Your business is about identifying, attracting, and serving your Ideal Clients.

It’s not about your product or service.

It’s about the client…specifically your Ideal Clients who get results, pay on time, and appreciate what you do for them.

The more you know about them, the better you can serve them.

Pick up the phone and give a few of them a call.

Find out why they originally choose you, the results you’ve helped them generate, and what else you can do for them.

If you’re just getting started and you don’t have any clients to call yet, you can do a portion of your research online.

I like going looking through Amazon reviews of products in my market to find the type of language buyers are using. They share their problems, how products benefited them, and what was missing in current solutions.

Other times I’ll go through Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, or other discussion groups to find the kinds of questions people in the market are asking.

But there’s another method I’ve found myself using heavily lately…and that’s Audience Insights.

If you have a decent sized subscriber list of a few thousand or more, you can load your list into Facebook as a Custom Audience in the Audiences section of the Ad Manager.

Then you can open up that custom audience and gain insights into them with Facebook’s Audience Insights tool:

How old are they?

Are they male or female?

What is their lifestyle like?

What are their occupations?

What else do they like or visit on Facebook?

How much do they earn?

There are so many details available here that it’s scary! And it gets even more interesting if you have a buyer’s list you can examine.

I recently loaded both my subscriber list and my buyer’s list to check out the differences.

The buyer’s list trended older.

There are more males than females on my subscriber list…and an even larger percentage on the buyer’s list.

My buyers were more affluent overall.

And those are just a few of the differences in my own lists. There are a few secrets I’m not going to reveal in this email.

I’ve reviewed multiple lists with clients recently, and we almost always pick up several useful insights…that changes how we’re communicating with them.

I remember looking at a buyer’s list over a webinar last year, and we discovered 98% of his buyers were female. He didn’t know the percentage was that high. And this meant he should turn off all advertising to males and he also needed to go back into his upsells and make changes to speak only to females.

If you don’t have your own lists to review yet, you can also get insights by looking at large competitors that show up as interests in Facebook.

Have you reviewed your audiences or the audiences of your competitors yet?

The upcoming February issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about Facebook advertising.

Not only does it go into detail about how to get to know your buying audience, but it also shows you the ‘secret sauce’ we’re using to consistently generate leads and sales in multiple markets on Facebook.

If your ads on Facebook look like your ads on other channels, you’re making a huge mistake.

There’s a system I’ve found that gets higher Relevance scores, lower CPMs, and lower costs per lead.

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