When was the last time you sent a press release?

I’m not talking about just posting to free press release sites or even posting on Prweb.com.

This is about directly contacting magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio directly and getting your news published in front of a large audience.

With all the hoopla about the Internet, people still listen to “old media.”

Getting your website featured can generate immediate traffic and sales.

Plus you get valuable link from high quality websites (yes, Google and other search engines see real media sites as high quality pages).

AND you get increased proof on your own site by talking about the articles and appearances you’ve had in the media.  Those media logos you see on people’s sites.  They improve both the credibility and the conversion.

But of course this isn’t the shiny new object online.  It’s the old and faithful.

The big key to making is work is having a strong HOOK.

Nobody is going to feature you just because you launched a new product or you need traffic.

They feature you because you have news their audience wants to hear. You’ll attract viewers or readers.

You have to offer a unique angle or viewpoint.

Visit most websites today and you feel like you’re in Attack of the Clones.

They’re selling the same offers for similar prices…and nothing really stands out.  And they’re all saying the same thing.

If you want to be featured in media, it has to be something unique.

Perhaps you ran a survey of your audience with shocking results.

Or you can piggyback your website onto major news or a celebrity event.

Maybe you can present a contrarian viewpoint to other guests they feature.

Share your human interest story or an “underdog” story.

You could even do a public service and reveal scams going on in your industry.

But whatever it is…it has to be a hook that grabs the media’s attention.

That’s what I’m talking about this month in the Monthly Mentor Club.

This Friday, November 30th, I’m going to send my newsletter to print.  If you’re not a member, what’s holding you back?

This month I’m sharing my own personal case study of how I used a new strategy for large scale surveys  (with 2,505 responses), the exact press release written, how it was sent out to the media, and the results produced from it.

In addition, I give ideas for hooks and the 7 steps your press release MUST include to be successful online today.  Publicity has changed…and this is based on what works today.



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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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