Monster Under Bed
Quit Treating Selling Like the Monster Under the Bed

Most new entrepreneurs I meet are sabotaging their own business.

In fact, sometimes it seems  they do EVERYTHING they can to make sure their business fails.

They go after whatever new object appears in their way.  Today it may be a new social media site.  Tomorrow it could be a whiz-bang new way to drive traffic.

Yet, rarely do they focus on the #1 key to being profitable in their new business…


If you’re in business, you’re a salesperson.

If you have a problem with that, GET OVER IT.  And get over it as quickly as humanly possible.

I think people often forget this principle with all the talk about content. You don’t make any money in your business until something is SOLD.

We talk about being entrepreneurs. In the information business we talk about being teachers, or coaches, or speakers. But almost no one describes their business as being a sales person.

Yet, it’s the backbone of your business.

You are a sales person. Say it outloud, “I am a salesperson.”

Too often this profession is put down and thought of as beneath you. That’s definitely how they think of it in business schools. Business majors want to be “managers” not “sales people.”

Even though I’ve been in business for more than a decade I’ve fought with this concept for a long time.  The quicker you get over it, the better.

Your primary job as an entrepreneur online is selling.

Part of my hesitation to claim that label in the past was all the experiences I had with bad sales people. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’ll say whatever it takes to make the sale.  They have an answer to every question and all they can do is apply extreme pressure to get you to make a poor buying decision.

You walk away having purchased but feeling sick in your stomach because you feel “used” by the sales person.

It’s always been hard for me to connect that horrible feeling I’ve had from buying experiences with the fact that I am a salesperson.

Then someone tells you about what they call a “more ethical” form of selling. For example, the process of consultative selling is often described as an ethical way of selling. You ask questions and you find out exactly what your customer wants and the best solution to their problem. Then you sell it to them.

Yet, even this approach can be used very unethically.  Have you ever had a sales person ask you questions about your life and what you’re looking for.  And you can “feel” it in the conversation that they’re simply doing it to corner you later on to make the sale. I’m sure you’ve had that happen as well.

So you’re back to square one. It sure seems like sales is unethical and dirty.

It has taken me a long time to realize that it isn’t just about the technique. It is about the person making the sale and their real motivation.

Any sales technique can be used in an unethical manner by someone who lacks a conscience.

Here’s the answer. This is something I first heard from Glenn and Sharon Livingston. They say you should spend enough time getting to know your prospects and customers that it changes you as a person.

Then your customers aren’t simply numbers, email addresses, or names on a page. They’re real people you know and care about. They’re friends.

It’s your goal to help them make the right choice for themselves. That may be your product or service.

Or it may not be. You don’t know everything about their lives or will you ever. But you do know what your product does and what it can potentially do for them.

When you sell a good quality product that can change their lives, you owe it to them to make the best sales presentation possible.

If you don’t, you’re stealing benefits they could have had in their life.

Anyone who is truly successful knows how to make the sale. I could call it persuasion or influence or whatever else you want to call it, but it is still making the sale. You sell customers your product.

You sell subscribers that affiliate program. You sell the joint venture partner on the benefits to him/her and to their customers. You sell that Google searcher on clicking through to your site.

That blogger is making the sale when they write the review for the affiliate product or when they sell advertising on their site.

For a long-time copy on our websites, letters, and in our emails has been the core way we’ve made sales.

Of course you can do mass selling over teleconferences or one-on-one selling over the phone as well.

And today we’re expanding much deeper into selling through video.  As long as you write a good sales script (there’s that sales writing again), I’ve found videos improve sales around 70%+ of the time.

No matter which method you make the sales…you are still selling.

Concentrate your attention first on developing these skills.   Then expand into other subjects on how you can grow your business.

Because if you can’t sell…you’ll struggle no matter what you do online!

In addition, you have to face this “monster” as it is a monster for many people.  Like me, you’ve probably seen so many salespeople without a conscience that it’s hard to see sales being used for good.  It’s difficult at times to face the facts that if you don’t sell your products, services, and affiliate offers…your audience will miss out. 

They’ll lose out on the benefits you can provide them with.  And if you didn’t do your best in this area, it’s YOUR fault.

If you’re a member of the Monthly Mentor Club, make sure you listen to the two copywriting interviews FIRST.  Daniel Levis shares how to “Grow Your Customer and Prospect Lists Four to Seven Times Faster” and I’ve included a special report I wrote to go with it which shares 76 profit boosters he talks about during the interview. 

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A lot of people gloss over these interviews because they’re “simply bonuses” with the Club.  Pay attention to them.  Study them.  They can change your life!

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