When I started online, I was the chief cook and bottle-washer…and everything in between.

That’s pretty common for those who start out bootstrapping an online business at home.

It was a lot of work, but I started seeing success quickly online.

Within a few years, I was sharing my methods with others at Internet conferences.

One of the conferences I often spoke for was held by Ron Legrand.

He has a phrase he often shared at these conferences…

“The Less I Do, the More I Make.”

At first glance that makes it sound like you should be lazy.

Don’t do much…and you’ll be more successful.

But that’s not what it means.

The phrase has two meanings to me now.

First, stop relying on yourself to do everything.

Outsource immediately.

It could be as simple as handing off a design project to someone at Fiverr.

Or hire a writer to create content for you from Craigslist or Odesk.

The majority of my clients start off managing their traffic sources in the beginning, but they hand those off to an expert as their business grows.

The Less You Personally Do, the More You Make.

Often you’re the one holding your business back.

That’s something I remind myself regularly. I’m the weak link that’s holding my business back.

But there’s a second way of looking at the phrase, “The Less I Do, the More I Make.”

What are you uniquely gifted at?

What is your competitive advantage in business?

Focus your time and attention on what you do best, and either eliminate or delegate everything else.

Look at top athletes, celebrities, and entertainers. They’ve found what they’re gifted at. They focus the majority of their time and attention toward their gifts.

They have agents, business managers, personal assistants, and many other activities of their daily lives delegated to others.

An entrepreneur also needs to tap into their unique gifts. Focus your attention and the less you do of everything else, the more you will make.

For me, my skills come out in helping clients put together wildly profitable funnels, email sequences, and products.

Clients achieve massive success by tapping into their unique gifts. For example, one client is incredible at writing ad copy. He focuses there and even sells ‘ad kits’ to his clients that they can use to generate more customers and clients. In his business, he joint ventures with other partners who provide ongoing traffic generation and client generation services using the ads he has written.

Another client is excellent at speaking. He holds in-person conferences. He records training products on audio and video from these events. When selling his products, he almost always includes a video of him personally on the screen speaking to you to take advantage of his skills.

Another client focuses heavily on his email sequences combined with screen capture videos. I don’t think he has ever appeared personally on one of his videos. Everything in his business revolves around these emails and videos. His traffic is handled by account managers.

I could continue with other clients, but you likely get the point.

Find what you do best…what works for you…and dedicate your business building time to that activity.

You don’t need to be “balanced” in business. Correcting your weaknesses only divides your attention.

It’s about flowing in your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses to others where they’re strong.

The reason most of us are overwhelmed is we’re trying to add all kinds of activities that aren’t required at all…or they simply shouldn’t be handled by us!

In my upcoming June issue of the Monthly Mentor Club, I’m going to be covering major strategies to help you end overwhelm and get more done in less time.

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