In my last email I talked about how many ecommerce and infoproduct businesses have been booming over the past month.

But that leads into another myth I’ve heard a lot lately.

We’re told, “Run lower ticket specials.”

That can be good advice for new customer acquisition.

Put together a truly irresistible offer.

But you should be doing that anyway…no matter the market environment.

And it’s not universal advice.

High ticket offers are still selling…especially with a personalized approach.

Authority and trust are essential commodities.

People are craving a human connection.

This includes private coaching, group coaching, and done-for-you services.

It’s easy to get lazy in business.

When the front-end is humming along, you can start relying on it.

But the real money is in the backend.

How can you continue to provide greater value to your current and previous customers?

What’s the next step they want to buy?

And how can you deliver the ultimate benefit they want…even if it comes at higher fees?

Of course, not everyone is going to go for higher offerings.

You don’t need them to.

It only needs to appeal to a small, more affluent portion of your audience who is serious about results.

You can go higher ticket even on the front-end by integrating in phone calls, personalized video emails, and other high-touch follow-up.

But what about your backend?

Do an RFM analysis on your buyers.

Recency – How recent have they purchased from you?

Frequency – How frequently have they purchased from you?

Monetary – How much have they invested with you?

Use those 3 factors to put together a small buyers list and create a customized follow-up sequence using personalized emails, lumpy direct mail, and the phone.

Make a VIP offer exclusive to them that’s only available to a small group.

You can earn big profits from a very small list.

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Terry Dean
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