What is the FIRST thing you do online each day?

Is it checking your email?

Or reading a popular forum?

Or perhaps it’s even logging into Facebook?

If you’re doing any of the above, STOP it!

Your first action sets the tone for the rest of your day.

You have to focus on bringing in the cash.

That’s priority #1.

If your business doesn’t bring in money, you soon won’t be in business anymore.

There are a LOT of so-called internet businesses that aren’t businesses at all. They’re just little hobbies.

If you want to just have another hobby, that’s fine…as long as you understand that’s what you’re doing.

What is it that brings in the cash in your business?

What is the highest and best use of your time?

Here’s how my day begins.

Get out of bed. Take a shower. Grab a water bottle on the way through the kitchen.

Turn on my computer. Take a glance to the left where I have notes about the day ahead.

Yes, I’m old fashioned. There is a physical desk calendar on the left side of my desk that lists all clients I’m going to speak to, any interviews I’m doing, and my product creation schedule for the day.

It also lists what I’m going to write about this morning.

Then I pop open Word and get down to business.

Writing brings in my cash.

It may be an email. It could be sales copy for a new website. It could be a new ebook.

Or it could be my next hot off the presses Monthly Mentor Club issue.

Invest one measly hour in bringing in the cash first.

Then respond to emails, check your stats, or look at today’s news.

Sometimes the writing keeps right on going. And throughout the day I may have several more writing sessions. But that first hour starts the day.

I deal with distractions. And yes, I’m guilty of checking my email first at times. But it costs me money just like it does you.

Our incomes are determined by how much time we invest in bringing in the cash.

I remember Gary Halbert and John Carlton always used to call this “Operation MoneySuck.”

John was hired by Gary to help him write ads for his clients. They’d have a scheduled day to knock out the copy. But as soon as the day started, Gary’s two secretaries and his girlfriend would each bust in with all kinds of bad news and emergencies.

Gary’s response was to get everyone out of the room…and lock the door.

He’d then say it was time to get busy, “Screw all that irrelevant stuff. We’re gonna bring in the bucks.”

What brings in your bucks?

Are you putting it first in your priorities or is it getting pushed to the side as you ‘react’ to daily emergencies?

If you’re not sure what brings in the bucks, you’re in desperate need of membership in the Monthly Mentor Club.

This month’s issue will be put in the mail tomorrow on May 1st.

It’s all about how one of my friends did over $40,000 in business through Linkedin in just 2 months without spending a penny on advertising.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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