If you’re normal, you probably hate being sold.

Everyone has had that experience with a pushy sales person who just won’t take “No” for an answer.

You want to escape as quickly as possible.

Yet, at the same time, we love to buy.

Maybe it’s that new car smell.

Or it could just be the excitement of new possibilities.

Buying is a pleasurable experience.

That’s what you want your customers to feel.

Too often online marketers get caught up with looking for new ‘sales tricks.’

The most powerful selling keys aren’t tricks at all.

It’s about tapping into a hungry buying audience.

Call out a desperate problem.

Make a unique promise.

Back up your promise with overwhelming proof.

Make them an irresistible offer.

And give them a good reason to take action now.

If you’re going after a new audience, first do your research to find out what they’re already buying.

What problems do they have with the current solutions?

What innovations can you bring to the market to better solve their problems?

If you’re already marketing to the audience, ASK them what they want. Run a survey to your list. Speak to customers over the phone.

Open your heart to listen. What you want to sell may not match up with what they want to buy.

It’s painful when your hear they’re looking for something completely different, but it’s even more painful to waste time and money marketing the wrong offer.

If your customers aren’t buying from you, you’re either going after the wrong audience or you’re not offering what they’re buying!

Your goal is not to ‘sell your thing.’

It’s to get in front of the buying audience.

And give them the opportunity to solve their desperate problems and fulfill their desires.

They love to buy.

But they hate being sold.

You may ask, “Then why do successful information product sites use long copy or long sales videos so often?”

That’s because we don’t have a customer standing in front of us we can help one-on-one. We can’t hear and respond directly to their individual questions (by the way, running live chat on your site can be an excellent way to boost conversions because of this).

That means we have to tell the whole story every time.

Pay attention to the presentation on one of these sites. Often only a small portion of the copy is about the product itself. The majority of the copy is about the big overarching theme, the problem being solved, and the end results of the buying experience.

For example, if you look at Autoresponder Alchemy, the main theme is that email is the key to online success…and the best way to write order producing emails is by modeling successful emails.

It’s not about writing from scratch. That’s the hard way. It’s handing you a shortcut to success online.

Email is how you develop relationships with your buyers.

Great marketing can make selling almost unnecessary.

That means attracting the right buyers, listening to what they want, and developing a relationship with them…which makes the selling process a slippery slide once they land on your website itself.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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