Want to see an immediate surge in orders?

This can work in virtually any market…as long as you have a great offer (an irresistible offer is required for any winning strategy).

What is this ‘magic trick’ to create more sales for your products and services?


That’s right.

People procrastinate.

That applies to me. I’ll bet it applies to you too.

I’ll see a product I’m thinking about buying.

I’ll read the sales page, watch portions of their videos, and maybe check out other articles on their website. I might save their page to go back to later.

Then I’ll check out other options available from competitors.

Maybe do some additional research on the topic through Youtube or other sources.

Of course, this depends on the price also. You’re much more likely to mull it over longer if it’s a higher priced product or service.

How many times have you seriously considered buying something, but never pulled the trigger.

Perhaps during your research you decided to buy it from someone else.

Or you might have even forgot about it entirely!

Obviously, you don’t want your potential customers to forget about your offers.

The solution is an irresistible offer backed by a hard deadline.

Let’s take email for example.

Every email you send to your list can make sales. Simply link to a relevant offer and give subscribers the opportunity to buy.

But your best numbers will come from deadlines.

Many times, clients and I have run specials that lasted 5 days or more.

The last day generated more sales than the previous 4 days. 

In fact, the last 12 hours often generated more than half the sales from the promotion.

That’s the power of a deadline.

It motivates people into action.

When offering a membership site or other type of continuity, I often recommend the ‘Continuity Double Bump.’ That’s where you start the pricing two levels below the final price you’re considering. Let’s say the price will be $39/month. 

You might launch with a ‘founder’ special of $19/month only available during the first month. Then the price goes to $29/month. Several months later (up to a year) you raise the price to $39/month.

You will have a stampede of new members join before each price increase. And you’ll also experience better long-term retention from those members because they don’t want to lose out on their discounted price.

Running a special with a deadline is simple. 

Offer a discounted price or add an additional bonus (if they buy x, they also get y). Set a clear deadline. Promote it to your list, on social media, in your ads, etc.  

It’s a great way to get people off the fence.

I’ll often even use a countdown timer on my site that automatically redirects visitors to a ‘special is over’ page as soon as it hits the deadline.

You can also use deadlines like this to increase sales in your ongoing funnels.

You could offer a discount to brand new subscribers for the first 10 days after they join your email list. 

This means the deadline will be different for everyone based on when they join the list. That requires separate software to make it happen (because you want a real deadline that does expire no matter when someone joined the list).

Here are two software tools that can make this happen.

Option #1: Deadline Funnel

It is one of the most advanced tools you can use to create ‘evergreen deadlines’ like this. It integrates directly with many email marketing services and you can even show your countdown timers inside of the emails themselves.  

Option #2: Thrive Ultimatum

Ultimatum is another lower cost option for ‘evergreen deadlines’ on WordPress sites. You can buy Ultimatum individually or you can choose their full suite of WordPress tools that include a page builder, course delivery, quiz builder, and more.

The links above are affiliate links (which means I get paid a commission), and both options are good choices.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.