webinars) can be used to attract your ideal clients with valuable content instead of using hard sales presentations.  Become your clients’ hero, because you help them spot…and possibly even solve...a desperate problem they might have missed.

Dan gives you his complete step-by-step webinar template in Powerpoint.  Every slide is based off the proven sales formula he’s used to sell millions of dollars of products for himself and his clients.  

And to make sure you understand how to customize this webinar template, I twisted his arm to create a complete NICHE webinar for a passionate hobby market that has absolutely ZERO to do with marketing, business, or making money online.  

You have permission to steal Dan’s template to attract clients for your coaching offer in absolutely any market.  All you have to do is model what Dan did using this fill-in-the-blanks presentation.

Value - $499

Bonus #3 – Mentoring Millions

This 29-page PDF guide shares how to offer your services for premium prices by creating a bridge between information and implementation.  Discover how I sell my coaching almost entirely through email alone…along with example emails I’ve used to attract and convert clients consistently.

This ‘quick overview’ of the entire coaching process shows you how to choose your coaching topic, package your coaching, price your offer, create attention grabbing titles, and attract clients.  

Value - $39

Bonus #4 – Your $100,000 Premium Offer

For years, I was plagued by a ‘broke mindset’.   I didn’t have much money, and I projected that same state on my customers.  A ‘broke mindset’ is much worse than not having any money. An empty bank account is a temporary problem. A great offer can fix it. But having a ‘broke mindset’ can hold you back for years, decades, or even a lifetime.

Are you charging the ‘right’ price for your products and services?  In this 24-page special report, you’ll be challenged to create a $100,000 offer.  Even if you never sell this $100,000 package…this exercise will reset your mindset and make it much easier for you to charge premium prices for your services.  

Earn more and help your clients achieve much greater results by charging based on the value you can deliver…instead of the price your stinking thinking forced you to accept in the past. 

Value - $39

Bonus #5 – Client X-Ray: How to Tap Into Your Ideal Clients' EXACT Buying Language and Deep Emotional Triggers

What if you were privy to the inner-most thoughts, desires, and fears of an affluent, starving crowd?   That inside knowledge would allow you to virtually write your own ticket online.   

This report covers the secrets of ‘client telepathy'…how to research your market until you develop empathy and understand their inner-most thoughts and feelings.  You’re able to connect with them on a deeper, more intrinsic level. You see things from their perspective. You can actually feel the emotions the other person is experiencing. 

Sometimes they might not even be able to find the words to express those emotions, but you can.  This 26-page PDF guide can change everything for you.

Value - $39

Bonus #6 – Bestselling Titles Made Simple

One title has proven to sell more than 8 times as many copies as another less effective title. 

This 21-page PDF guide gives you multiple examples of winning titles…and how they were created.  Plus, you’ll receive 8 formulas for creating winning titles…and a step-by-step system for scoring the selling-power of your title before you offer your program.

Value - $39

Bonus #7 – High Ticket Formula: How to Create and Sell High Ticket Offers to Hungry Buyers

It is easier to sell premium, high ticket products and services than ‘cheap’ products.  Discover how to sell more of your high ticket products and services…by letting the customer sell themselves.  

It’s not about becoming a salesperson. Instead, it’s about simply sorting and sifting prospects…letting your clients decide if it’s the best solution for them.

What works for selling low ticket products can often sabotage bigger deals with more money on the line. This 23-page PDF report reveals the systems being used successfully with offers in the $1,000 to $25,000 range.

Value - $39

Bonus #8 – BIG Money & Happy Clients With Coaching

Discover how to boost your profits in any information business by adding a coaching component.  This 23-page guide gives multiple ways to safely add little coaching components to other products and services to maximize their value and sales.

The higher tech and more automated the internet becomes, the more adding a personal human touch sets you apart from the competition.   Just about anyone can add some form of coaching to their business and quickly make more money, understand their customers better, and see more lives transformed.

Value - $39

Bonus #9 – Million Dollar Webinar Formula

What if you had a gun to your head and had to make the sale of your product or service to a hot prospect?  You wouldn't choose social media or email to make your case.  No, you'd want to get in-person where you could look them in the eye, ask questions, and make a connection with them directly.  

But what if you could speak to 100 or even 1,000 people at once...and what if you could automate your presentation by recording it and replaying it over and over?  

No travel.  No delayed airlines.  No wasted days.  Just show up for your presentation, speak for 60 to 90 minutes, and sales come flooding in.  This 22-page PDF guide gives you my proven step-by-step formula for creating webinar presentations that sell.

