LazyIn today’s post I’m going to ramble a bit.  If you’re looking for a focused teaching, please refer back to some of my other posts.  Today I’m writing…and who knows where we’ll end up.

It’s weird.  In the entrepreneur world it seems we have two major extremes…on almost everything.

Take the hours someone works.  Some people believe you must work 60+ hours a week to build a business while others say you can build a business in only 4 hours per week.

I find the truth to be somewhere in the middle.  Wow, that’s really stepping out on a limb to say the balance is somewhere between 4 and 60 hours a week.  🙂

For example, check out this post:

Read it.  Are you depressed yet?  If I believed this is what it required, I’d be down in the dumps personally.

Other than Chris Pearson and maybe Yaro Starak, it looks like a bunch of workaholics to me. 

I don’t want anyone to take offense at this, but if 7 days a week was required, I’d rather work a job.  Sorry but I would. 

Someone may say, “But Terry, it’s different when it’s your own business…you’re free.”

If you work 7 days a week for your business, you’re not free.  Sorry, but you’re not.  You’re chained to it just like you’d be chained to any cubicle at work.

I pulled some 7 day weeks when I was just starting out, but I haven’t seen anything remotely like that in years…maybe not even in the past decade (remember I’ve been online 14 years).

The conversation continues, “But what if you LOVE what you do?”

So what?  I love what I do also.  I LOVE coaching clients for example.  I don’t know many who enjoy it as much as  I do, but it is also draining. 

My wife could tell you the days I have the most fun in my business are the days I schedule in coaching, BUT I wouldn’t be able to handle it every day.  It would drive me insane…as I sit in the corner drooling worn out with an empty brain and emotional bank account.

I enjoy writing, but there are times I don’t want to write…and I roam off to do something else.

I don’t ever schedule clients in any way shape or form on Fridays or the weekends (definitely not the weekends).  Even my email coaching clients know I answer Monday thru Thursdays and don’t make any promises on Fridays.  Sometimes I’ll work on Fridays but other times I’ll go to lunch and not come back.  So no promises made…none can be broken.

And I love 3 day weekend vacations with no work.  If you have a laptop with you, I don’t consider it a vacation.

There are reasons you put systems in place to run your business…so you don’t have to do it all the time. 

It seems I’m lazy compared to other entrepreneurs most of the time.  Many of the ones who talk about short workweeks also don’t count a majority of the stuff they do for their business as work: for example writing, interviews, studying, etc. 

If it in any way involves a computer or business,  I consider it work.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad of course. 

I retired from the Internet before, and it was BORING.  Not being productive…not going after your business passion leaves you unfulfilled.

But there is a balance to life, business, your family, your health, etc. 

What’s the right balance for you?  Who knows?  I sure can’t say what’s right for you or not without talking to you individually.

I’ve recently turned down several teleconferences that I’m sure would have been very profitable…because they wanted me to speak on them at night. 

No…just no.  I don’t want to work in the evening.  If you want the teleconference in the evening, we can record it in the morning and play the recording in the evening.   

Maybe I should call myself the “lazy entrepreneur.”

Or maybe I should be the “introvert entrepreneur.”   

Extroverts gain energy from being around people.  Introverts, while they can be friendly and enjoy it, do expend energy from being around others. 

I’m probably one of the most introvert type personalities you would ever meet, which is one of the main reasons I was an absolute disaster as an in-person sales person but adapted well to the online world. 

But whatever it is…I often just don’t fit in entrepreneur circles.

The point here is it’s OK to be different.

Here’s another example of a DIFFERENT entrepreneur:

You have to laugh with this quote from Markus Frind, “All done? Are you serious? “The site pretty much runs itself,” he explains. “Most of the time, I just sit on my ass and watch it.””

But that is a result of coming up with a great idea…and getting the systems in place to run it (both software and support).

Note: Comments are turned on for this post as I’d like to have your opinion on this issue.  I don’t feel there is really one right or wrong answer…just degrees of differences and different personality types in online marketing.

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