Ninja email marketingObama isn’t my favorite person.

But he definitely knows a few secrets about marketing that took him all the way to president.

He knows how to use social media.  And he knows how to build a huge email list!

For a while, he even turned the website into one big squeeze page asking for your email address.

He’s since changed the white house site, but you can still sign up for the lists.

If you’re on his list, you’ve been pummeled by requests for campaign contributions, photos, and his schedules.

They send out almost daily emails.

I don’t agree with his politics, but no one can deny he knows online marketing.

Are you building a list of subscribers, customers, and supporters in your business?

Or are you leaving your business…and your life to chance?

Make a simple decision today to concentrate on your list.

Focus your attention on what brings in the money…no matter what goes on in an ever changing internet world.

I told you about the List Building Summit yesterday and the 14 six and seven figure list builders who are sharing all their inside secrets to filling your list with red hot buyers as quickly as possible.

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Yesterday I mentioned I had a special bonus for those who purchase through my affiliate link.

You don’t have to wait any longer to find out what it is.

The List Building Web Summit is jam packed with information on how to grow your list using joint ventures, affiliates, Facebook, viral marketing, publicity, and more.

You will grow your list faster.

But I feel it is a little light in the step-by-step email writing department.

Yes, this is covered by several of the experts, but not in as much detail as I’d like to see.

So I collected 6 of my past Monthly Mentor Club private paper-and-ink newsletters about email marketing and put them all into one PDF.

This includes:

– The Hidden Message Behind Winning Email Strategies (this is a biggie almost no one talks about)

– How to Build Your Email List (this reviews some of the basics and shows how to get started promoting)

– Death of the Free Line (how the wrong free information can sabotage your sales)

– Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Emails (includes subject lines, intros, editing, common mistakes, and more)

– 30 Day Email Sales Plan (creating your initial 30 day autoresponder sequence)

– Storytelling (this isn’t a skill you’re born with – it’s one you acquire and it makes all the difference)

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Email Marketing Secrets to Winning In Even the Most Competitive Markets” will be provided to anyone who purchases through my affiliate link.

But I have a 2nd gift as well for only the first 20 people who take action…

The first 20 get the opportunity to ask me to review one of their squeeze pages, popovers, or emails for maximum conversion.

This is NOT a full website review or a penpal service in any way.  It’s a one-time review of a squeeze page, popover, or email.

You’ll be notified if you’re one of the first 20 when we send you “Email Marketing Secrets to Winning In Even the Most Competitive Markets” in PDF format.

Simply purchase using my affiliate link and send over your receipt to webmaster at (please give us up to 24 hours to respond as they will be manually checked).

On Thursday, I’ll be covering the biggest myth about email in 2012.  I’m shocked how many “experts” keep this myth alive.  The vast majority now believe it…because it’s been said so many times!

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