One of the fastest ways to get started online is by marketing other people’s products and services as an affiliate.

Let them do the hard work of creating or sourcing a product, writing high converting ad copy, adding upsells, and delivering customer service.

It can be overwhelming trying to do all this when you’re starting out.

Save time and energy by focusing just on building an audience in the beginning.

Here are five quick tips to help you start earning money as an affiliate…

#1 – Target a hungry audience.

A lot of people waste months or even years trying to choose the perfect market.

It doesn’t exist.

Instead, simply focus on an audience you can personally connect with.

What do you already have experience in? What can you help others accomplish? Is there a problem you’ve personally overcome in your life?

Start with what you know.

Then do a little research to find out what people are buying.

What shows up on the Amazon best sellers list? Who is paying for ads on the top of Google and Bing?

Are there videos with a large number of views on Youtube?

Are there high profit affiliate products you can promote on Clickbank, Commission Junction, or any other affiliate network?

#2 – Publish valuable content consistently.

Get your message in front of a large and growing audience.

Publish videos on Youtube.

Write guest posts for popular blogs.

Participate in Facebook or Linkedin groups.

You’re going to be nervous at first. You’ll wonder if you have anything of value to share? Are you doing this right?

Those feelings are normal. What you produce today won’t be anywhere near what you can create a year from now. But we all have to get started somewhere.

Start today.

And be consistent at sharing with others. Build your audience by giving them value first.

#3 – Build your email list.

The biggest mistake many affiliates make is promoting directly to the affiliate merchant themselves.

They’re not building any equity in the business.

Make your email list the bridge. Give value to a hungry audience. Offer them even greater value by joining your email list.

Send out emails consistently.

And only promote affiliate products you can personally endorse (IMPORTANT).

#4 – Find Your Personality and Hook.

You won’t be able to figure out your brand on day one. Instead, you just need to get started.


Test some different ideas. Mix in your personality. Share your sense of humor.

See what works and what doesn’t.

Find your voice as you continue to produce content.

Everyone tells you to be yourself, but that’s not completely true.

You want to be a bolder, more outgoing version of yourself.

It’s showtime.

You might be a mild-mannered Clark Kent in your personal life, but you can choose to be Superman online.

Try out a few different styles. I’m not saying you should have multiple personalities, but most of us have so little practice in truly being ourselves that we’re not quite sure who we are yet!

See what resonates with your audience.

And build from there.

#5 – Multiple streams of income.

Find multiple products and services that fit your audience.

Sell some one-off products. Partner with a monthly membership site. Offer some high-ticket services.

Test different offers to see what your audience is interested in.

That’s the beauty of having your own email list.

If people don’t respond to your first offer, try something else.

I had one client that had an affiliate offer on his thank you page after someone subscribed to his list.

He tested multiple affiliate programs in this spot, and one of them produced 3 times more income than any of the others.

That’s what his audience was interested in. If he never tested the different offers, he wouldn’t have discovered just how effective this specific product was.

And eventually when he wanted to create his own offer, he knew exactly which offer to model.

And this is just the beginning.

If you’d like a step-by-step system for getting started as an affiliate, check out the bonus audio and report, “Starting From Scratch” inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

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