I often review my client’s traffic campaigns.

Google Adwords, Youtube, Bing, and Facebook are the most popular sources of paid traffic clients are using right now.

These are followed by solo ads in email newsletters, direct banner buys on websites, and direct mail postcards.

There is a trend that holds true across all these sources of advertising.

The most profitable ads are the remarketing ones.

Remarketing and retargeting terms are often used interchangeably. Remarketing is when you tag a visitor to your site and you continue to follow-up on them with additional ads.

For example, let’s take a client who has been running Google Display Network ads for years.

If we looked at it his ‘cold traffic’ campaigns only, he is sitting right around 80% ROI on his ads on the frontend of the funnel.

That means for every $10,000 spent, only around $8,000 comes back initially (more is earned on the backend from additional sales to these leads).

But he is also running a remarketing campaign that separates his visitors into people who hit the landing page, those who subscribed, those who visited his shopping cart page, and those who ordered.

His remarketing campaigns are less than 15% of his budget, but the ROI is often 300% or higher.

Remarketing turns a ‘losing’ campaign into a profitable one.

And this is COMMON!

The easiest way to profit from paid traffic is to implement remarketing.

If you’re doing any form of advertising and you’re not using remarketing, then you’re throwing away money!

There are networks that focus exclusively on remarketing such as Adroll and Perfect Audience.

But personally I prefer running campaigns directly on Facebook, Google, or even Site Scout.

It’s pretty easy to set-up both the Facebook retargeting pixel and the Google Analytics code on your website.

Install those codes today.

Even if you’re NOT using any form of paid advertising right now, I would still install the retargeting codes on your pages.

You can multiply your income from any form of traffic.

Perhaps you’re generating visitors organically from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever form of marketing you’re using right now.

Set up the pixels on your site and follow-up on those visitors. Bring them back to your best content. Take them to an opt-in page. Promote your next offer.

Email is my favorite method of follow-up. It’s been the proven winner for decades now.

Remarketing is next. Some people won’t join your list on the first visit. And even your subscribers may not open every email you send.

You can put your message in front of the most likely prospects for whatever you’re offering over and over again.

Let’s say your primary traffic sources are joint ventures and affiliate partners.

What if you could boost affiliate sales by 50% or more with a few simple, low cost ads where you remarket to the visitors affiliates have sent to you?

Would your affiliates appreciate a 50% raise with no additional work? You could multiply the money both you and your affiliates are earning with a few well placed ads.

It gets crazy what you can do with this.

Facebook allows you to segment any of your visitors. For example, you could retarget visitors who came to your landing page and didn’t subscribe back to another opt-in offer or a content piece intended to get them to opt-in.

You could target those who did opt-in with a separate offer for one of your products.

It gets even insane once we get into the kinds of remarketing lists you can build inside Google Analytics for Google Adwords. You could specifically target men over 40 who’ve spent more than 3 minutes on your sales page for example.

In the November issue of the Monthly Mentor Club I talk about tracking, testing, and remarketing to your visitors.

It’s coming out in just a few days on November 2nd.

If you’re serious about creating a funnel that allows you to earn more while working less, you need to understand how to track your results, test for maximum impact, and remarket to multiply your profits.

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