One of the best feelings as a consultant or coach is when you help a brand new client see impressive results after the very first session.

Their confidence in you soars…and they’re much more likely to implement your further advice.

Plus, they stay a client with you over the long-term. I first started offering one-on-one coaching 10 years ago…and several of those first clients are still with me today!

When I teach new coaches, the first class we cover is ‘How to Create Quick Wins’ for their clients.

Here’s one little tidbit from that class (from 8 different strategies with dozens of applications).

Go back to your client’s current customers.

It sounds simple, but it’s extremely powerful.

The fastest money in any business is selling ‘more’ to the current customers. And almost no one works their backend thoroughly.

There are multiple ways you can apply this immediately.

You could encourage them to run an email survey to their current customers. Ask what their biggest question is about X (insert the subject). You can add a few additional questions like ‘How difficult has it been to find this answer’ or ‘How would solving this problem benefit them.’

Or you can simply run one question only.

If they have a smaller list, they can ask people to respond by email. That gives them a perfect opportunity to start up a dialogue with their subscribers and potentially point them towards other products they have available.

With a larger list, that can be a little cumbersome and you may want to use a survey service like Surveymonkey or Surveygizmo instead that tabulates the responses for you.

Use the information you gain to run a promotion to your client’s customers.

Or an even easier strategy is to interview them about previous promotions and find out what their most successful promotion to date has been.

Then work with them to put a similar strategy in place now.

It’s surprising, but many clients have a kick-butt promotion they stopped using for some reason or another…or they never rolled it out like they could.

They were distracted by some bright shiny object along the way.

Or you could put a referral system in place for their current customers. Instead of looking outside for a new source of leads, tap into the avalanche of leads already available to your client.

Help them come up with an enticing ‘new customer’ offer, a gift to give current customers for referring others, and tools to help their customers refer others.

Of course there are other ways you can tap into your client’s current customers, but these three will help you get started.

Don’t underestimate the gold already in their database.

As you may know, Dr. Glenn Livingston and I train coaches how to turn their passion for marketing and business into a lucrative, rewarding, and fun career.

It’s exciting each time one of our coaches report back their results.

Here’s what Simon Payne said to us after coaching one of his clients…

I had my first coaching call with him yesterday. And I’m so happy with the material that you guys have given us. I feel like I have this toolkit. And I was just pulling out stuff from my toolkit all the time. Golden Glove. I went through the Competitive Intelligence Report I did with him. I did a laddering technique to get into the minds of his clients. And I felt like a super hero. I just wanted to mention that because I’m very grateful for the material you have offered us.”

Glenn and I will be accepting a small class of new coaches for the Growth Acceleration System late next week.

Keep your eyes peeled for those emails if you don’t want to miss out!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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