You can get my complete email marketing system…including 80 of my proven email templates you can steal and use as your own…by clicking here.

Get the proven email marketing strategies from a 21 year veteran…

Are you looking for email marketing strategies that are proven to turn even small lists into big profits?

On this video I’m going to share some of my most powerful email marketing strategies and techniques form over 21 years in online business.

Over the past two decades, I’ve helped thousands of clients earn more, work less, and enjoy life using the internet.

And email is our secret weapon.

Those clients come all different niches including tennis, golf, learning languages, chiropractic, continuing education, restaurants, accountants, and so many more.

If these methods have worked for me…and clients from all different backgrounds…they’ll work for you too.

There are two huge mistakes people commonly make with email marketing.

Mistake #1 is simply sending out sales pitches.

You’ve probably been on a few of those lists.

Every email is a pitch for another product. There is a never before seen special that you have to take advantage of right now…at least until tomorrow when another one comes.

This strategy of ‘churn and burn’ can actually work for a little while. It’s based on constantly bringing in enough new subscribers to replace all those who get burned out on all the pitches.

But it doesn’t build long-term customer loyalty.

Churning and burning a list is NOT what I recommend.

The other common mistake is just sending content…and more content.

Remember this.

Constipated content doesn’t sell.

Constipated content is content that simply adds to the information overload we all already feel.

There’s no personality.

There’s no human connection.

And there’s no story involved.

Content is good, but it’s not enough to cut through all the clutter we have online today.

You need more.

Don’t send ‘information’ to your list. They already have enough of that.

Send Infotainment.

Infotainment is information shared in an entertaining way.

It is delivered with your unique personality. It’s delivered along with opinions and observations. It is delivered along with your personal stories.

My simple model for email is based on the 3 E’s.

Entertain – Educate – and Earn

Start each email off with a hook to grab interest. It could be a quote from a famous author. It could be a personal story. It could be a personal opinion about a topic.

It could even be as simple as saying something like, “I was talking to one of my clients yesterday, and they asked this.”

I’ve sent hundreds of emails that started with, “I received an email from a subscriber last week, and they asked…”

That’s a little mini-story.

I’ve also talked about my wife, my golden retriever, my german shepherd, my hobbies, the waiter at the last restaurant I visited, the rainy, humid weather here in Florida…and all kinds of other things.

Invite people inside your life.

You can tell little day-to-day stories like when I shared an email called, “Marketing Lessons I Learned From My Dog.”

Or you can also use deeper, more meaningful stories.

One story I push all my clients to create for early in their email sequence is their origin story.

How did you get started in the business you’re in?

What motivated you to create another business in an already overly competitive marketplace?

The last job I had..and ever will have…was delivering pizzas for Little Caesars for $8 an hour.

I’m not going to go into my origin story here, but that little element can connect me with people.

I’ve had customers email me and mention about when they used to deliver pizzas for a living.

I’ll mention I come from Richmond, Indiana originally…and people will connect with that because they live near there, have family near there, or have even driven through there.

I was broke and in debt….and that resonates with a LOT of people who’ve been in a similar situation or may currently be in a similar situation.

Everything you share from your personal life…and your story gives points a portion of your audience can connect with and relate to.

Your origin story goes further than this also.

It also reveals the motivation behind doing what you do.

While I enjoy the money I make with online marketing, it doesn’t really motivate me all that much anymore.

Oh, it definitely motivated me when I was broke. My wife and I enjoy living indoors…and we especially enjoy eating multiple times per day.

But today I’m motivated more by the freedom…and the joy of working with clients in all different markets. I get to see what works and what doesn’t in a lot of businesses other than just my own.

The strategy behind our systems is fun to me.

But that’s enough for you to get the point. Let people know where you come from, the problems you’ve faced, and why you do what you do.

And an origin story is just one kind of story you can share.

In addition, you can share your own and your clients’ case studies.

What did you do to generate results?

My client in the tennis market often uses a speed sensor to record the improvements many of his students make.

Then he can talk about their case study. They increased the speed of their strokes by 15 mph…and here is how they did it.

As you can imagine, that’s a story that grabs attention if you too would like to improve your game.

What results have you generated for clients?

Finally you can share simple rapport building stories.

That’s why I talk about my dogs.

I don’t have children. But I’ve had dogs all my life and many people resonate with dogs.

In fact, even though my list is about internet marketing and email marketing, I’ve had subscribers email me and ask me to share more stories about Thor, my German Shepherd.

I talked about when we got him, how we choose him, how he entertains me, and some of his training stories.

People connect and relate to me better because of my connection with my dog.

But Entertain is just the first of the 3 steps.

Step 2 is Educate. Your emails should include actionable content and value.

Tell a story. Then relate that story to a message. Back when I was a kid, I watched a ton of cartoons…that often ended with the moral of today’s story is X.

Your story is a parable. There’s a lesson that connects with what you want to share.

Don’t get bogged down in that section. Make it quick and easy to understand. Give a few steps.

For example, In a case study you might share the most important change they made to get these results.

The final step is Earn.

Transition from the value into an offer you have.

You don’t need to ‘hard sell’ anyone. Instead, simply give them the opportunity to buy.

So I might tell a story about my client and the results they got from an email promotion.

I’ll share a couple of tips from that story which they can use also.

Then I’ll connect those tips to my full email marketing course and tell them to click to find out full details about the course.

The majority of your emails should ask your subscribers to do something. Click a link. Watch a video. Share on Facebook.

Simple. Easy.

Entertain. Educate. Earn.

You can get my complete email marketing system…including 80 of my proven email templates you can steal and use as your own…by clicking here.

Get the proven email marketing strategies from a 21 year veteran…

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