Many people come online with the dream of running their own business…calling the shots…and finally being paid what they’re worth.

But that dream can turn into a nightmare if you listen to some of the common advice out there.

Instead of carefully selecting an audience of hungry buyers…you could get stuck trying desperately to sell to freebie seekers.

One of the most important choices you will make is WHO you want to attract to your business.

And then how you position yourself in front of that audience.

If you go the ‘normal’ route…it’s very easy to be stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel of trying to provide more and more content for an audience who doesn’t buy from you.

In fact, the common email techniques train subscribers NOT to buy from you.

Essentially you end up as a slave to freebie seekers.

You’re not getting paid…at least not any significant amount.

And if you don’t deliver their next ‘hit’ of free content, you start getting complaints.

How dare you act like a business owner and try to sell them something?

The secret to getting off this hamster wheel is narrowing down your audience.

Your goal isn’t to attract everybody.

It’s to attract a very specific person…the type of person who already wants and is willing to pay for what you offer.

And once you know the audience… you refine your message until it resonates with them in every email you send, every video you create, and every interaction over social media.

There’s a unique system I use to research the audience, refine your message, and then deliver it consistently time-and-time again for ever-growing sales.

Here’s an email I recently received from Sofia about my course Autoresponder Alchemy

“I purchased many glorified email marketing and business courses from many online marketers in the past couple of years and NONE could even compare to your course.

They only taught me how to create freebies and free webinars and challenges to grow my list and design beautiful landing pages, And I ended up with an email list full of freebie seekers and very few buyers. I’m revamping all my current funnels and sequences and following through with your course and I’m SO excited!

Week 2 alone has taught me so much about my audience than all those courses combined. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to report back on my results!”

This is interesting because it matches up with a common comment I get about the course.

It’s NOT just about email.

It’s about your overall positioning online. While the course will show you how to produce emails that bring in sales consistently, it goes much deeper than this.

It shows how to understand the psychology of your audience…and match that up with a message that fits your personality.

Get this strategy correct…and you can use this same method for anything you do online.

If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel of slaving away for unappreciative freebie seekers, and you’re ready to earn an income online doing something you love…then now’s the time to check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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