Online entrepreneurs are overwhelmed.

There are so many options, so many distractions, and so many ways you can invest your time today.

It feels like you can never get it all done.

But maybe you don’t have to.

The path to growing your business might not be about adding more projects to your already overwhelmed schedule.

What if the path to success was about doing less?

You’ve probably heard that the road to mastery requires 10,000 hours of practice.

If that’s true, then the more activities and directions you’re pulled in, the less likely you are to become a master of any of them.

You become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Instead of trying to do everything, what if you focused on what was essential for you.

You do less…and accomplish far more.

Here are 5 ways you can focus on earning more by doing less.

#1 – Focus on a smaller niche inside your market.

Quit trying to please everyone.

Instead focus on your best customer. Who is your best buyer? How old are they? Are they male or female? What desperate problems do they face?

What if you narrowed your message down to zero in on only your best prospects?

As a small business, you often don’t have the money or team to reach millions of people. Leave that to the large Fortune 500 companies.

Start with a smaller niche inside of a larger market. As you grow, you can then expand out your audience. Target the most likely buyers in the beginning until you reach critical mass.

#2 – Quit focusing on so many products.

Obviously you need products or services to sell, but I’ve worked with several clients where they were dividing their attention between too many products.

Analyze your results over the past year. You will find that just a few products create the lion’s share of profits in your business (perhaps 3 products out of 12+).

What if you focused your attention on the hottest sellers only?

You go back to those products and improve them. You test the websites.

You dig deeper into those website funnels.

Have you tested the ads you’re using to get people to your site?

Once you’ve tested the ads, edit the landing pages to be congruent with the winning message.

Keep going through your pages from your landing page to the thank you page to sales pages and upsell pages.

Instead of adding more unrelated products, what happens if you concentrate your attention on creating one very profitable funnel into your business?

#3 – Focus on one source of advertising at a time.

In the long-term you will want to have multiple entry points…such as social media, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, affiliates, etc.

BUT you can’t divide your attention effectively across all of these.

Instead focus your attention on ONE pathway into your business at a time.

Many clients have done the initial optimization for their ad accounts, and then handed it off to someone else to continue growing it…so they can again focus on less personally.

For example, you start-up your Google Adwords account and you get it to a profitable level. Then you hire an Adwords manager to continue optimizing it and expanding it.

Now you can either focus your attention on another source of advertising or hire another expert to manage it for you.

#4 – Produce LESS content.

When you’re first starting out, you might throw a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

You produce content targeting a lot of different keywords and subjects.

You write posts, produce videos, and create podcasts.

But you should quickly fall into your personal groove.

Instead of focusing on the volume of content you put out, focus on producing higher quality content.

Put more of your personality into it. Attract an audience who loves you…while repelling those who aren’t right for you anyway.

If you try to write for everyone, you’ll attract no one.

#5 – Stop wasting your time on every social media site.

Listen to some social media gurus and they’ll tell you to participate on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube.

I have multi-million dollar clients who almost never visit any of these sites.

Others are very focused on one specific site such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Youtube.

They enjoy the site they use…and they’re tracking sales coming from it.

You’d be much better off investing enough time to build a community on one of these sites than wasting your time trying to grow all of them at once.

Will you earn more by doing less?

One of the first things I do with every client is look at what’s working and what’s not.

We do an 80/20 analysis of their time, money, and business.

Who are 20% of buyers spending 80% of the money?

Which products are selling best?

Which forms of advertising are producing the most sales?

Which content is attracting the most subscribers and customers?

Which social media sites, if any, are generating sales?

Once we have the answers to these questions, we’ll focus on what’s already working in the business.

It’s not uncommon to double or triple the profits just from doing less.

And it’s amazing what you can discover as a coach just by asking a few questions.

Dr. Glenn Livingston and I recently put together our Growth Acceleration System to train business coaches how to create instant credibility, attract dream clients, multiply your profits, and live the lifestyle you desire.

Our next class is coming up in early May.

Over the past week I’ve been putting a series of amazing content together designed to help you and your clients earn more, work less, and enjoy life. You can find out more about the upcoming program and receive access to the gifts we’ve created for you here…

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