What’s working right now?

That’s a question I’m hearing from a lot of people. Since I’ve been seeing some great numbers from clients in various markets, I’ll share a little here…

In many cases, it’s online business as normal.

Ads are running. Emails are going out. Sales are being made.

Online courses, ecommerce, and coaching have all been doing well.

But when I look at where we’re seeing even better-than-usual results, there are a few stand-outs.

1) Facebook ads

The cost of advertising has dropped in a lot of markets.

Competitors, and especially big corporations, have dropped out.

And if anything, Facebook’s ad inventory has increased. More people have been at home, surfing Facebook, and getting into fights with each other.

Several clients have been ramping up profitable campaigns with even better numbers.

This drop in prices likely won’t last long. So, we’ve taken advantage of it while we could.

If you had the right offer (something people could buy and use at home), it has been a good time to advertise.

2) Coaching offers

Several clients launched new coaching offers over the past month.

These were the ‘traditional’ group and one-on-one 4 to 8-week programs offered at premium prices.

They did well, even though people were claiming no one had any money.

But we’ve also done testing with a new lower cost coaching format with a much larger audience.

One client sold a 10-day group challenge that included live sessions with the large group for $97.

Having that daily interaction and community boosted implementation.

Testimonials have flooded in from the results their customers are getting.

When the dust settles, their customers are likely to see more dramatic improvements from this short program than from anything else they’ve been offered online.

And of course…that sets up the opportunity for longer-term client loyalty and backend sales.

3) Membership Sites

Some online markets, especially B2B, took a hit over the past two months.

The saving grace for these clients has been their membership sites.

Cancellations increased, but the profits continued to flow in as members didn’t want to give up on the message or the community. Even in those markets where it was tough to make new sales, they continued to rely on their foundational
membership income.

And in other markets we’ve seen their membership sites continue to multiply. The monthly income keeps growing.

Either way, the membership eliminates the fear. No matter what else happens, they have their core audience and income.

What type of membership or continuity do you offer in your business?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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