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Profit From Your Own Online Course

Private Label Rights to “Choose Your Market”

I Did the Work - You Keep the Money

You get a license to sell and distribute the complete course including the 8 training videos, mp3 audio, full transcript, Cheat Sheet Implementation Guide, and bonus “Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online”.
You get the sales copy I’m personally using to sell the course…and you keep all the money from every course you sell.
You can edit, customize, or brand the materials with your own name, logos, and website links…so you can profit from the backend.
You also get my Powerpoint slides in case you want to teach the material in a different format or simply want to deliver in your voice (you have my transcript so you already have the full script of the presentation to use as your own).
You can combine any or all of the materials as a bonus to another course or membership site you sell (this other course or membership site must sell for a minimum of $19 or more).

  Would You Like to Sell One of My Courses and Keep 100% of the Money?

That’s what I’m offering you here with PLR to “Choose Your Market”.  

You get the rights to sell this course to your customers, including all my finished videos, mp3 audio, transcript, cheat sheets, and bonus report.

I’m currently offering the course itself for the discounted price of $19, but it’s easily worth $49 or more.

It’s your choice how much you want to sell the course for, as long as you don’t reduce it below the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $19.

You also get the exact same sales copy I’m personally using on my website in doc format.  Simply convert it to your current website design and it’s ready to collect orders.

Sell a handful of copies and everything else after that is profit.

This is the QUICKEST and EASIEST way to start profiting from the online training industry ('Research and Markets' forecast a market value of $325 billion in e-learning by 2025).

But it doesn’t end there.  These are PLR (Private Label Rights) which also means…

You Have Multiple Ways You Can Profit From This License

Start Selling the Course Immediately

The course is ready-to-go.

You're given my sales copy and all the course materials, finished and ready to publish.  Load the copy onto your website, upload the product for your customers, and hook it up to your order system.  

Start taking orders.

Create a New Course

You could use this content to create an entirely new course of your own.   You could even give it a new title or a new theme.

For example, maybe you already serve an audience in the natural health market.  And you know a portion of your audience who would love to start an online business. So, you use everything I’ve provided in this course to create a new course called “How to Choose Your Niche in the Natural Health Market.”  

That becomes your own unique version of the course exclusive to you.

Specialize For More Money

Perhaps you’re a blogger and you modify the course to create a “How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Blog”.   

Since this course was originally designed to help someone choose any type of niche market, it wouldn’t take much editing to create a version specific for bloggers.  

Imagine how much time you will save and how much easier it will be when you already have my Powerpoint slides, transcript, and cheat sheets to use and edit.  It would be crazy to reinvent the wheel when you can pick up these PLR at such an affordable price.

Use this as a Module in a Larger Course

You could also use this content as a module in another course you’re putting together.  

For example, if you’re planning to create a course on how to start a coaching practice, one of the first obvious steps in your course would be how to choose a niche for you coaching practice.

You could use this training as the content for that module.  Or if you want to edit the course, you have the rights to do that.  You don’t have to start from scratch!  

Add this Course to Another Product or Membership

What if you’re already selling a course or membership site of your own?  You could add this course as a bonus with your product.  

“Choosing a Market” is a vital step in any type of ‘make money’ product.  

In addition, you’ll find a portion of your customers in almost ANY field would love a bonus about how they too can choose a market to help them follow their passion and start making money online.

Create Your Own eBook

You could use individual pieces of the course such as the “Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online” report as a bonus with one of your other products or services…or you could expand on it to create an ebook of your own.

Deliver Your Own Webinar

You could use the included Powerpoint slides to create and deliver your own webinar…where you interact with your audience, answer their questions, and help them choose a niche market.  

And since I provide my full transcript, you have a script for the webinar ready to go!

Offer a Premium Priced Coaching Program

You could create a coaching program out of “Choose Your Market” or use it as a module in a larger coaching program.  

Give your clients a chance to ask questions over Zoom or by email.  Help them implement using the cheat sheets.  

Charge a premium fee for the support (for example $499 and up).

You could do any of the above…or you could simply sell this done-for-you course as your own…it’s ready to go and comes with the same sales copy I personally use to sell it.  

You can change any or all of the links inside the course to promote products and services of your choice (your own or affiliate offers).  Earn multiple streams of income on the backend.

The one thing you CANNOT do is pass any kind of rights to anyone else.  This applies whether you edit the material or not.  You can sell it as your own, but your customers are not allowed to sell it or pass it along to anyone else.

In addition, you cannot use my name in any of your sales materials.  This is your product and it’s intended for you to brand it as your own.

And now it’s time for the best news of all…

This License Costs LESS Than Many Online Courses

This is a lifetime PLR license for “Choose Your Market”: including all 8 training videos, mp3 audio, full transcript, Cheat Sheet Implementation Guide, and bonus “Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online”.

That means you can sell as many copies as you want…and you never owe another penny in royalties.  

It doesn’t matter whether you sell 10 or 10,000.  It’s yours to profit from as you please.

I’ve offered licenses to other courses for as much as $5,997 in the past, but this is a course designed to help beginners get started online.

And I wanted to keep it as affordable a possible.  That’s why I sell the course itself for as little as $19…even though it’s worth significantly more than that.

And I want to offer you the PLR to this course at a bargain price as well. 

Your cost for this license is ONLY $199.

And that includes everything listed above.

Since this is a license and includes all the original source files so you can edit the course and claim it as your own…there are NO REFUNDS or GUARANTEES.

All sales are final.

Terry Dean

Internet Lifestyle Mentor

Terry Dean went from delivering pizzas for $8 an hour to creating a full-time income online in 1996. He has been called one of the grandfathers of Internet marketing and was one of the first online marketers to demonstrate the power of email, generating $96,250 from one email to his list in front of a live audience.  He has helped thousands of clients create profitable business in hundreds of different markets over the past two plus decades.

Private Label Rights to
Choose Your Market


Lifetime PLR license for “Choose Your Market”: including all 8 training videos, mp3 audio, full transcript, Cheat Sheet Implementation Guide, and bonus “Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online”.
You also get the exact same sales copy I’m personally using on my website in doc format.
Sell the course, create your own version of it, or add it as a bonus to one of your other products.
You can sell as many copies as you want, but you cannot transfer any rights to your customers and you cannot use my name in any of your marketing materials.

No Refunds. All Sales Are Final.