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Social media can be OVERWHELMING!

I saw a post the other day called “60+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2018.”

Seriously, 60+ sites.

Who thinks that’s even possible for the average person to keep track of?

You could waste hours just signing up for them, not to mention participating on them.

It’s no wonder entrepreneurs are frustrated. They’re told they have to do everything and be everywhere.

The truth is you simply need to find where your best buyers are…connect with them…and build your own platform. Social media is simply a tool that helps you attract the right audience.

I’ve been online for 22 years now. I’ve seen dozens of boom and bust cycles over that time.

And one thing I’ve learned is the importance of focus.

Get clear on what you want, who you want to attract, and create a simple system you can follow to make it happen daily.

And that includes helping clients tap into the power of social media.

Here are just a few of the questions I’ve heard over the years. You may have thought about some of them yourself…

  • “Which social media networks should you join?”
  • “How do you set up your profiles to attract your ideal audience?”
  • “How often should you post to each social media site?”
  • “What are the best times to post?”
  • “How do you get more followers?”
  • “What kind of content should you share?”
  • “Where can you come up with content consistently?”
  • “How can you get more likes, shares, and comments?”
  • “How much time should you invest in social media each week?”
  • “How do you measure if it’s working for you?”
  • “How long does it take to start seeing results?”
  • “How do you translate social media followers into paying customers?”
  • “What are the biggest mistakes to avoid?”
  • “How does a beginner connect with big influencers who can immediately put you in front of millions of their followers?”

Frank Garon and I answer questions like this virtually every week.

We’ve combined our decades of experience of helping thousands of customers and clients in hundreds of different markets to put together the ultimate step-by-step system we can Mass Influence.

You too can go from nobody to a massive influencer on the Internet using social media, automation, and other free tools.

Grab the complete step-by-step system here:
“Mass Influence: Go From Nobody to Massive Influencer on the Internet using Social Media, Automation, and other Free Tools”

This is for you…if you desire to attract a hungry buying audience with ethical, authentic marketing designed for today’s social media world.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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