lose your passionIf you’re not having fun in your business, you’re doing it wrong.

Some experts out there will tell you to just follow your passion and you’ll find your profits.  But what if there’s no money in your passion?  What if people aren’t spending money there? 

Other experts will tell you to simply find markets that are making money, and enter those even if you’re not excited about the market itself.

Is passion even important?  Start talking about this subject and you’ll quickly have some entrepreneurs point out how they’ve successfully been in multiple markets even if they don’t care about the subject.

They outsource most of the work anyway.  So why should they have to be passionate about the subject?

What I’ve seen form working with successful online entrepreneurs for years now is they’re ALL PASSIONATE, but it’s not neccessarily about the same thing.

In reality, I see them passionate in 3 different areas:

Passion #1: Love the Subject

If you start a hobby business such as golf, basketball, backpacking, travel, then I’d definitely push you toward being someone who is passionate about the subejct . Or at least partenr with someone who is passionate about the subject to be your chief “editor” of any content produced. 

That passion will show through in everything you create.  People will see it on your blog.  They’ll see it in your products.  They’ll feel it when they talk to you over the phone or in person.

The enthusiasm is contagious.  And it will exert a drawing effect to bring others into your business.  You’ll see some of the most successful people in social media are people who demonstrate raw passion about their subject.

Passion #2: Love the Systems

Other entrepreneurs love the systems.  They love building businesses.  They may have been a serial entrepreneur who had their first lawn care business at 15 years old.  Now they’ve created and sold multiple businesses in all different fields.

These are the ones people generally point to when they say you don’t have to be passionate about the subject.  That’s true.  They’re not passionate about the subject, but they’re passionate about building the business itself.

They’re passionate about the systems.  I’ve spoken to them and they’re passionate about growing a company and hiring more employees.  They’re passionate about the numbers in their business, how much is coming in, the number of staff they have, and how many customers they have in the business.

Passion #3: Love the Customers

But I’ve found there’s also a 3rd type of passion you can turn to even when you don’t have the first two.  In fact, this is one that can help you even if you LOSE the passion from the first two.

You can become passionate about helping the customers in your market.  I’ve learned a lot of research methods from Dr. Glenn Livingston.  And one of those points is you want to keep doing your research until it changes you as a person. 

You should spend enough time with your customers that you begin thinking differently.  You care about the problems and the pain they’re going through.  You care about those who are taking advantage of them.

You become passionate about helping them change their lives and reaching their goals. 

Rekindle Your Passion

And this is a passion you can reimmerse yourself in.  Let’s say you cared about the subject you’re doing, but that fire isn’t burning as bright anymore.  And you’re a little worn out from putting together the systems in your business.

Maybe you’ve even lost touch with your customers.  One of the goals in your business should be to outsource a majority of your customer support.  But what you never want to do is fully insulate yourself from your customers.

If that fire starts going out inside of you for your business, get back in the middle of your customers. 

Run another survey where you ask them the main problems you can help them with and why those problems are important to them.

Get on the phone with them and ask them serious questions about their life and their stories.

Go to a conference, an expo, or another live even to be around with them and hang out with them.

Feel their pain again.

Do it until it changes you as a person.  That fire inside you grows again.  And you’re willing to do what it takes to expand and help more customers.

That’s the beauty of this 3rd type of passion.  You can get it burning again by choice anytime you want. 

Simply spend more time with your customers getting to know their pains, their problems, and their dreams either in person or online. 

Of course, the absolute best source for all the methods of research comes from my buddy Dr. Glenn Livingston who used to do $250,000 and up major research projects for the Fortune 500 companies. 

He has a monthly step-by-step program that will show you in detail how to dig deep in your customer’s minds and find all the little golden nuggets they may not even be able to explain themselves.

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