Value - $39

Bonus #10 – 1% Solution: 7 Emotional Triggers to Multiply Your Income By Offering Premium Options to Affluent Customers

Premium buyers are either extremely passionate about the topic or they have a truly desperate problem they believe you can solve.  Price is elastic and depends on the overall perception of the buying experience you offer.  They’re not buying products or services.  They’re buying into a memorable story.  

You take them to new places and help them raise their status.  There are 7 key emotional triggers revealed in this 24-page PDF special report that separate premium priced offers from their lower cost competitors.  How many of these have you put in place?

Value - $39

Bonus #11 – Pricing Magic: How to Increase Prices, Attract Higher Quality Buyers, and Earn More Money in Less Time

You have a choice.  You can allow yourself and your products to be turned into cheap commodities which attract bottom feeding customers who care more about price than quality. Or you can target higher end customers with a message of value.   

Here’s how to set fair prices for what you offer which give yourself not only the margin for a great lifestyle, but enable you to deliver amazing value to your buyers.

Inside the 24-page PDF, you’ll discover how to position your products for premium pricing.  This one little transition could be the secret that turns your business around…and knocks down that ceiling keeping you from the profits you deserve.

Value - $39

Bonus #12 – Newsletters and Memberships: How to Create, Publish, and SELL Newsletters and Membership Sites

Having a continuity program gives you a ‘foundational’ level of income every month.  You start each month with enough money to pay your overhead, your personal bills, and have some profits.  It relieves the stress of an online business (imagine surviving from one product launch to the next without a consistent, reliable stream of monthly income).

But that’s ONLY the beginning of what continuity can do for you.  If you use your continuity to build a stronger relationship and bond with your members, those same members become some of your highest value clients.  This 23-page PDF guide will show you why your membership/newsletter can become the lynchpin of everything else you sell in your business.   

Value - $39

Bonus #13 – Q&A Group Implementation Webinar Recording

I held a group webinar with the first clients who went through the course...where I answered all the questions they had about implementing this step-by-step system (along with a few questions I added in that they should have asked).  This 1 hour 27 minute video recording answers questions like...

How can you quickly attract high value clients when you don't have a list or money to advertise?
How can you best combine coaching with another product or service you already offer?
How do you choose a profitable niche in a market that isn't already saturated with competitors?
How do you begin mentoring and coaching when you're starting from scratch?
How do you demonstrate credibility and build authority as a beginner without any testimonials?
How do you transition from 1:1 to 1:Many group coaching?
How do you choose a coaching niche or specialized topic when you have multiple great ideas?

Get answers to all these questions and more in this recorded webinar...

Value - $99

Here’s What You Get in Magnetic Mentoring…

You get all 6 video modules of the “Magnetic Mentoring” online course…plus a step-by-step implementation guide that highlights all the key concepts and gives you a proven path to starting, growing, and scaling your own high value coaching programs.

You get the bonus transcript from the “Million Dollar Coaching Round Table” where 3 other coaches with sold-out coaching programs brainstormed with me to share all the secrets we’ve used to create and sell premium programs in both business and consumer markets.

You get Doberman Dan’s bonus Just-Add-Water Webinar Template and proven sales recipe in Powerpoint.  Every slide is based off the proven sales formula he’s used to sell millions of dollars of products for himself and his clients.  

Plus, you get 10 additional hand-selected bonus PDFs that I poured my heart and soul into…highlighting everything you need to grow your mentoring business even faster

Mentoring Millions
Your $100,000 Premium Offer
Client X-Ray: How to Tap Into Your Ideal Clients' EXACT Buying Language and Deep Emotional Triggers
Bestselling Titles Made Simple
High Ticket Formula: How to Create and Sell High Ticket Offers to Hungry Buyers
BIG Money & Happy Clients With Coaching
Million Dollar Webinar Formula
1% Solution: 7 Emotional Triggers to Make More Money By Offering Premium Options to Affluent Customers
Pricing Magic: How to Increase Prices, Attract Higher Quality Buyers, and Earn More Money in Less Time
Newsletters and Memberships: How to Create, Publish, and SELL Newsletters and Membership Sites

And you get the Q&A Group Implementation webinar recording where I answered all the questions members had about implementing this step-by-step system...

How Much Is It Worth to You to Have a Complete Map to Identifying High Value Clients, Putting Together Your Own Signature Systems, and Magnetically Attracting Premium Clients?

Given my credentials and experience, you might think I’d charge a fortune for this system.  

And yes, I did consider packaging it as a $5,000+ coaching program itself.

