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Tip #11: Determine if the market is growing or at least staying stable.

We don’t want to enter a market that is disappearing. Look up the terms that would describe your offer at: You want a market that is growing, not declining.  Don’t ignore what the trends are showing you for your subject. 

Tip #12: Sign up for competitor’s lists and buy their products.

Pay attention to how they follow-up on their subscribers and what they’re selling.  That $19.95 ebook may just be an entry point for their $5,000 coaching program.  If you don’t purchase it you’re in for a rude awakening once you find out that’s how they finance the loss from selling the frontend product.  How often do they email?  Do they ever send out a direct mail piece?  Do they use the phone?  What opportunities do you see for you to expand your own business?

Tip #13: Use a photo near the top of your sales page.

Identify the spokesperson for your site.  SMILE.  Look friendly at the reader.  And even pay attention to the props or background.  Does the photo carry a feeling of being trustworthy and delivering on the end emotional benefits you offer?  Always add a benefit rich caption to all your photos on your sales pages as well.   Don’t estimate how important photos are for grabbing attention and holding it for a rushed visitor to your site. 

Tip #14: Use your reasons why all throughout your copy.

Why are you offering this incredible deal?  Why is your offer better than the competition?  Why is your guarantee risk free to them?  Why should they make their decision now?  What is behind your offer?  How did you find this product?  In other words, think about your “because” behind of everything you’re doing.    You have such an incredible offer, because…

Tip #15: Read your website outloud. 

The best way I’ve found to edit a website is to read it outloud.  Or have someone else read it to you which is even better.  Analyze how you feel at each point.  How does this sentence make you feel?  What about the next?  Are you leaving any questions hanging in the air?  Then once you’ve read through it, do it again!

Tip #16: Give valuable information.

Mix in some of your best information right into the website.  PROVE you know what you’re talking about by sharing this content.  There are 4 requirements to sharing this free content on the sales site: it works fast, easy to explain, awesome results, and not common knowledge.  This can be done throughout the body of your website, in a sidebar, or even quickly in a bullet (surrounded by other teaser bullets). 

Tip #17: Pay attention to your domain name. 

Whenever possible reserve domain names that end in dot com.  Try to avoid dashes, hard to spell words, and anything that may be confusing.  Consider using a keyword in your domain or a benefit you’re offering.  I’ve seen multiple tests (especially in adwords where the domain name is shown) where one domain name boosts response by 25% or more over another.  Your domain name matters, especially if it includes the benefit you’re offering. 

Tip #18: Get a virtual assistant as soon as you can in your business.

There will be elements of your business you’re not good at and it isn’t worth your time to learn.  In a perfect world, this team member would be well rounded and could help you with multiple different elements in your business such as getting your website up, adding content into WordPress, emailing your list, helping with customer support, etc.

NOTE: If you’re a virtual assistant and looking for more clients, please send an email to webmaster at to let us know as we’re always looking for more referrals in this area.   

Tip #19: The key to an affiliate program is contacting the right partners.

Over 99% of your sales will be generated by the top 1% of affiliates. The 80/20 rule gets destroyed here.  The majority of sales are created by 10 to 20 of your top affiliates even if you have thousands in your program.  Concentrate on them, keep in contact with them, and provide them the tools they need to promote. 

Tip #20: Create multiple forms of information products for your audience.

Some people prefer written materials while others prefer audio or video.  And then there are those who are willing to pay to contact you directly.  And still others want you to put on a live seminar of some type.  The more customers you serve, the more you can expand your business. 

Tip #21: The real key to a very profitable business is to build DEEP into the business – not wide.

Develop multiple related products and services for the same market. This is quickly becoming required as advertising has become more expensive…and even free marketing strategies are taking longer to generate buying customers. 

Bonus Tip: When you buy an information product, dig into it.  Don’t just go through it once.  Go through it multiple times and take action on what it says.  If it can give you at least one tip that is profitable to you once you put it into action, then it has a good return on investment.  But I’ve found you can do much better than this if you concentrate on the right course. 

To find even more tips like the above along with cheat sheets and step-by-step guidance to get your information business online and profitable, check out

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