traffic sucksHere’s a common question I receive…

“How do I get more traffic to my site?”

You’ve probably asked the same question yourself.    But the first problem with this is it’s the wrong question.

It’s not just traffic you want at your site.

You want BUYING traffic…or at least you want traffic that DOES something. 

Even if you’re not selling any products or services, you still need your visitors to do something on your site…such as click a link, visit an ad, etc.

Having 100,000 visitors who don’t buy, subscribe, or click is simply a waste of bandwidth. 

The question you should be asking is…

“How do I get more responsive visitors to my site?”

Whenever I check my stats of buyers, they continually come back to the same main traffic sources:

Previous buyers are #1.  if you’re not following up on your previous buyers, then you’re missing out on a majority of your income!

Then it comes to affiliate partners.  If you squeeze page is pulling 20% or less from paid traffic such as Adwords, you’ll often see it jump to 50% or higher when you add in a good affiliate partner.

The moment a partner recommends you, it adds credibility to everything else.

As a matter of fact, I’ve seen people screw up royally because they didn’t take this proof factor into account.  They have an offer that’s doing great with affiliate partners, so they buy an expensive set of paid ads.  It’s a disaster.  While they generate traffic, they don’t generate sales.

This is one of the reasons you must look at every new ad source as a completely new test and keep your investment small…something you’re willing to lose.

Here’s a little tip.  If your project is selling well through affiliates, but it isn’t selling at all through paid advertising…boost up your follow-up content series and add more proof.  The endorsement overcomes those weaknesses.  So that’s where you look first to fix your advertising.

What’s the next best source of traffic for me?

SEO…long-term rankings for keyword terms that bring buyers to your site. 

And you’ll notice a key here.  I didn’t just say get seo traffic…I want people who are looking at the buying terms in my market.

A lot of times this means you need to dig into the keyword research and look for buying terms.  Which terms are your competitors paying the most for (the estimated cost per click)? 

And those who are doing PPC advertising have an advantage here.  You generate traffic to your site and test your conversion with PPC.  Even if you don’t plan on staying long-term in Adwords (I’ve seen so many people slapped out of Adwords that I don’t think anyone should rely on it as your sole source of long-term traffic), you can still look at the numbers.  Watch your conversion statistics and which keyword phrases are generating the most responses for you.

It’s not just about the “traffic.”  It’s about the conversions.

Once you figure out the keyword phrases you want, then go for it.  The primary strategy I use is to build a WordPress blog around the subject with a load of unique content on the subject.

And don’t ignore the value of video for seo.  Google has really been pushing the video angle lately, and you’ll find it much easier to get ranked for the competitive terms you want using video (and is there any reason not to shoot videos of the same content you create articles out of).

You can create the videos and post them to your own site with a video sitemap or you can even post them on Youtube pointing back to your landing page.

Once you’ve put together your content (think authority site), concentrate on the links. 

Build relationships with other bloggers. 

Write guest posts. 

Send press releases.

Share on social media.

Send out articles.

Participate in discussions and post comments.

In fact you’ll find that almost everything you do to drive quality buying traffic to your site will in one way or another help your seo results.  That’s the key here.  A lot of people just tell you, “Hey build some links.”   Screw that!  Build links that will ALSO generate quality traffic to you.  Those are the kinds the search engines want to see anyway. 

So it’s not just “link building.”  It’s building up additional traffic sources that support your seo and your other forms of advertising.

And notice I didn’t even get into all the other forms of paid advertising we could go after…as I almost always start out with these points – and then move out in other directions.

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