It’s worth that…if not significantly more…since it contains over two decades of my mentoring expertise and lays out everything you need to start your own mentoring business.

But I’ve been full-time online since 1996 and the Internet has been very good to me over the years.  Many of my private clients have been with me for over a decade now…and I want to give back.  

So, you can get this entire course and all the bonuses…without any ongoing coaching commitment.

And more than that…I want to keep this course affordable

Because I’ve seen way too many people trying to survive while selling cheap products to broke people.

It’s next to impossible to make a good living online if all you sell are low cost offers.

You need a premium offer.

One of my clients recently said it best after collecting tens of thousands of dollars from his newest higher ticket offer, “This business really is all about the high ticket and digital products are almost lead gen…

So, I’m not asking you for the most common online course price of $1,997 either.

Instead, I’m going to cut the price to a minimum.

You get everything above for just $199.

That’s less than you’ll earn from attracting just one new client…even in a low-priced consumer market.

You’ll more likely earn 3 to 10 times that fee for the first client you pick-up.

And that’s not even counting what you’ll earn over the long-term from each client (remember, many of my clients have been worth $100,000+ to me over the years).  

I’m really giving you the farm at this price.

The Million Dollar Round Table bonus sold for this price by itself.

Not to mention the webinar template from Doberman Dan or the 10 special reports that add up to a much greater value than the price I'm asking for the entire course.

Money Back Guarantee

Try out Magnetic Mentoring for a full 30 days.  Watch the videos.  Download all the bonuses.   Set-up your own program based on the step-by-step formula.  

This guarantee does have one condition. Outline your 'Signature System' based on Module 2 of the course. 

All I'm asking is you give it a fair try.  If after putting it to the test, you don’t agree this system will help you launch or boost the profits from your own mentoring practice, and attract more high value clients, all while working part-time from the comfort of your own my support system.  

Just let us know your name, email address, and include the outline of the Signature System you put together.  I’ll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.  

And you can keep all the downloadable bonuses as my gift to you just for giving it a fair try.

As you can probably tell, with everything I’ve packed into this course, it’s a true bargain.  And with a guarantee like this, the absolute worst that can happen is you come out with all the bonus reports in your hands to improve all your future offers.

Magnetic Mentoring


6 Online Video Modules (over 8 hours of step-by-step content). 
42 Page Magnetic Mentoring Step-By-Step Guide
Million Dollar Coaching Round Table 
Just-Add-Water Webinar Template Using Doberman Dan’s Proven Sales Recipe
Mentoring Millions
Your $100,000 Premium Offer
Client X-Ray: How to Tap Into Your Ideal Clients' EXACT Buying Language and Deep Emotional Triggers
Bestselling Titles Made Simple
High Ticket Formula: How to Create and Sell High Ticket Offers to Hungry Buyers
BIG Money & Happy Clients With Coaching
Million Dollar Webinar Formula
1% Solution: 7 Emotional Triggers to Make More Money By Offering Premium Options to Affluent Customers
Pricing Magic: How to Increase Prices, Attract Higher Quality Buyers, and Earn More Money in Less Time
Newsletters and Memberships: How to Create, Publish, and SELL Newsletters and Membership Sites
Q&A Group Implementation Webinar Video Recording

Who is This For?
And Who Is It NOT For?

Whether you’re brand new to coaching and mentoring…or you’re an experienced consultant, coach, or service provider…this can help you identify your ideal high value clients, package your Signature Systems for them, and attract more of them consistently.

But it’s not for everyone.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you that making money is easy…and all you have to do is push a few buttons, then this isn’t what you’re looking for.

This course is going to ‘stretch’ you.  It might even force you to do a few things you feel are uncomfortable.  For example, it was tough for me to raise my prices initially.  My ‘broke mindset’ held me back for years.  If you’ve faced similar struggles, we’re going to break that off of you, but that doesn’t mean it will come ‘easy’ at first.

You’ll need to follow along in the step-by-step Implementation guide.  In other words, you’ll need to take action.  You have to ‘be present’ for your clients and learn to listen.  

Being a great coach requires you to actually CARE about your clients.  Do what’s right for them.  Be willing to refuse a client’s money if you don’t feel you can help them.  And make it a personal goal to continually improve your skills.

My highest value clients have stuck with me for years because of the results they’ve achieved.  They know I’ve been there for them.  You can do the same.  If you’re willing to invest in your clients, they’ll invest in you.

This course will give you the tools you need.  But you still have to apply the effort.  You have to follow the system.  And you have to care about producing amazing results for your clients.

If you’re ready to make that commitment, then the Magnetic Mentoring course is the pathway to make it happen.