Have you ever committed random acts of stupidity?

I know I have.

This isn’t about my strange habit of losing objects such as water bottles in random places around the house.

It’s about the success or failure of your internet business.

I’ve been full-time online now for almost 17 years…and I still waste time if I don’t have my day scheduled in advance.

My written desk calendar shows all my client appointments for the week.

Specific times to check emails and respond to clients are written down. And times for writing are marked off. For example, a portion of this afternoon is scheduled for writing my March print newsletter.

I always joke if something isn’t written in my calendar, it doesn’t exist.

The Internet is too DISTRACTING if you’re not focused on the task at hand.

Email calls to you.

Social media is tough to ignore…and constantly available with a siren’s call.

There are blog posts you haven’t read, books you’ve already purchased, and new updates waiting to be shared.

All those inputs are addictive.

Have you ever went over to Facebook with the plan of just checking a few updates…and an hour was quickly gone?

You’re not alone. I’m right there with you.

It’s easy to waste a half a day or even a full day with random acts of internet stupidity and time wasting.

The first line of defense for me is the daily calendar. If it’s time to write, then it’s time to write.

When research is needed, a specific time is scheduled for it.

The other secret is a PLAN.

Working with one-on-one clients since 2006 has allowed me to see those who make the fastest progress…and those who seem to struggle.

Several clients keep track of all the stats in their business including profits from each individual product, all their expenses, and how their time is invested.

We go over their stats every few months and plan how their expenses and schedule will change in the future.

Notice how I said their time was INVESTED.

They look at the time they spend on business as an investment. What’s the return of those hours? Which investments pay off and which are wasted?

They’re not changing direction or schedule every month. They’re not allowing themselves to get distracted by the bright and shiny objects.

They’re moving toward their goals…and making minor course corrections on the way.

The clients who plan and track like this have a much higher success rate over a period of several years (yes, I have clients who have been with me all the way back to 2006).

They ignore the hype of the newest thing…and stay consistent with investments that work for them (both time and money).

Is your course set and your daily actions planned, or are you just jumping from one random daily action to another?

February’s print newsletter comes out tomorrow February 1st, and it’s all about using content marketing in today’s Internet world.

Create your strategy and then follow through with just the social media that fits your plan.

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Is your time being invested…or is it being wasted?


Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.