Why I Don’t Do Coffee

From time to time, I get invitations for coffee or lunch from someone who wants to talk shop. My answer is almost always NO. The exceptions are long-term clients or business friends.

Why I Changed Shopping Carts

The below links are affiliate links. You may have noticed I’ve changed my shopping cart, affiliate system, and course delivery over to Thrivecart recently. I used 1ShoppingCart for two decades. They were a

Email Marketing for Affiliates

Here’s a question that recently came in… “I don’t have my own infoproduct/course or coaching program yet. So does your course help with affiliate marketing? I’d make sure to choose only

Strategy vs Hacks and Shortcuts

I’ve heard people say, “There are no shortcuts in business or marketing.” They’re wrong. There are some real shortcuts that can provide major benefits to you. For example, if you already have close

Amazing Outcomes for your Clients

Don’t miss your opportunity to save during the Magnetic Mentoring launch special… I love my clients. They’re all great salt-of-the-earth type people who are accomplishing big things online. My goal is to help