guarantees successI have a 4 letter word I need to share with you.

It’s such a strong powerful word that it can almost guarantee your success.

But I’m a little concerned about sharing it with you because I know it is going to offend the delicate sensibilities of some of my readers.

I’m going to have to just spit it out though, because it’s the difference between success and failure for any entrepreneur.


If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to learn how to sell.

Sell them on the products/services you represent.

Sell people on your ideas.

Sell other business owners on partnering with you.

I’m thankful that this was the first subject I studied when I came online.  I experimented with which traffic strategies would work, but I studied about sales. 

I dug into Gary Halbert’s copywriting courses and sales letters.  His materials were part of how I got my start.

He taught what worked in direct mail, and I found the same strategies and techniques worked online.

And I continually tested which approach worked best for converting visitors into subscribers and sales.

This interest and focus is what has kept me through online since 1996.  We’re had the dotcom boom and bust.  We’re in the recession.  And it still stands.

Traffic techniques have changed multiple times in this period.  Have you even heard of a free-for-all links page or Compuserve discussion boards ? How about Goto PPC? 

Knowing how to convert visitors into subscribers and customers is what holds true long-term.

Yes, the exact techniques we use change, but the basics of conversion stay the same.    Today we use more video, more focused bullets, images that grab attention, and more.  But your storytelling skills, ability to produce benefit rich bullets, and understanding your customer are even more important. 

Do you put as much attention on conversion as you do on traffic generation?  Do you spend as much time testing and tracking it?

Here are 7 quick tips to boost your sales skills quickly…

1. Get on the phone with actual customers.  I know a lot of people like to hide behind the internet, but nothing beats actually getting on the phone or meeting them in person to understand them and their motivations better.

2. Copy out top producing sales letters in your market (print or online) by hand.  This is a practice method many top copywriters have used to start programming their brain.

3. Ask more questions of business partners, customers, and suppliers.  Become curious about how things work and ask questions which will help you continually uncover more stories. 

4. Always look for the 3 P’s and share them quickly Problem, Promise, and Proof.  I look back to these 3 constantly.  What problem do you solve?  What can you promise?  Where’s the proof?

5. Always research buyer’s language to find their words and emotions.  When running a survey, credit more value to what previous buyers say.  Examine Amazon reviews.  Listen to what customers say on the phone, in emails, on your blog, etc.

6. Test BIG changes to your site such as the full site design, radically different headlines, or a new offer.  Don’t waste your time with small changes until you’ve explored the biggies first. 

7. The audience and the offer are more important than the actual copy.   Market the wrong offer to the wrong audience, and the greatest copywriter on earth couldn’t save you. 

And when it really comes down to it, copywriting itself is a myth. 

Some copywriters actually charge a fortune to decrease your sales.

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Fancy words without genuine proof to back them up comes off as HYPE… and nothing unsells your prospects more quickly.  But when you know how to LISTEN to the thoughts, feelings, and language your customers are freely sharing online today you can…

– Arm the copywriters you DO hire with the right language and emotional hot buttons to convert your prospects;

– Get a discount from GOOD copywriters because you’ll save them an enormous amount of time and research and;

– See how to do it yourself with MUCH less time and pain than you’ve been previously led to believe!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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