Avast. September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. 


Get ye booty over to http://www.ChooseYourMarket.com to discover the map to ye own treasure chest. 

And start celebrating all the booty available online. 

What?  You haven’t heard of Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Where have you been hiding?

There are all kinds of holidays you can take advantage of in your marketing to keep things interesting.

Talk Like a pirate Day was in invented June 6, 1995 by John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy) at a racquestball game. 

One of them let out an “Arrrr” and the day was born.

They choose September the 19th because it wasn’t any major holiday (June 6 was WWII D-Day). 

Then Dave Barry, the syndicated columnist, shared about their holiday…and it took off. They’ve been interviewed by radio stations all over the world along with coming out with their own books. 

One of the worst marketing sins you could ever commit is being boring!

Yet, we’re often so serious, that’s exactly what you become. 

Here’s a simple rule that will help you with your email writing.

If you’re not having fun writing it, they’re not having fun reading it. 

What are you doing to keep things interesting?

Tell stories.  Use interesting examples.  Or celebrate strange holidays.

For example, today is also National Woman Road Warrior Day, Saint Januarius (Gennaro) Feast Day, and 20th anniversary of the “iceman mummy” discovered in the Alps.

Or you could even go with wishing a celebrity a happy birthday: Jimmy Fallon, Trisha Yearwood, Adam West, etc.

Happy Birthday Batman!

Or we could talk about AKC Responsible Dog Ownership month for September. 

What fits what you’re doing and what you’re offering?

You can find out all the holidays on sites such as Chases Calendar of Events:

It’s a free resource which can give you loads of weird ideas…

And remember, there’s always a story ready to be told.

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