How much money on you leaving on the table right now by not doing webinars?

I don’t mind admitting my mistakes…so I’ll answer the question first.

I’ve probably left millions of dollars on the table by not taking advantage of the incredible power of webinars over my career.

And I’ve done this even though I’ve seen hundreds of thousands come in from just a few webinars in my own business.

And even worse…I’m exposed to the amazing results clients receive from their own webinars every month.

For example, one client recently ran a webinar to a JV partner’s list. He was overwhelmed with the number of clients who immediately signed up for his advertising service from just one webinar and had to stop taking new clients for the next month until he could catch up.

Another client has a collection of 5 totally automated webinars he rotates through his promotions. He generates leads from cold advertising and makes additional sales to his own list using them.

The beauty of a recorded webinar is you record it once, edit it till it’s perfect, and you keep running it for months or years to come.

There was a recent experience that made me focus on the power of webinars even more…

A client recently ran an automated webinar with a small number of attendees. No sales were made on the webinar. Likely the offer didn’t match what the prospects wanted to buy.

Of course he would have liked immediate sales, but something even more interesting happened.

The attendees at the webinar started buying his other offers.

Even though it was an automated webinar, the content on the webinar created a stronger personal connection with the attendees than his emails alone.

The offer may not have been what they wanted at the time, but they then trusted him enough to buy other offers that better matched their desires.

Webinars can earn you more money even if you don’t make any sales on the webinar itself!

You might say that you don’t like doing live presentations…

Fine. Record it in advance. Either use an automated webinar system or play the recorded webinar on a live service and then answer questions live at the end.

Maybe you don’t feel you have the expertise or the ‘voice’ to do a webinar…

That’s likely not true. But even if it is, one of my clients has a partner who runs his webinars for him for a share of the profits.

Maybe you feel it’s too technical…

You could do it old school. Last year a client produced a recorded video in webinar style (content, value, and pitch at the end).

He simply had his webmaster upload it to his website and leave it available for anyone to watch for 5 days. Each time he emailed his list he let them know the video and the special offer was coming down soon. He did over $30,000 in sales that week from a list of a few thousand subscribers.

Maybe you don’t know what to say on the webinar…

That’s understandable.

Remember the Golden Glove. Reveal a desperate problem. Make a unique promise. Back it up with overwhelming proof. Give an irresistible offer. And give them a reason to act now.

Here’s one of the big secrets.

Weave content and proof together.

For example, share case studies which can be content rich while giving proof your techniques work. Walk the attendees through several of your campaigns or a client’s campaign.

Or show a demonstration on the webinar. This is perfect for software or any tools you provide in your training courses. For example, you could show people a few of your ‘template’ emails and then talk about how to edit them and use them in an email campaign.

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If you’re ready to develop even deeper relationships with your subscribers and customers than ever before…and earn more money doing it…webinars are the way to make it happen.

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