Bach is considered one of the greatest composers of all time.

He wrote at least 1,128 pieces of music with many more that were lost or unfinished.

Talk about being prolific! In the last 10 years of his life, he went back and rewrote or extended some of his pieces.

What if a musical genius like Bach got stuck, trying to produce the one perfect work?

How much music would the world have missed out on?

Yet, I’ve seen many would-be online course creators run head-first in the wall of perfectionism.

As a product creator, you have a choice.

You can create a simple pathway for your customers or design an overcomplicated maze.

If you were the customer, would you rather have a clear, step-by-step system that delivers the content you need to solve your problem in just 3 hours….or would you rather have a 20 hour course that delivers the same end results?

Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, you’d choose the shorter option.

You’re busy. Your customers are busy.

Of course, delivering the solution isn’t always possible in that time frame, but it illustrates the principle.

Your customers want the quickest and easiest path to success you can deliver.

Instead of creating massive encyclopedias that try to solve every problem your customer has, focus on smaller, specific problems you can help them solve quickly.

I’ve taken both routes in creating products over my 25 years online.

I’ve created simple products that took me less than a day to complete.

And I’ve wasted 6+ months multiple times to put together the ‘ultimate solution.’

I know by experience there is ZERO connection between the time you invest to create something and how profitable it becomes.

One of my clients proved how important speed of implementation was.

We’d discuss a new idea on a call. He’d implement it later that same day or the next day.

If we discussed a new product, he’d create it within a week or two at most.

If it was a higher ticket course, he’d map it out as a workshop or group coaching program so he could sell it BEFORE it was finished.

Instead of planning for perfection (an impossible goal), focus on implementation.

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